ABC of applications

The ABC of applications !
In this section I give you an overview of my use / dosage of CDH / MMS / chlorine dioxide as a person and other possibilities for various diseases. MMS experience reports are the basis here. I also present different types of application in alphabetical order.

I have described emergency measures under “Emergency”.

How much MMS or CDH (CDL) can I take?

That is certainly the most important and most frequent question.
MMS / chlorine dioxide – dosage according to body weight:
The amounts described by Jim Humble refer to a body weight between 55-85 kg. According to him, people with less weight, such as children and adolescents, should start with fewer drops. However, people who are heavier should also use fewer drops of MMS (or fewer milliliters of CDH), especially at the beginning of the intake, and then increase them, as many pathogens (toxins) often have to be oxidized here. If these are oxidized too quickly, the “garbage” floods the detoxification and drainage system. If this is overwhelmed, it can lead to nausea and vomiting. Often there is cleansing diarrhea at the beginning. This even corresponds to the image of naturopathy of drainage and detoxification. However, this problem usually passes quickly and an improvement in the overall situation can then often be observed quickly. In general, you can then dose higher later. Only if the symptoms of the disease progress very quickly, I would not wait with a slow increase in the dose, as action should be taken accordingly more quickly. In such a case, I go into a high dose very quickly.

When dealing with older, chronic problems, vomiting should be avoided. That’s also more pleasant. Nevertheless, I can say that vomiting can also be very liberating. After vomiting and diarrhea, I would ensure an adequate supply of fluids and also salt. Of course, I don’t use the harmful table salt here, but Himalayan salt. It is very important in the healing process. If you have been prescribed a low-salt diet, you should take a look at the chapter on water and salt, because the theories about too much salt in the diet have long been refuted. They had seemed nonsensical to me for a long time. But more on that in the corresponding chapter.
I use the following weight formula as an orientation, which dosage could be useful, and to get an approximate idea and assessment.

The basic formula for people:
1 activated drop of MMS per 25 kg body weight or
1 ml CDH3000 per 25 kg body weight

I use this as an appropriate dose for a longer period of use.
Of course, in individual cases a higher or lower dosage can be useful and necessary, as I already explained above. This basic formula is only intended to give an approximate guideline that provides an orientation. This is the case with all information here, because we humans are different and individual.
For orientation purposes I have created a table with which I can provide an approximate orientation. It is in the category: CDH3000 – like MMS, only simpler.

Brief overview

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)
Alzheimer’s dementia
Eye problems / eye drops
Babies – see Infants
Baths / full baths
Fumigating the skin
Soil hygiene
Lyme disease
Bronchitis, COPD, lungs
COPD “Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease” see also Lung Problems
Bowel problems
Enemas (bowel problems with autism)
Cold, runny nose, flu
Heel spur
Foot bath
Gas bag (morgellons, skin problems)
Cataract / glaucoma drops
Flu, viral flu, viral infection, see cold, runny nose, flu (see above).
Sore throat – gargle
Skin fungus
Inhalation – let in
Inhalation with an inhaler (chronic)
Infusions / intravenous
Children / toddlers
Varicose veins
Lung problems
Air disinfection
Mouthwash with chlorine dioxide
Mosquito bite
Nail fungus
Nasal drops
Sinus problems
Neurodermatitis / psoriasis
Kidney failure, ACUTE
Ear problems
Periodontal disease
Treat pimples
Bruise / swelling
Room hygiene Room cleaning Air disinfection
Spray MMS spray
Chemical burns / emergency
Association (MMS)

Supply failure in the waterworks

Water disinfection
Chickenpox / viral infection
Wounds / wound treatment
Gums and dental problems (please scroll down)

Not all topics described below are linked up here. Therefore please search below if necessary.

Alzheimer’s dementia with MMS / CDH (CDL) and DMKB

Here, too, conventional medicine has no answer to the question of where Alzheimer’s actually comes from. When reading books about diseases, one often finds the statement that causes are not known. Some researchers apparently believe that Alzheimer’s could be related to aluminum in the brain area. It would have been found in some Alzheimer’s patients and concluded that it could be responsible.

Now MMS oxidizes some things, including heavy metals. Jim Humble reported that people with dementia improved after using MMS. This could be due to the fact that in areas with poor blood circulation there could be an imbalance with bacteria, “viruses”, fungi and parasites. Parasites could also be responsible for such phenomena. What parasites do: In snails, for example, there is a parasite that hosts birds. This parasite attacks snails and changes their behavior in such a way that they hike up to trees. In addition, there is a noticeable color on the head of the snail. If the snail is on the tree, it will eventually be eaten by the bird. This then made it into the bird’s system. There are also indications from research on parasites that they can influence and even “control” the behavior of the host! The substance borax, which is also contained in the MKB Vital, is interesting in relation to these topics. On the one hand, it is an “antagonist” of aluminum and could thus have a beneficial effect on these changes in the brain. On the other hand, it is also active against parasites. Reinforced with DMSO, everything then gets deeper into the tissue and is then even more effective.
A substance that contains magnesium, potassium, borax and DMSO is even available ready-mixed. It is called “DMKB”.

My applications with 3 ml CDH3000 + 1 ml DMKB + at least 4 ml of water 3 times a day contain all of these substances. In one case I was told that the condition of a person affected had improved significantly, which of course made me very happy. So I assume that you can achieve good results here. I myself have already reported improved brain performance through MMS or CDH, DMSO and MKB Vital. I am happy to receive feedback on this topic so that I can pass it on.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)

Motor conflict is supposed to be one of the psychological backgrounds in ALS.
A “fear of being banned”. A conflict of not being able to move or not wanting to move. For example, you are not allowed to move if you break a bone after an accident. The person concerned thinks that he cannot escape a situation. He sees no way out and therefore feels incapable of acting and at the mercy. He doesn’t know one, nor one out. From the vernacular we know the phrase: “He is paralyzed with fear” or “frozen in shock”. Also the saying: “I don’t know what to do next!” meets the description of the situation here. Depending on the extent to which the body is affected, other meanings may be derived.
Now the cause of the illness or the suffering should be found out. Conversations help here. The knowledge and feelings that are released initiate the path of healing.

Implement new guiding principles and feel them too
The new, formative thought on the way to healing could be: “I free myself from my spell because I now know what is going on”. “After that I will be able to move as well as never before.” It is important to feel and accept the liberating effect behind these sentences.

Tidying up on a physical level

On the physical level, I would then clean up again and choose the usual procedure.
My scheme:
CDH3000 (initially 1 ml, if it is well tolerated, then 2 ml and finally 3 ml). In addition 1 ml DMSO + 1 ml MKB or instead of DMSO and MKB 1 ml DMKB (this is a mixture of MKB and DMSO with water).
CDH, i.e. the chlorine dioxide solution, presumably oxidizes the disharmonious environment that led to malfunction or failure. The problem has, so to speak, attached itself to a “weak point” and has manifested itself. In such a case, bacteria, fungi and small parasites seem to collect there. DMSO opens the cell membranes, lets food for the cells back in and thus opens up the possibility of toxins being able to leave the weak, overloaded cell again. So it apparently helps with the regeneration of all cells. The smell that bothers some people when taking DMSO would not be a problem for me with such a serious clinical picture. Magnesium, potassium and borax in the MKB Vital ensure relaxation. Borax is apparently even active against parasites, which are also often suspected as the “culprit” for such problems.
At the beginning I would take the above mixture 8 times a day with an interval of one hour. If there is any improvement, I would go down to 3-4 times a day.

The export of dissolved toxins
I use this bentonite powder to remove dissolved and oxidized residues. It absorbs toxic substances in its large inner surface and carries them out through the intestines. A dosage of 1/2 teaspoon that melts in the mouth and is later swallowed down gradually has proven itself here. Encapsulation in empty gastric juice-resistant capsules can also be of use here. 1-2 capsules morning and evening. According to the course, I would make adjustments if necessary. If you already have experience with these products, this is an advantage. Some people use zeolite. However, bentonite has the advantage over zeolite that it should form a protective film for the stomach.

Nevertheless, everyone who wants to help others with such a problem should note that the person concerned must also want it. They should make a clear decision for themselves whether to go this path independently or not. When the decision for this new path has been made, I would start immediately so as not to lose any more time.
Other recommended measures can be classic massages, reflex zone therapy, acupuncture, yoga, foot baths with MKB Vital and CDH.
All love

Eye problems / eye drops with MMS / CDH

In addition to the internal standard intake, I also use 4 ml of CDH3000 or 4 activated drops of MMS and fill this up to 100 ml with 0.9% isotonic saline solution. This is more pleasant on the eyes than distilled water because it does not sting or irritate. In addition, after activating and filling with water, I pour 2 drops of this DMSO100 into the ready-mixed dropper bottle. Then the eye drops are ready mixed. I now use 1-2 drops per eye 4 times a day. Most of the time the problems disappear after a day. However, this application should not be used for too long, as the MMS or CDH can irritate the eyes and mucous membranes in the long term.
In order to supply the surrounding tissue, this mixture can also be dripped into the nostrils as nasal drops (5-7 drops).

