Experience with colloidal silver

In this article I am writing about experiences and connections in the use of colloidal silver for the health of humans and animals. Specifically about Colloidal silver special . I will also show you which special silver I use and explain why.
It is known from tradition that silver has been used in medicine for around 5000 years. Even current research always produces new effects and thus new application possibilities. Thus, silver is not an unknown substance.

So what is colloidal silver?

Colloidal silver is also called “ Nanosilver ” known. A colloid is a very small particle that occurs in a liquid. It’s so small that it’s barely visible in a solution. It is pure silver, which is dissolved in mineral-free water. Ionic colloidal silver is a liquid suspension consisting of electrically charged microscopic silver particles in distilled water. These silver particles can continue to suspend (float) in the water. And all of this without any artificial additives or stabilizers. This form of ionic colloidal silver is the most common and very cheap. That’s because it’s very easy to make. Ionic colloidal silver solutions are tasteless and odorless. The silver particles are so small that they do not have any toxic effects on the body. Therefore it is safe to use.

The difference between ionized silver and colloidal silver special

These Silver essence is a nano-silver, which is produced according to a completely unique process. The smallest and purest silver particles are loosened with a bipolar multi-frequency high-voltage resonance system. This unique method results in very high quality, pure colloidal silver. It has a broad spectrum of multiple frequencies, as they also occur in nature. In principle, a lightning discharge takes place between the pure silver electrodes in the distilled water, causing the silver particles to detach. This will make them float. This is therefore not an electrolysis process (oxidize). This method was developed by Hessel Hoornveld. In this colloidal silver special are also still 2% colloidal gold contain. This high quality solution and very effective solution is very good and long in a high energy purple miron glass bottle storable and durable.

Longest shelf life!

This special “ Colloidal silver special “, Can be stored in the Miron glass bottle for up to 5 years. In an opened bottle, the shelf life should be one year. And that is a top value that you can hardly find anywhere else! This silver is good Yes, the amount of silver is not decisive for its effect, but rather its frequent structure and the right protective storage vessel.

The mechanisms of action of colloidal silver

Colloidal silver is also used today for various diseases. Why it works is not fully known for long. It has been found to kill bacteria and viruses. It also inhibits various parasites and fungi. Due to its small size, it easily gets into the body and even into the smallest areas.
In bacteria, it penetrates through their breathing. It then hinders their metabolism. This then causes them to die. Since the oxidizing power is not very high, the more developed “good” bacteria are not affected. Unless I take very high doses and use it very often.

By destroying certain nucleic acids, which are supposed to be important for the lifespan of “viruses” (infection theory), they die. The so-called protozoa and fungal spores are also killed. Parasites that have been oxidized by the silver are finally removed automatically by the body. If the silver inhibits the enzyme “phosphomannose isomerase”, yeasts die too.
Colloidal silver is not only destructive, but apparently supports the body. It promotes cell growth. It is said to stimulate wound healing and inhibit the release of histamine at allergic reactions . It also strengthens the immune system. These are also my own experiences.

Colloidal silver and heavy metals

If the body is burdened with heavy metals, colloidal silver can support detoxification. Amalgam is a topic that should not be underestimated here.

Colloidal silver – internal use

The amount of silver used and the purity are very important cornerstones for a really effective application.
It could be taken either undiluted or mixed with a little water. However, the solution should be left under the tongue for a little longer before swallowing. This is how it works through the oral mucosa.

What should you watch out for with the dosage?
The colloidal silver must not be mixed with a metal vessel. Also, a metal spoon must not come into contact with the substance. We therefore recommend vessels made of wood, plastic, glass or porcelain.

As a guide for taking it, I use my body weight as a guide.
Body weight, number, milliliters
5 to 12 kg 3 times / day 1.5 ml.
12 to 35 kg 3 times / day 3 ml.
35 to 50 kg 3 times / day 4.5 ml.
50 to 60 kg 3 times / day 6 ml.
60 to 70 kg 3 times / day 7.5 ml.
70 to 80 kg 3 times / day 9 ml.
80 to 100 kg 3 times / day 10.5 ml.
100 to 120 kg 3 times / day 12 ml.

This dosage relates to this Colloidal silver special , which is specially prepared for frequent use and has a gold share of 2%. The frequency makes the difference, not the amount of silver.

For which diseases can I use colloidal silver?

