Discharge nanoparticles?

Discharge nanoparticles?

Is the?

It’s about the subject of vaccination. Now some people are afraid of the nanoparticles that are injected there with this mRNA stuff. I received information that should come from a webinar.

It said that it could not be “treated” like an inoculation, since there was none. It is a technology, an mRNA nanoparticle injection. The science behind it would be superficial.

The answer to the question that some people are looking for now is, what can I do if I think I got something like this?

It was said that a Russian scientist found out that he had a hot bath with one of them Epsom salt (magnesium sulfate) “shocked” the body and then the pores would open and the nanoparticles would be released.

I think you can do this with CDH3000 oxidize and DMKB could render harmless. The DMSO could ensure cell regeneration if the particles damage the membranes. After all, I would go with it after that Bentonite powder , which has a negative charge, try to divert it. That would be my approach. But I haven’t had anyone who’s tried it yet, so I haven’t got any feedback yet. I wouldn’t get injected with stuff like that. Should you try something like this, give me feedback.

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I found interesting information here: https://impfen-nein-danke.de/nanopartikel/

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