In some cases, eye problems have a systemic cause and are not directly related to the eye itself. Therefore, the internal intake is particularly important here for me. Because if the cause is not directly in the eye, but is only an effect of other problems in the body, the treatment of the eye alone cannot of course be sufficiently effective.

Eye drops, also for cataracts with DMSO and procaine:
To make this, I put the following liquids in a 100 ml glass bottle with a dropper pipette:
98 ml isotonic saline solution 0.9%
1 ml of this DMSO100
1.5 ml procaine 2% (there are over-the-counter suppliers – pharmacies).
I use disposable syringes like this for measuring. I then use these drops 2-3 times a day, 1-2 drops per eye.

There is now a newer method:
I simply use 3 – 5% DMSO in isotonic saline solution (NaCl 0.9%).
I produce this 3 – 5% DMSO as follows: To 100 ml I add 4 ml DMSO100 + 96 ml saline solution 0.9%.
However, after a few observations, you have to be patient. Sometimes it can take several months.

Eye drops to regulate intraocular pressure:
One user used the following mixture for her problem: 30 ml saline solution + 2 ml DMSO100. To do this, take a teaspoon of DMSO100 2-3 times a week internally in a glass of water.

Interesting TIP from Dr. PA Hartmut Fischer too DMSO and disposable syringes:
Since DMSO can release plasticizers from plastic in the highest concentration, it is advisable to clean the syringe from it beforehand. To do this, you can proceed as follows:

  1. A small amount DMSO100 draw into the syringe.
  2. Swirl the DMSO around and shake it.
  3. Then dispose of the DMSO and repeat the process again.
    After this cleaning, the inner plastic surface no longer releases any significant amounts of substance. How can it be checked? With the freshly unpacked syringe you can see how “streaks” form when you draw them up with DMSO100 for the first time. After all, this can no longer be observed after cleaning. However, the syringe cleaned in this way is then more difficult to move without plasticizer. The problem does not arise when using DMSO 50%. because this is not that strong. Of course, if I use a diluted solution, I have to increase the dosage accordingly.

There is now a newer method:
I simply use 3 – 5% DMSO in isotonic saline solution (NaCl 0.9%).
On 100 ml that would be z. E.g .: 4 ml DMSO100 + 96 ml saline solution 0.9%.
However, patience is also required here, as already described above.

Bathing / full bath with MMS / CDH

I can bathe with MMS or CDH (CDL) in the following variant:
A bath with MMS / chlorine dioxide solution evidently promotes tolerance if there is a high degree of sensitivity when taking it, or if one is sensitive or very ill. I use the full bath variant for skin problems and intolerance. Here I start with 20 ml of CDH3000 or with 20 activated drops of MMS on a bathtub and then increase with the next full bath by another 20 ml of CDH3000 or 20 drops of MMS. I also activate the MMS here in a ratio of 1: 0.5 because I bathe for more than 20 minutes. In other posts on this topic it is often written that when activating MMS you should take twice the amount of acid if you only bathe for up to 20 minutes. However, a stronger acidification ensures that the chlorine dioxide gas is released faster and will evaporate even faster in a warm full bath. At least that’s my observation. Here, too, it is important that the activated MMS is brownish / amber in color before it gets into the bath water. After more frequent baths, I easily ended up on 2 cl. activated MMS and later I even used a pudding bowl full of a bathtub. Since MMS discolors colors in higher concentrations, a warning is sometimes given here that one should pay attention to the discoloration of the hair. But now I notice that a lot of 10 drops of activated MMS (10 Tr. Sodium chlorite 25% and 5 drops of hydrochloric acid 4% in 100 ml of water, no longer discolored. CDH3000 also no longer discolors if you dilute it with the same amount of water, i.e. 50%. How should then 2 cl. Or you can still bleach your hair in a 1000 liter bathtub. Even with my last-mentioned dosage with the pudding bowl in this relatively high dosage, I could not notice any discoloration of my hair. I don’t know whether it behaves differently with different hair types. However, I have not heard of any reports. By the way, I like to bathe very hot. However, you should always adjust the temperature to your circulation.

The following safety advice should be observed:

Do not bathe alone. Especially when the bathroom needs to get a little warmer. Experience has shown that not all people can tolerate this well. Those who know this are better off staying at their usual bathing temperature or bathing better under observation. When using larger amounts of CDH or MMS, I would make sure that enough fresh air can get into the bathroom and that it is not hermetically sealed. I always leave the bathroom door a little open. Because the proportion of chlorine dioxide gas in the air must not be too high. This could be the case, especially in a small bathroom, especially with the door closed. Should breathing problems arise despite all caution, breathe fresh air quickly. I would like this B. can be achieved by holding my upper body over the edge of the bathtub and breathing the air from the area of the floor. This is because chlorine dioxide gas just rises to the top. Breathing with an open window would also be possible. However, I haven’t had any problems yet. Problems would also become noticeable through slight irritation or throat irritation. Often my airways were also cleaned a bit by the bath. If I want to increase the depth effect of this full bath, I simply coat my body with DMSO 50% with my hand before entering the full bath. For this, however, the skin should already be free of substances that I do not want to have smuggled into my cells. If I want to reach my back too, I use a DMSO 50% spray. No other bath additives, such as foam or other, belong in a chlorine dioxide / MMS bath. Himalayan salt is also suitable as a bath additive. I use 500 g per full bath. For skin diseases such as neurodermatitis, up to 1 kg of Himalayan salt per bath should be appropriate. I can take this very well. Of course, I keep an eye on my circulation in the bathroom. The pleasant bathing temperature is certainly a matter of feeling. During the bath, I rub the chlorine dioxide water on my skin. I also wash the scalp thoroughly with it. After such a bath, I always feel like “reborn”. Everything feels clean and free.

Gassing the skin with MMS

I use a normal glass of water for this. When using a small shot glass, the concentration would be quite concentrated. That’s why I use a larger glass. I now activate 5 drops of 25% sodium chlorite with 3 drops of 4% hydrochloric acid from this chlorine dioxide set and then add 4 ml of water to this activated mixture. When using CDH3000, I just add 5 ml of CDH3000 to the glass. I have to position the place that is to be fumigated above the glass, as the gas rises upwards. This may require you to lie down. The glass should stand or be held, as upright as possible, under the area to be fumigated. Here I fumigate the area for a maximum of 5 minutes. If I use activated MMS with this method without adding water, the outgassing is stronger. If I let the concentrated chlorine dioxide gas act on the area for too long, it can cause a burn. I carry out the fumigation with MMS for a maximum of 1 minute, otherwise burns / chemical burns can occur. Especially when I activate large amounts of sodium chlorite with hydrochloric acid. So be careful. Here, too, adding the same amount of water reduces outgassing and reduces the risk. Should this accidentally lead to a chemical burn, look under “Chemical burns”. A burn ointment can also help very well here.

Floor hygiene with MMS / CDH

I use 30 ml of this CDH3000 or activate 30 drops of MMS on a 10 liter bucket of water. If I have injuries to the skin and have to put my hand into the mopping water, I disinfect it at the same time and there are hardly any problems.

Lyme disease and MMS / CDH

Lyme disease is a “ungrateful story” and dangerous if you do nothing. It is very unspecific and can trigger a wide variety of symptoms, which can also come from elsewhere. Often you just don’t think about Lyme disease. Incidentally, it is hypothetically not excluded that Borrelia could be transmitted by other insects, if one believes this theory. Therefore, one should always keep the topic in mind when it comes to similar symptoms.