Internal use has proven itself in the case of a cold, flu infection, bacterial inflammation, sore throat, diarrhea, gastritis, ulcerative colitis, allergies, bad breath, gingivitis, Candida albicans, chronic fatigue, viral infections, eye infections and discharge of amalgam.
Colliodal silver is a real alternative, especially in the case of resistance to antibiotics.

Possible applications

Gargle and rinse with Colloidal Silver Special
If the mouth and throat are sick, I gargle the silver. Then I rinse my mouth out again.

Eye drops with colloidal silver special

Eyes are generally extremely sensitive. Here I use 1-2 drops per eye, 1-2 times a day.

Nasal spray with colloidal silver special

I either fill the colloidal silver special into a small normal glass bottle with a sprayer, or use a glass bottle with a pipette. Then I spray 1-2 noses in the nose. This can be particularly helpful if you have a cold or sinus infection.

Enemas with Colloidal silver special with gold

It is also suitable, for example, for vaginal or rectal use.
“Rehabilitate” the intestine
In order to change an imbalance of bacteria in the large intestine, I use the pure colloidal silver special. With a large amount of water, it would not be absorbed into the digestive tract. If, however, a very large amount of silver is used, it can make sense to build up the intestinal bacteria with yoghurt and / or physiological intestinal bacteria. Otherwise the positive bacteria could also suffer.

In general, I would not use high doses. A therapist should accompany the intake and treatment. Treatment should first be discussed with a doctor or alternative practitioner.
Even the smallest amounts of Colloidal Silver Special can apparently kill pathogens. The purer the product, the less is needed. That’s why I use this one Colloidal silver special with gold . The more acute a disease, the more often I use this Colloidal Silver Special.

External use

This colloidal silver special is also a good remedy for emergencies. For example, to treat Wounds, sores, insect bites and also burns. Simply spray on or apply.

It’s apparently just as useful at Allergies, athlete’s foot, herpes, warts, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, poorly healing wounds, various skin irritations and much more.
For this purpose, the silver can be sprayed on pure with a spray bottle. I could also dab it off with a damp pad or place this soaked pad on the affected area. These applications can best be done 3 times a day.

Colloidal silver special in the household

Several germs can be killed by the silver. This is also useful for daily cleaning in the kitchen, bathroom and toilet.
General information
Preparations containing silver should always be shaken before use. A cool storage protected from light is important for the shelf life and effectiveness. The colloidal silver special is optimally protected by the Miron glass. It should be kept away from electromagnetic fields such as a refrigerator, television, cell phone, or microwave.
The concentration is given in ppm (parts per million). This is the number of silver particles in relation to the water content. 50 ppm means that there is 50 mg of silver in one liter of water. However, the concentration in the liquid is not necessarily decisive for good results. The frequency is more important in many cases. That’s why I use the special. In any case, the versatile “silver water” is a good companion in the household and in first aid equipment.

The quality

Quality is very important for the application. A high quality product is always clear and transparent. The taste can be a bit metallic. No salts should be added to good silver. The color says nothing about the quality. It can also be slightly yellowish or brownish, as long as it is completely clear.

“Side Effects”

When used as intended, there are generally no “side effects”. I am not aware of any interactions with drugs. The use of extremely large amounts or kidney failure could result in permanent blue discoloration of the skin and mucous membranes. This would then be caused by silver buildup from kidney failure.
Be about one larger quantities for a longer period of time ingested by colloidal silver may also kill the physiological bacteria in the intestine. Therefore, the simultaneous use of yogurt or physiological intestinal bacteria is often recommended.
In the case of renal insufficiency, colloidal silver should not be used internally, as it must be discharged through the kidneys. If there is an allergy to silver, of course, its use does not make sense.
Should unusual symptoms appear (short-term aggravation), I would simply interrupt the intake until they have disappeared.

Colloidal silver in animals / dogs

Dissolved silver products can also be used externally and internally on animals. As with children, you should dose carefully here. Again and again pet owners report that they have successfully used silver for their pets. These include, for example, wound treatment, mouth infections, diarrhea, cystitis and other problems that healed faster.
Environmental hygiene in animals
Pet’s blankets and pillows are good at keeping clean with colloidal silver. It is also able to kill parasites. The treatment of parasites should, however, be clarified therapeutically in advance.
If colloidal silver is not effective enough, I use it CDH3000 (CDS / / CDL) and DMSO and MKB Vital , or this ready-made mixture of DMSO, magnesium, potassium and borax ( DMKB ), as you know. You can read a lot more about this on my info page. By following product links you also support my work when buying.

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