After a tick bite:
First I remove the tick, if possible with a tick hook. These are available in large or small in animal accessories. Personally, I find a tick check card too bulky to get anywhere without any problems. After all, ticks like to hide, especially where the skin is thinnest. If I already have any symptoms (circulatory problems, itching, severe reddening that did not occur before the bite, I drip 2-3 drops of Sodium Chlorite PUR on the area and its surroundings (or use 1 ml CDH3000). However, I would wipe / rinse off the sodium chlorite again after a minute with water or a cloth soaked in water. This is not necessary for a single application. It can be left to dry on the skin. However, if I use it several times later, I would dilute it 1: 1 with water or use CDH1500. Then I spray the area and the whole area over a large area (several parts of the body) with MMS spray (20 activated drops on a sprayer filled with 100 ml pure water OR use 20 ml CDH or 40 ml CDH1500 and fill it up to 100 ml with pure water on). Then I also spray the areas with DMSO 70%. If I use DMSO100 as a spray for this, it can get warm. Some find it pleasant, but others don’t. If it itches too much or irritates the skin (reddening), I dilute the solution until it is comfortable or simply spray additional water on the itchy areas. With that I reduce my concentration. Of course, I can also drip the same mixture on without a sprayer (e.g. with a pipette) and distribute it if no sprayer is available. You can also use a brush. I just take my fingers. I repeat the spraying every hour, a total of 4 times a day. Since MMS / CDH spray can discolour colors, I make sure that clothing is removed accordingly. But if I use CDH1500 as a spray, I don’t have to expect discoloration and can spray freely. If the tick is no longer there, I alternately spray different areas on my body. Sore spots, of course, come first. If I do not know whether I have or had Lyme disease or a tick bite, the procedure described above is also a good measure for other, serious problems. At the same time, I immediately start taking MMS internally (after the bite) and increase the number of drops as quickly as possible to 30 per day (10 x 3 activated drops of MMS each day in, for example, 125 ml of water – see internal intake above). In addition, after preparing the finished mixture, I add at least the same number of drops (i.e. 3 drops per intake) of the DMSO100 shortly before taking it. In an aqueous solution, the effects of MMS and DMSO do NOT cancel each other out. In theory and in the test tube it has been observed that antioxidant and oxidant cancel each other out. However, this is only the case in this unrealistic environment of the vessel. I can tell that this is not the case by the color of the MMS in the water. The yellowish color indicates the activity of CDH or MMS. So you can see that the effects of chlorine dioxide are not impaired by DMSO. That is also what Jim and Hartmut Fischer observed. Since “Borrelia” can apparently spread quickly throughout the body, it is important for me to ensure oxidation is as fast, sustainable and deep as possible. Once these have settled in, it is no longer that easy, but it is also not impossible.

Jim Humble’s formula for “incurable diseases” is:
Pour MMS in an aqueous solution into all openings, take it externally and internally, strengthen it with DMSO, increase the frequency of intake up to 12 times a day with an interval of one hour and / or increase the number of drops. If all of that is not enough, fill MMS 2 (calcium hypochlorite) into capsules and use it additionally.
I would not recommend the latter, even if there have been good results in difficult cases. A high dose of chlorine dioxide is usually sufficient in difficult cases. In that case I discovered the combination of DMSO and MKB Vital, which contains borax.

I would prefer to combine the following applications:

  1. Internal consumption:
    Here I would put 3 ml of CDH3000 (or 3 activated drops of MMS) in 125 ml of water, juice or milk per intake and add 1 ml of DMKB. Of course, milk only makes sense if you don’t have a milk protein allergy. I would then take this mixture 10 times a day with an interval of one hour. Symptoms should then improve quickly. After 5 days of use, I would reduce the number of doses to 3 times a day. I would then use this method for 2-3 weeks.
  2. The external spray application :
    a.) I make a 100 ml spray from 50 ml CDH3000 + 50 ml water. Or I use 50 activated drops of 25% sodium chlorite with 25 drops of 4% hydrochloric acid on the 100 ml glass bottle, which has already been filled with approx. 98 ml of water beforehand.
    Finally, spray the solution extensively on various parts of the body. With this I want to get chlorine dioxide all over my body.
    b.) As an active enhancer, I then spray the same regions with DMSO 70%. If this itches too much or even leads to skin irritation (reddening), I dilute the solution until it is comfortable. To dilute this directly, I simply spray CDH3000 spray over it again.
  3. Brush teeth:
    I use 10 ml CDH3000 on 1/4 glass of water or 10 activated drops of MMS instead. However, based on the first example, I mix 10 drops of sodium chlorite with 5 drops of hydrochloric acid. This is the acid-reduced variant or simply use CDH3000 mixed with the same amount of water. Of course, I can always adjust the taste and dilute it with water. The addition of 0.2 ml MKB Vital has also proven its worth. A super effective mixture of magnesium, potassium and borax that also makes the taste much more pleasant. In addition, I add 0.2 ml of DMSO100 as an active enhancer after taking the first sip in the mouth.
    If I have DMKB, it is of course much easier: Then instead of the MKB and the DMSO, I just add 1 ml of DMKB. Then I can use it to brush my teeth as well. Keep the solution in your mouth for at least one minute after brushing. I then swallow the solution. I do this application twice a day. By lingering and rinsing the mixture in the mouth, MMS and DMSO are also absorbed into the bloodstream and thus into the body via the oral mucous membranes. If there is a coating on the tongue, I scrape it off with an upside-down teaspoon. Then rinse with a little water. In the case of plaque, it helps to absorb 1/2 teaspoon of bentonite powder and allow it to dissolve in the mouth. This helps me make cleaning the tongue easier.
  4. Enemas:
    The deeper the problem is in the body, the closer I go to the affected area for application. In the case of chronic borreliosis, the borrelia should have spread throughout the body after 10 months. An enema would therefore make sense in the intestinal area. First of all, I do an enema with the appropriate equipment that is needed for this, initially without MMS. The water used is ideally at body temperature and is made up of Himalayan salt. I use a teaspoon of this high-quality salt for 1.5 liters of water and dissolve it. If the existing stool (feces) has loosened after this first enema, I do the enema starting with 2 ml CDH3000 or 2 activated drops of MMS per enema to 1.5 liters of warm water. I can increase this over several applications to up to 25 ml CDH3000 or 25 activated drops of MMS per liter of warm water. A distribution in the intestine would be more optimal if I hop a little with the mixture in the intestine and keep it in the intestine for a little longer. However, I train this slowly because it is sometimes not easy to keep this fluid in the intestine. A slight movement is then sufficient for the time being. Two enemas per day for 5 days have proven to be effective. I choose the duration individually according to my feelings. Here, too, I always pay attention to my own well-being.
  5. Foot baths:
    For foot or arm baths that increase in temperature, in this case I use 30 ml CDH3000 or 30 activated drops of MMS (30 drops of sodium chlorite 25% with 15 drops of hydrochloric acid 4%) on a foot bath. For persistent problems, I increase the amount to up to 50 ml CDH3000 or 50 activated drops of MMS. In addition, I can also work with the same number of drops of DMSO here. Special foot baths (circulation devices) from Schiele generally provide very special support for recovery, as the temperature does not decrease here, but rises slowly during the foot bath. I found good information on this at Holistic Harmonization. This also has many important effects. The CDH / MMS goes through the skin of the feet or arms into the body and is there optimally distributed by the heat. This is particularly useful for people with intolerance when taking MMS / CDH. You could also borrow these special foot baths from Schiele for passive cardiovascular training.
  6. Nasal drops:
    I use 4 milliliters of CDH3000 or 4 drops of activated MMS in 100 ml of distilled or pure water. %. isotonic saline solution, would be very good instead of water. This is easier on the eyes because it contains the natural salt content and there is no irritation.
    In addition, after activating and filling up with water, I pour 0.5 ml of DMSO into the dropper bottle. I then increase the DMSO to 1 ml for the next mixture. I shake the finished mixture and then drop it into my nostrils (5-7 drops with a pipette).
Deceptive improvement in Lyme disease:

Since the problems of Lyme disease often come on in bursts and go away again, I don’t just stop when I’m getting better. I keep the internal intake with DMSO, the baths and the brushing of the teeth for at least 3 months. When brushing my teeth, I can also use a pinch of baking soda powder (fine) and brush my teeth with it. To the Detox In the mouth area, I also like to use a pinch of bentonite powder to brush my teeth instead. If I have problems with my teeth, I have already tried brushing with a little xylitol birch sugar. It tastes good and apparently has a positive effect on the milieu of the teeth and gums. But a pinch of Himalayan salt is also very good.

COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

COPD, also called “Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease”.
This is a summary of various chronic respiratory diseases associated with coughing, shortness of breath and sputum. Smoking is believed to be the main cause here.
All of these respiratory diseases are characterized by an increasing blockage of the air flow in the lungs, the so-called “obstruction”. In addition to the repeatedly described ingestion of CDH3000 or MMS, the rubbing in with CDH3000 (diluted 1: 1 with water) is also required To name the chest area and the back as well as the inhalation. You can find this under “Inhalation”.

Enemas with MMS / CDH (CDS / CDL:

The deeper the problem is in the body, the closer I go to the affected area for application. An enema is also possible in the intestinal area. First, I do an enema with the appropriate equipment, without MMS. The water used is ideally at body temperature and is made up of Himalayan salt. I use one teaspoon for 1.5 liters of water. Salt and dissolve it. Then I put it in the irrigator or in a container from which I can pump it into the intestines with a Klyso pump. If I use an irrigator instead, I open and close the stopcock accordingly. The irrigator must be held higher than the intestine, as the water runs into the intestine due to gravity. If I keep this too low, nothing flows in, but out. This then also notices. I always go slowly. As soon as there is pressure, I stop the feed. When it has calmed down, I’ll let the solution run in again. If the stool in the intestine has loosened after 2 to 3 enemas, I do the next enema starting with 2 ml CDH3000 or 2 activated drops of MMS in 1.5 liters of water, but then without salt.

I increase the amount over several applications to up to 16 ml CDH3000 or 16 drops of MMS in one liter of water. With serious problems and Worm infestation as well as autism on 25 ml CDH or 20-25 drops of MMS. At the congress in Hanover in 2014, there was even talk of up to 30 drops of MMS. That would be 30 ml CDH3000 per liter of water. If I’ve done several enemas and have practiced keeping the fluid in the intestine well, I hop with the enema in the intestine. I try to keep the enema in the intestine for a long time. Jumping on a trampoline would be ideal and fun too. But you have to be able to hold the water. It can be two enemas a day. I choose the duration individually. Here, too, I always pay attention to my own well-being. Negative emotions are also stored in the intestine, which can be released during douching and enemas. This is not always pleasant, but it solves the problem at the root. If there is pain, concentrate on it and try to localize it. Then I imagine what the pain could be like. When I get a picture of it, it usually dissolves. Diarrhea can occur, which is then very liberating and cleansing. If you have diarrhea, always remember to drink enough (at least 0.3 liters of water per kg of body weight) and to consume Himalayan salt so that the electrolyte balance is correct. You can add a little salt to the water so that it tastes pleasant and slightly salty. But in general I would always salt my food in such a way that I really like it. In most cases, a low-salt diet is not a solution, it often only exacerbates problems. Then I come to the subject of water and salt.

Common cold / runny nose / flu “Virus problems” tackle with CDH or MMS

Yes, “Corona” is one of them … An explanation: HERE .
This is a topic that can hit us every now and then. One should not forget that every illness can also include a cleansing of the body and that we are usually much better off afterwards than before. Of course, those who are too weak in the entire constellation can also be hit harder. And for people with previous illnesses and old age, this can mean the end of life. In general, hardly anyone will die naturally and healthy. One thing is certain in life and that is death.

The ingestion
Particularly with “virus problems”, or better said with acute courses, it is important that I take CDH or MMS quickly or more frequently and increase the amount quickly. So my goal here is to supply my organism with chlorine dioxide as quickly as possible, or to “flood” it, as you could say. But you shouldn’t overdo it here either.
With a real “flu” the typical symptoms quickly and suddenly appear: high fever, chills, dry cough, body aches, severe illness, sore throat, hoarseness, pain behind the breastbone, cardiovascular complaints.
Chlorine dioxide improves what is happening through the harmonizing frequency and thus intervenes in a regulating manner. DMSO feeds it in faster and deeper. MKB Vital is evidently even stronger in “stormy phenomena” and thus supports faster regeneration. The magnesium chloride contained relaxes the body and is used for the oxidation process. The borax contained in the MKB, reinforced by the magnesium chloride, has an even stronger effect if parasites are involved. It accelerated my improvement in wellbeing, especially with headaches.
There is also a ready-made mixture of DMSO and MKB Vital, which can be dosed even more easily. It’s called DMKB. More on that in a moment.

Version 1:
I use the following mixture every 15 minutes.
I pour 100 ml of water into a glass and add 1 ml of CDH3000, 0.5 ml of DMSO and 0.5 ml of MKB Vital and drink it out immediately. Instead of the amount of DMSO and MKB Vital, I can also use the ready-mixed DMKB. I use this 1: 1 to the CDH. So if I use 1 ml CDH, I add 1 ml DMKB to the water.

If I want to go faster, I can increase the amount of CDH3000 each time I take it. For example to 2 and then to 3 ml or more. The standard dose would be 3 ml CDH3000 with 1 ml “DMKB”. This DMKB is a ready-made mixture of DMSO, magnesium chloride, potassium chloride to round off and borax. According to new experiences with DMKB, this combination can result in less frequent income. I then adjust the amount of MKB and DMSO (or DMKB) in the same ratio. DMKB always remains in a ratio of 3: 1. With 3 ml CDH3000 I would use 1 ml DMKB here. It is only important that there is no nausea. This could come from the CDH. Every drop of chlorine dioxide works and helps the body. If vomiting occurs, continue with a slightly lower dose. Vomiting also frees you emotionally and afterwards you usually feel better. But the body should get rest after the exertion of vomiting. In order not to stress the organism too much, I do not use cold, but warm water when taking and mixing. Then I go to rest.
Should I be unable to absorb chlorine dioxide and DMKB due to vomiting caused by illness, there is a trick. It is the “ Power method “. This is done as described below. I draw 3 ml CDH3000 with the Doser. Then I draw up 1 ml of DMKB and 6 ml of water with the same dose. Then I slowly inject the mixture into my mouth. I then keep this there for at least 10 seconds. During this time, some of the substances are absorbed through the oral mucosa and are therefore not restricted to the gastrointestinal tract. Then I can either spit out the mixture or swallow it if I have no problem with it. As I mentioned elsewhere with the power method, the taste buds can be somewhat impaired with this method. However, this is mostly irrelevant, since in such a state I have no appetite anyway and would not eat anything. However, I shouldn’t overdo it, otherwise the mucous membrane can suffer.
Many people forget that the flu is a mental STOP point, in which the body and through this the soul as well asks for rest. The body in particular needs strength for current events. Therefore, you should not eat any meals during this time. There is no hunger anyway with this sudden occurrence. So I finally allow myself some rest.
This mixture is taken every 15 minutes. I use this interval in the acute phase for about 2 hours. After that, I use this mixture 4 more times, approximately one hour apart, until the evening. This is also the distance for the usual income in acute situations. That brings me to 10-12 earnings on the first day. The next day I use it

Standard variant:
100 ml water + 3 ml CDH3000 + 1 ml DMKB, 8 times a day with an interval of one hour until everything is over. When using this mixture with DMKB, I may be able to reduce the frequency to as little as 3 times a day. Because DMKB with CDH3000 is a strong mix.
The number of milliliters is again calculated from my body weight as a guideline. I use 1 ml CDH3000 and 1/3 DMKB for every 25 kg of body weight.

Bentonite to detoxify the body

If bacteria, “viruses”, fungi, germs and parasites have been eliminated or reduced by these substances, some “garbage” remains in the body for disposal. In order to dispose of this properly, I need a good binding agent in addition to sufficient liquid. From my observation, this bentonite powder, which I use, is very suitable here. I also just put it in my mouth after my intake. About half a teaspoon after each ingestion of CDH and the other substances. I let it melt there slowly and keep it in my mouth for as long as possible. Gradually, I then swallow it down. It also gets into the stomach and some of it gets into the intestines. In order to support the intestines even better, I take the gastric juice-resistant empty capsules and fill them with the bentonite powder. This is very simple because the bentonite is very finely powdery. It can be pushed very easily into the opened empty capsule without falling out again. Because I close this and take it. 2-3 capsules 3 times a day. This is also great for other types of detoxification.

Soda to deacidify the body

Since most illnesses are also acidic, which then leads to pain, I deacidify with this baking soda. The problem is getting it to the small intestine, where it works, rather than just the stomach, where it would dilute or dissolve the stomach acid. Many people make this mistake because there are hardly any products that are really enteric-coated. To my Natao Baking soda I therefore use these enteric capsules to fill myself. I fill in the baking soda and take 3 pieces 3 times a day.
If a fever has not (yet) set in, a bath with 20 activated drops of MMS (20 drops of sodium chlorite 25% and 10 drops of hydrochloric acid 4%) on a bathtub has proven itself for me. I use this for this MMS Set = chlorine dioxide set .

Another way to prevent body aches and pains is a Full bath with this sodium hydrogen carbonate (baking soda) .

Deacidifying baths are said to have been the reason for the resilience of the Vikings. However, they bathed in it for 1-2 hours. For a full bath, I use at least 3 heaping tablespoons of baking soda on a bathtub. The pH of the water should then be 8. I can determine this with such a pH meter or with pH test strips.
When I don’t have a bathtub, I take a foot bath instead.

It also makes sense to clean up the intestines. I take 3 x 2 of these enteric capsules and fill them with this bentonite. You can also find information about this in the acidification / deacidification section.
Sage tea with MKB is a good drink. Sage tea is known for its good effects as a “natural antibiotic”. Since sage tea doesn’t taste good on its own, I use a mixture with eucalyptus from Messmer. It is called “sage mixture with eucalyptus” and is available in almost every department store. After I have made the tea, I add 10 drops of this MKB Vital. This is very beneficial and then tastes much more pleasant to me.

Room cleaning / air cleaning with CDH / MMS in case of “flu”

It could be problematic if several people live in one household. Here it is assumed that the risk of infection is relatively high. But this could also be due to the energetic environment that surrounds the patient. Because of course people also influence each other energetically. In my opinion, regular room cleaning / air purification with activated MMS or CDH3000 ensures a neutralizing frequency. Room cleaning includes wiping door handles that could contain an increased amount of bacteria with, for example, 10 ml CDH3000 per 1 liter of cleaning water.

Disinfection of the air in flu with CDH / CDL:

Depending on the size of the room, leave the CDH3000 (CDL) open in a glass or other container.
My rule of thumb: – room area in sqm divided by 6.
An example for the calculation: 12 sqm room (normal room height approx. 2.50 meters) = 2 ml CDH3000.
To determine this, I use the following calculation method:
12 qm divided by 6 = 2 ml CDH3000.
In the case of MMS, these would be 2 activated drops of MMS (2 drops of sodium chlorite 25% and 2 drops of hydrochloric acid 4%).
Depending on the room temperature, I may renew this mixture after 3-4 hours. I do this especially in the room in which the “sick person” is. I can tell whether the CDH should be renewed by its yellow color and its smell. If the solution has lost both, it is used up. Then I only have salt water, which I then simply throw away. I make sure that the chlorine dioxide odor is not too strong. When I do a room cleaning where I leave the room. Then I can also increase the amount of MMS / or CDH a little.

Chest / bronchial pain / headache with flu – CDL / DMSO

Coughing can be very painful, especially if it lasts for a long time. This is the same with a sore throat. In these cases I spray the chest / neck with DMSO 50% (mix DMSO 100% with the same amount of water). This DMSO 50% can also be bought ready-mixed. If it is too strong (excessive itching, reddening) I can dilute it further with water accordingly. Usually this variant is not a problem. Anyone who knows the acupressure points for their complaints could also dab them with this DMSO100. Of course, acupressure with the finger is also effective. DMSO100 should not be rubbed in excessively if it is applied over a large area. Better just dab it or spread it gently. This makes sense because the friction would irritate the skin even more. You can also proceed accordingly with headaches. To do this, dab the temples and the nape of the neck with DMSO100 or DMSO 70%.

Foot baths for colds and flu

An additional intake of CDH (CDL) or MMS is also possible via foot baths (40 activated drops of MMS or 40 ml CDH3000, on a foot bath). This is an option especially for those who do not have a bathtub.

Nevertheless, a full bath is of course preferable. So it might be worth asking someone who has a bathtub. If you already have a fever, you should no longer take hot baths. You can find more information about the full bath in the topic full bath.

You can basically use almost all possible uses to support the immune system here.

But do not forget:
When the body Quiet demands , you should give it to him in any case, even if the symptoms are less or hardly pronounced due to MMS / DMSO. Because illness is always a sign that we should never ignore, even if we feel better quickly.

By the way: Magnesium phosphoricum (Biochemistry No. 7) can possibly support pain relief. Also known as the “hot 7”. In such a case I would take 4 x 4 tablets.

If the body demands rest, I should definitely give it this rest, even if the symptoms are less or hardly pronounced due to MMS / DMSO. Illness is always a sign that we should never ignore, even if we feel better quickly.

By the way: Magnesium phosphoricum (Biochemistry No. 7) can possibly support pain relief. In such a case I would take 4 x 4 tablets. Especially when it is not possible to absorb magnesium chloride in liquid form, for example when vomiting, I use these tablets because they have a homeopathic effect on the oral mucosa and not on the stomach and intestines.

Sore throat / hoarseness and MMS / CDH / Himalayan salt for flu

Here I gargle with a brine made from this Himalayan salt. To do this, I mix water with this salt until it tastes quite salty. To do this, I put a teaspoon of the Himalayas in a glass of water and leave them in it overnight. If I want it to go faster, I stir everything immediately until the salt no longer dissolves. This point is reached when salt crystals remain on the ground. Then I gargle several times with the sole. To do this, I put a teaspoon of this dissolved brine in half a glass of water. The water should then still taste pleasantly salty. Then I put it in my mouth and gargle it for 2-3 minutes and spit it out again.
Treating sore throats with DMSO: I spray the throat externally with DMSO 50% from the Adam’s apple to the two breast bones (protrusions). You can also use one finger to gently press in the skin on the right and left of the Adam’s apple and massage it gently. A light circular massage up to the breastbones is also helpful against hoarseness. If it stings or itches too much, I dilute it with water. When the DMSO has already been applied, I simply apply a few drops of water with my fingers or a sprayer.

Brush your teeth with CDH (CDS / CDL / MMS: for flu

Disinfecting treatment should not be missing in the case of problems, especially in the mouth area. I simply use CDH3000 here and dilute it with twice the amount of water. So if I make myself 15 ml of CDH, which corresponds to 15 drops of MMS, I add 15 ml of water to the 15 ml of CDH and use it to brush my teeth and rinse out the mouth. To store the toothbrush solution, I use a urine cup with a lid or a small bottle with a screw cap. This means that less chlorine dioxide gas escapes.
Another solution is to sprinkle some baking soda (sodium hydrogen carbonate) on the damp toothbrush and use it to brush your teeth. This deacidifies and protects the teeth. This is also possible with the bentonite powder.

If I don’t manage to stop the outbreak of the disease prematurely, I have to go this way and thereby also strengthen my immune system, because diseases also train the immune system. MMS supports the immune system in its work. Still, it has to do its job.

Many users use very high doses of CDH in extreme cases (cancer). I’ve heard of a 4% CDH solution being used. This corresponds to a 13 times higher intake than the 3 ml of CDH3000, which I always report on here. This increased amount would correspond to approx. 39 ml per intake with a lot of water 3 times a day. However, that would be too much for me and I would not recommend it. I do not recommend anything here, but only pass on collected experience. Here, too, I see again that some people apparently tolerate and apparently need very large amounts, while others reach their goal with relatively small amounts or cannot tolerate them.

Heel spur and CDH / MMS

Before doing this, I clean the entire foot with pure CDH3000. This is especially important to defuse detergent residue. Then I apply this DMSO100 straight away. You can do this alternately, since DMSO penetrates the body and it is distributed, also in mirror image. I can also treat the right foot by spraying or wetting the left foot. I carry out the application until the heel spur has receded and then another 2-3 days. Internal supplementary intake of CDH3000 and DMSO as well as MKB are also appropriate here. MKB Vital in particular has already helped internally here: foot baths / foot baths with MMS / CDH
For foot or arm baths that increase in temperature, I also use 10-20 ml CDH3000 or 10-20 activated drops of MMS in a bath. I increase the number of drops / ml for persistent problems up to 50 drops / ml CDH. Special foot baths by Fritz Schiele generally provide very special help in recovery, as the temperature does not decrease here, but rises slowly during the bath. Fritz Schiele was inspired by Kneipp for this method and developed the passive circulatory training according to Fritz Schiele with an increase of 0.5 ° C per minute. With a full bath of 20 minutes you have an increase of 10 ° C. He discovered the special influence and the connection between the soles of our feet and the function of organs and cells throughout the body. You can also borrow them. This can be particularly helpful during rehab, as here you can train your circulation again without great danger. Interesting information is available on .

The gas bag with MMS

The gas bag is a method of absorbing chlorine dioxide through the skin.
This application was also specially made for the Morgellon’s disease thought up, because with other problems the other application possibilities are usually more effective. However, I can also use this method if the other methods are not enough and the problem is in or under the skin. Even if I cannot or do not want to use the oral route, this could be an alternative to getting chlorine dioxide into the blood via this detour.

With this method you will need the following utensils: Two very large garbage bags. A container that is so large that there is enough space for a larger bowl (made of glass) and so small that there is still room on the bottom of the garbage bag. Later I have to be able to step into the sack construction without stepping into the shell with the MMS or knocking it over. Cut open the two garbage bags at the bottom (on the closed side) and then glue them together. Now the constructed, glued together garbage bag should be big enough that I can stand in it or even sit in it with a chair. I also have to be able to close the sack at the top of the neck well. Finally, the MQL / chlorine dioxide gas must not be inhaled in large quantities. In order to carry out the procedure, it is advisable to have a second person with you to help with getting in, taping or locking. After all, my arms should stay in the sack. Before I carry out the procedure with activated MMS, I would first do a “dry run”. It is advisable to bring in a second person.

By the way, when chlorine dioxide gas escapes from the sack, you can smell it. However, the sack must be so tight, or held, that nothing escapes. The room should be well ventilated and large enough so that the gas should not be inhaled if possible. The higher the room or ambient temperature, the better and faster the chlorine dioxide gas activates. However, it should be at least 21 degrees Celsius.

I would first read through this information completely and only then begin. It was specially developed for Morgellons disease.

  1. First I put two large garbage bags and a glass bowl ready for the MMS to be activated.
  2. I put a glass bowl in the middle of the first sack on the floor. Do not spill the liquid. So this first sack is meant for the lower half of my body.
  3. I cut a hole in the second sack so that my head can fit through it. So it’s for the upper half of my body.
  4. Then I undress completely and activate 40 drops of sodium chlorite 25% 1: 1 with hydrochloric acid 4% in the glass bowl (of course without water) that is at the bottom of the lower sack.
  5. I stand in the first sack (but not in the MMS bowl in the middle) but with my feet to the right and left of it.
  6. I pull the other sack over my head from above so that my head comes through the hole at the top. The head thus remains free and outside the sack.

IMPORTANT: Never close the sack over your head!
Mouth and nose must always stay in the fresh air! Therefore the room should be well ventilated. The room temperature should be at least 21 ° C.

  1. I bring the lower sack together with the upper one so that my whole body is enveloped and the skin can absorb the gas. The top of the sack should be around the neck so that no gas escapes upwards. If necessary, someone holds the sack at the top of the neck.
  2. After some time (depending on the room temperature, 15-20 minutes) the activated MMS chlorine dioxide gas has either evaporated or used up. You can tell from the lack of chlorine dioxide odor. Then I end the session and leave the sack construction. The method may be a little complicated, but it works well, especially in Morgellons disease. If that’s too time-consuming for me, I just use the other variants. If I can’t or don’t want to stand that long, it makes sense to use a small chair in the sack.

Safety instructions:

I make sure that the bowl with the activated MMS cannot tip over under any circumstances. If it should tip over and the pure MMS touches the body, I should wash it off with water immediately. Clothing is bleached or discolored when touched with activated MMS. This can also happen with wooden floors, so be careful.
In the Morgellons disease In the experience of Jim Humble, it is necessary to use it over a longer period of time. With some sick people, this method could achieve good results. If there is still activated MMS left after use, I would either transfer it to a bottle for further use as a solution, let it outgas in a room with mold infestation or slowly pour it down the drain with the tap running. It is then properly disinfected once.
If I wanted to do the application with CDH3000, I would need large quantities. I would use 100 ml of CDH3000 here. Due to the dilution with water, it emits much less gas and must therefore be dosed higher so that sufficient chlorine dioxide gas is released. If necessary, I extend the application to 30 minutes when using the CDH3000.

Sore throat and MMS / CDH (CDS / CDL)

I use 10 ml CDH3000 (or 10 activated drops of MMS) in a glass of water with half a teaspoon of Himalayan salt (dissolved) for gargling. This is good for me with problems with the tonsils (cold, flu, sore throat). If the gargle liquid is swallowed, this is not a problem. The external application of DMSO70% on the neck was also helpful for me. See also the topic of colds / flu.

Renal failure, acute and MMS / CDH

If there is acute kidney failure, taking baking soda should help. 3 x 1 gram daily is the normal dose. One measures the pH in the urine to monitor it, so as not to use too much.
In an acute case, I would dissolve a teaspoon of baking soda (sodium hydrogen carbonate) in water and drink it as quickly as possible. It does not taste well. However, in this case I would do this 5 times a day until the situation improves.

Then I would then fill the baking soda into empty gastric juice-resistant capsules and take them instead. I would then take one capsule with water 5 times a day. For more information, take a look at the topic of deacidification / overacidification.
From CDH3000 I would add 1 ml CDH3000 + 4 drops for every 25 kg of body weight. DMSO100 from Natao + 4 drops of MKB Vital, take 8 times a day with an interval of one hour.

Skin fungus with MMS / CDH

If I have skin fungus, I assume that the environment of the skin is acidic and thus the body itself. First I use an MMS spray, which consists of 30 ml of pure CDH3000. For filling I use such a small funnel 6 cm – Mini funnel , which with this measure in the bottle opening of z. B. one Sprayer bottle HDPE 20-410 with spray attachment fits. It is also well suited for mobile use because it is light. But I prefer to use this on site Sprayer glass bottle 100 ml .
After preparing, I shake the bottle. Then it is ready for immediate use. I spray the spray extensively 3 to 5 times a day on the affected areas. If the effect is not sufficient, I also use a DMSO 70% spray. This consists, for example, of 70 ml of DMSO100 and 30 ml of purified water. I spray it on after the MMS spray. With this I strengthen the effect of MMS. I carry out this application for 3 weeks. If this is not enough, I also use healing clay or bentonite in the meantime (outside of the times when spraying takes place), which I sprinkle on the fungus to dry the skin environment. Since the intestine is usually also involved in acidification, I also use it in such empty gastric juice-resistant capsules. Read the topic Deacidification / acidification .

I don’t see skin fungus as a specific problem. It affects the whole system. Mushrooms need an acidic environment. Basic compresses with sodium hydrogen carbonate (1 teaspoon per 1 glass of water) would therefore also be possible. An envelope with Himalayan salt is also an option.
With stubborn fungi, I try to change the environment by powdering the skin with the above-mentioned natural bentonite powder 3 times a day. It evidently pulls out inflammation / negative frequencies and changes the milieu. It also dries out the fungus.

Inhalation of chlorine dioxide with MMS / CDH

There are two types of inhalation. The first is to allow chlorine dioxide gas to enter your nose and throat. No inhaler is used for this. This method is particularly useful if I don’t have an inhaler available.
Basically, chlorine dioxide is considered toxic if inhaled. In general, this is correct, but in reality it naturally depends on the amount and concentration.
Two types of application that Jim Humble tested are described below. I’ve already used it myself. I slowly felt my way towards the crowd. After my own experiment, I also consider the quantities mentioned by Jim to be harmless. Here again the principle applies: “ The dose makes the poison “.

On the toxicity of chlorine / chlorine-like gases

If chlorine gases in any concentration were actually as toxic as MMS is supposed to be led to believe, all swimming pools would have to be closed. In good swimming pools, chlorine dioxide is also used to disinfect the water. Unfortunately, most of them actually use chlorine. I now think of the prevailing one Smell of chlorine in a swimming pool, I have a comparison to the smell that I noticed in my self-experiment. Even the amount of chlorine concentration in the air in a swimming pool is classified as harmless. The concentration in the examples for inhalation is obviously lower than the concentration / exposure when visiting a swimming pool. In addition, chlorine is said to be even more toxic than chlorine dioxide because it forms compounds with other substances that make it a toxic brew. This is not the case with chlorine dioxide.

1.) Let it flow into the nose and / or throat

Inhalation may be the wrong term because MMS should never be inhaled deeply into the lungs. Especially not pure and without dilution with water. In general, inhalation of the activated MMS is discouraged and warned. Only in stubborn cases, for example sinus problems or an initial cold, do I carefully use the variant of the slight inflow of chlorine dioxide gas into the nasal and sinus cavity. I add 2 activated drops to a glass and let the gas flow slowly into my nose (with CDH3000 I use 2 ml in a small beaker / glass and let the gas flow in as well). I only breathe in lightly, superficially, because higher concentrations of MMS must not get into the lungs, because that could lead to problems. The chlorine dioxide guest would displace the oxygen in the lungs, which we naturally need for life. If I accidentally let in too much gas, I would go out into the fresh air immediately. Then the chlorine dioxide gas can be exhaled and oxygen can be absorbed. If you have inhaled the gas and everything is fine, you can smell it for a long time.
In general, one notices immediately that the gas “stings” in the nose when inhaling too deeply and thereby automatically refrains from doing it. The second method with an inhalation device is different because the chlorine dioxide mixture is diluted with a lot of water.
So I let the gas linger in the nasal cavity for a moment while I slowly continue to breathe through my mouth. So I leave the nose out of the way when breathing. Just right up in the sinuses. I do not use this method more than 2 times a day for 2 inflows. If the gas “bites” too much, I let it out of my nose again. This is also the completely natural reflex that occurs automatically. With CDH3000 I do this application (even a little more safely). This is because the gas concentration is not that high here. To do this, I fill 2 to 3 ml of CDH3000 into a small measuring cup or glass and then absorb the chlorine dioxide gas accordingly.

Inhalation with the CDH / MMS inhaler:

This method should have a wide range of effects:

  • asthma
  • Lung problems
  • COPD
  • Emphysema.

    Inhalation is a simple and very effective way of getting chlorine dioxide into the lungs in very low concentrations. It removes the basis of life in the lungs from the germs, so that they are finally neutralized and can flow away. It is important that the mucus that loosens can slowly drain away. If it goes too fast, the immune system comes to work
    not after. Therefore one should proceed with caution here.

I pay attention to this:

I don’t inhale too much here, because the mucus that comes off has to come out. And with a larger amount of chlorine dioxide, that can become too much. So I wouldn’t overdo it, keep the intervals and only slowly increase the number of breaths.
Sometimes the mucus has to be coughed up. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case. Most of the time, the mucus flows out of the lungs into the stomach without any problems, especially at night. To do this, I keep my head up while I sleep.

  1. Making the solution:
    This dosage is from Jim.
    I fill a CDH empty bottle as follows:
    226 ml of distilled water (if distilled water is not available, I can also use tap water). Then add 24 ml CDH3000, close the bottle and shake. Now I have the finished inhalation solution, also as a reserve.
    MMS would be measured accordingly with the same number, but in drops.
  2. Then fill approx. 2 ml of the mixture into the inhalation device.
  3. Switch on the device.
  4. Test whether the mist is flowing out. To do this, hold the inhaler to your lips. You can tell
    a cold feeling.
  5. Now take a light breath and take a deep breath. Then throw away the rest in the device.
  6. Then wait 2-3 hours and watch how the body reacts to it.
    If after this time there were no problems and I was able to deal with the reactions clearly,
  7. Repeat the procedure with 2-3 breaths after approx. 4 hours.

Depending on the reaction, you can increase by 1-2 breaths, Jim reported in a video. In total, however, I would not take more than 20 breaths in the further course.
However, if the reaction is too strong, I would lower or maintain the amount.
It is always good to get a feel for your body and to listen to it.

  1. I would wait 4 hours between inhalations. This results in up to 2 inhalations per day. In addition, I should think about and empathize with the problem, which figuratively “takes the air to breathe”. I should work on this urgently. In Jim’s experience, he would expect tremendous improvements from the inhalation alone. The prognosis therefore seems good.
    A cough is normal after inhalation. This occurs more often with chronic problems anyway, even without inhalation. Coughing is a useful program to get rid of phlegm that somehow has to get out. Coughing helps naturally.

Infusions with MMS / chlorine dioxide:

I would only have this carried out by trained, experienced specialists (alternative practitioners or doctors). In many cases, however, it is not necessary and one intake is completely sufficient.

Intravenous administration of MMS / CDH

I would only have this carried out by trained, experienced specialists (alternative practitioners or doctors). In many cases, however, it is not necessary and one intake is completely sufficient.

Children / toddlers dosage of MMS / CDH in general

Here, too, according to Jim Humble, the rule of thumb per 12 kg of body weight applies: 1 drop of activated MMS per hour 8 times a day. That would be 2 ml CDH3000 in the maximum dose. Here, too, I start with less, e.g. 0.5 ml CDH. I would drink this up quickly with a lot of juice, so that an aversion to the smell of chlorine dioxide does not arise in the first place. For infants see the separate section. I would always dose carefully and initially lower. The table in the section “CDH, like MMS only simpler” can provide a clue.

Tooth decay and MMS / CDH

Mental backgrounds – with tooth decay:
Tooth decay is an inflammatory disease of bones and teeth that can lead to softening and destruction of teeth. Often there is a feeling of inferiority of an aesthetic or intellectual, subconscious character.
People who have a lot of teeth extracted due to tooth decay or voluntarily are often among those who let other people decide for themselves. Your own anger about it triggered the tooth decay in the first place.
The gums support the tooth’s seat in the bone. Problems at this level are often related to doubts and fears about certain results. This leads to not making any decisions or putting them off forever. We remain undecided. Perhaps also because predictions have been made to us that are uncomfortable and we believe that we cannot change the situation. On a physical level, the gums then “inflame” on this subject. The doubts make the gums recede.

Therefore, I should ask myself and my feelings the following questions:
Are there doubts that prevent me from 100% making a decision and acting on it?

What decision am I putting off and maybe putting pressure on myself (grinding teeth) and what is the reason for this?
By the way: In naturopathy, teeth have a connection and a relationship with other organs in the body. These organs can therefore be negatively affected by defective teeth and gums. This originally emotional problem can ultimately also affect internal organs via the teeth and gums.

Go the way to the cause and solve it!

On a material level:
Here use the following dosage of a mouthwash: (3 ml of this CDH3000 + 4 ml water + 1 ml MKB Vital + 1 ml DMSO100. I rinse it around in my mouth for at least 2 minutes. Then I swallow it or spit it out.
Another supportive option: I only use this xylitol birch sugar to sweeten my dishes. Quite apart from the fact that no added sugar is always best. It protects the teeth and helps with tooth decay. After every meal I use a mouthwash:

  1. Rinse the mouth several times a day with birch sugar xylitol (1/2 teaspoon xylitol in your mouth. Hold in for 2 minutes and move the solution around. Xylitol dissolves in saliva. Then spit it out. After the action, do not rinse your mouth and do not drink or eat anything for 1/2 hour so that it can work longer in the mouth. Ideal after every meal, even after a small one. Especially useful after sugary snacks.
  2. Additional rinse after brushing your teeth and before going to bed.
  3. Let half a teaspoon of this bentonite powder melt in your mouth.

Varicose veins and MMS / CDH and DMSO:

I also use a sprayer for varicose veins DMSO 70% and spray the affected areas 3 times a day. If the skin shows irritation or excessive itching, I reduce the mixture to 50%. This finished product is easier to use DMSO 50% .

Lately the mix has changed too DMKB proven to do so.
With DMSO, as already mentioned, there must not be any additional substance on the skin that I do not want to smuggle into the tissue with DMSO. In addition, I can spray the area of skin with MMS spray before the DMSO spray and thus disinfect and clean it.
This new, interesting “DMKB” offers another possibility. This is a mixture of DMSO, magnesium, potassium and the well-known borax with amazing properties. I use it several times a day on my skin. This is not only good for varicose veins, but also anti-aging for the skin. Apparently it also helps against pimples and acne, as a user happily reported to me.

Lung problems, including bronchitis

CDH, DMSO and MKB for lung problems

COPD Introduction: Mental aspects

The bronchi are symbolic of our ability to occupy our living space or our living territory, which we need. So it’s about the difficulty of taking your place and then asserting it.

COPD is just a collective term for various lung diseases. Like, by the way, “ flu “. That would be emphysema and chronic bronchitis. So such a diagnosis is once again meaningless. Behind this there can be a “fear of territory or a shock conflict”. One is afraid of losing one’s “territory”. It can be the partner, the job, the position or position, or the loss of rank. Even if it hasn’t happened yet, you can already feel it and feel extremely worried. You might think: I am “terrified of hell or terrified as hell”, “I’m afraid and afraid” or also: “I’m feeling sick”.

In most cases, cell degradation takes place in the bronchial mucous membrane that is initially unnoticed. It would be important here to solve the cause of the problems. This can be done, for example, in a holistic harmonization by looking for the causal conflict and resolving it through visualization.

Cough = rejection and criticism of the current situation. It can be directed against people, against oneself or against cigarette smoke. For example, a cough that goes against someone else’s suggestion.

The question about mental contemplation:
What am I rejecting at the moment?

If you have a bad cough with suffocation :
Am I criticizing a situation that suffocates me and I no longer know what to do about it?


Do I feel bullied in my environment, for work or family? or even suffocated?
Do I feel that I have to please everyone and do I criticize myself for having bronchitis that takes my breath away?
Do I have the feeling that I cannot get enough air, that I have no room for myself or that I am locked in?

Lung infection:

Mostly it is an expression of a discouragement because we no longer see any solutions to difficulties in our life. It ultimately takes the air out of us to live.

Questions on a spiritual level:
Tired of life
Tired of trying again and again to find happiness and having to fight for everything?
Free yourself! Open the “inner lock” and finally let it flow again what has accumulated there.

On the physical level:
The dosages should be chosen as they are best tolerated. Therefore vary if necessary.

  1. Day: 5 times a day, hourly spraying of the chest area with CDH3000, initially mixed 1: 1 with water. Then let it dry up. When using spray solutions, make sure that cloths that can be discolored or faded are subject to them.

Internally, I use here: 8 times a day at an interval of approx. 1 hour: 1 ml CDH3000 + 4 drops DMSO100 from Natao + 4 drops. MKB Vital (or simply 0.5 ml DMKB) and drink it straight away in a glass of water or juice. In the case of severe problems, I do the inhalation described below.

On the second day:
Spray the chest area with the sides 3 times a day with pure CDH3000 without water. If necessary also on the back, i.e. all around the chest and back. Immediately afterwards spray DMSO 100% in the chest area. Always check whether it is okay for the skin and the feeling. If it burns or itches excruciatingly, simply spray with water or rinse off.
Internally: 8 times a day at an interval of approx. 1 hour: 2 ml CDH3000 + 8 drops DMSO + 8 drops. Drink MKB Vital (or instead of DMSO and MKB, 0.5 ml “DMKB”) in a glass of water or juice.

On the third day: Spray the chest area with the sides 3 times a day with CDH3000 mixed 1: 1 with water or use CDH1500. If necessary also on the back side, i.e. all around the entire upper body (chest and back). Immediately afterwards spray DMSO100 in the chest area, if it is still necessary. Check again here whether it is okay for the skin and the feeling. If it burns or itches excruciatingly, simply spray or rinse with water or again with CDH3000 + water.
Internally: 8 times a day at an interval of approx. 1 hour: 3 ml CDH3000 + 12 drops DMSO100 + 12 drops. Drink MKB Vital in a glass of water or juice.

On the fourth day: Keep it up until everything is fine again. 3 weeks maximum. Spraying can often be left out after the second day. I would always decide that based on my own observation.

Inhalation with the inhaler:
Application at:

  • asthma
  • Lung problems
  • COPD
  • Emphysema

Inhalation is a simple and very effective way of getting chlorine dioxide into the lungs in very low concentrations. It deprives the germs of their livelihood in the lungs, so that they can finally drain away after being detoxified. It is important that the mucus that loosens can slowly drain away. If it goes too fast, the immune system cannot keep up with its work. So I would proceed slowly here.

I would never inhale too much because the mucus that comes off has to come out. And with a high amount of chlorine dioxide, that can become too much. So I wouldn’t overdo it, keep the intervals and only slowly increase the number of breaths. Sometimes the phlegm needs to be coughed out. However, this does not necessarily have to be the case. Most of the time, the mucus flows out of the lungs into the stomach without problems, especially at night. To do this, the head should be positioned high enough while sleeping.

  1. Making the solution:
    I fill a CDH empty bottle as follows:
    226 ml of distilled water (tap water can also be used if none is available). Then add 24 ml CDH3000, close the bottle and shake. Now I have the finished inhalation solution as a reserve.
    MMS would be measured in drops accordingly.
  2. Then fill approx. 2 ml of the mixture into the inhalation device.
  3. Switch on the device.
  4. Test whether the mist is flowing out. To do this, hold the inhaler to your lips. You can tell by a cold feeling.
  5. Now take a light breath and take a deep breath. Throw the rest away in the device.
  6. Wait 2-3 hours and see how the body reacts to it.
    If after this time there were no problems or you got along well with the reactions,
  7. Repeat the procedure with 2-3 breaths.

Depending on the reaction, you can increase by 1-2 breaths at a time.
In total, however, you should not take more than 20 breaths in the further course.
However, if the reaction is too strong, I would lower or maintain the amount.
Get a feel for your body.

  1. I would wait 4 hours between inhalations. This results in up to 2 inhalations per day.
    In addition, one should think about and empathize with the problem that “takes away the air to breathe”. I would work on this urgently.
    Experience has shown that spontaneous healing is often to be expected in this area. Therefore the prognosis is good.
    If necessary, find a companion and an opportunity to change your beliefs and your feelings about them. I would try to finally find the real reason and address it. I found interesting incentives for this at:

Mouthwash with chlorine dioxide

To disinfect the mouth and rinse the mouth with chlorine dioxide (CDS / CDL), I use 1 ml CDH3000 in 1 glass of water (approx. 125 ml). To do this, I take this mixture in my mouth and rinse it around a little (about 10 seconds). I do this 4 times and have used up the amount of solution. Some people swallow the solution. Others spit them out. The solution is disinfected. So swallowing is not a problem.

Take care of mosquito bites and MMS / CDH

What stings after a mosquito bite is usually the acid. Therefore I drip a drop of sodium chlorite (without acid) on the skin and leave it on the bite for a maximum of 1-2 minutes. Then I’ll rinse it off again. Since sodium chlorite is very basic, the itching will stop quickly. The acid present activates the sodium chlorite under the skin, so to speak. And if I scratch the sting anyway, I spray the area with a CDH spray.

Nasal drops with MMS / CDH

See ear drops below. Of course I then drip it into my nose ;-).

Treat nail fungus and MMS / CDH

With nail fungus, of course, it depends on how persistent it is. Since a fungus is dependent on the acidic environment, I do foot baths with chlorine dioxide (MMS) or simply with CDH.
With MMS: I activate 30 drops of 25% sodium chlorite and 15 drops of 4% hydrochloric acid for 20-30 seconds in a clean, dry glass.
With CDH3000: Here I simply use 30 ml CDH3000 on a foot bath.
Then I pour the mixture into the previously filled foot bath with water that is as hot as possible. The Fritz Schiele foot bath is best suited for this, as it increases in temperature and expands the vessels with every foot bath. Due to the increasing heat in this special foot bath (also called rebreather device), the MMS can penetrate more effectively through the feet into the legs, tissue and nails. In general, athlete’s foot treatments are not a quick thing. In the next bath, I increase it to 60 drops and in the next to 80 drops in about 8 liters of water in the foot bath. The amount of water in the Schiele footbath is indicated by lines. I do a foot bath like this every day. You can find more information about the Schiele foot bath here.

If I also take MMS internally, which is definitely necessary to improve the milieu, I of course pay attention to my well-being. Athlete’s foot is not a local problem, it is also a systemic problem.

Reinforced variant:
If I want to tackle things faster and more intensively, I mix 2 drops of sodium chlorite and one drop of hydrochloric acid and activate them (as above) until the mixture turns yellowish / amber. Then I add 2 drops of water (amount of sodium chlorite to water 1: 1), draw the whole thing up in a syringe and wet the nail and the surrounding tissue with it. If necessary, this can also be done without drawing it into a syringe. However, I would use it right away. After 2 minutes of exposure, I wipe the areas with a damp cloth or rinse them off with water. If the fungus is very stubborn, I leave the mixture on for 3 minutes. I also use this variant for skin cancer. If I use such a mixture neat (i.e. without adding water), I rinse it off after about a minute.
Please do not overdo it, as this can damage the skin. If so, just let the skin heal. I do the application 2-3 times a day. My nail then grows, freed from the fungus and the remaining nail comes off. I carefully remove the pieces that are peeling off.

Alternatively, I can use an MMS envelope around my toe that I use overnight (see envelope with MMS / CDH).
You can also use 1 – 2 drops. Inactive sodium chlorite just drip onto the nail and wet it. ATTENTION: Do not leave this solution on the skin for longer than 1-2 minutes, but rinse off immediately afterwards. After a short time, the nail smells of chlorine dioxide because it is activated by the acidic fungus.

Mental aspects that must of course also be observed here for successful self-treatment: The nails have to do with the ability to defend ourselves in life. Are there any topics here? One leans on the toe to move forward and be active. The big toe symbolizes: the personality and my territory, the next toe: the direction of life and authority, the further toe: sexuality, pleasure and creativity, the next toe: the ability to unite and affection and the smallest toe: intuition and that “Listen to ourselves”.

Neurodermatitis / psoriasis

I received good feedback on the use of CDH1500 and DMKB for atopic dermatitis. The skin was initially smeared with CDH1500 3 times a day until it dried. Then with DMKB . At the beginning the DMKB was diluted with half of the water. In the further course then after the CDH1500 applied neat. CDH1500 is the diluted version of CDH3000, which I use for internal use.

For skin diseases such as neurodermatitis and psoriasis, 2 full salt baths per week are a relief. For the first bath I would use 500 g Himalayan salt start per bath. Then go to 1 kg for the next bath. Here, too, it is important to bathe as warmly as possible and to keep an eye on your circulatory stability. A high amount of salt can lead to increased circulatory stress. Therefore, one should not bathe unobserved for the first time.

Furthermore, of course, there is also the taking of CDH3000 and DMKB as well as a diversion with bentonite powder helpful. I would start here with 1 ml CDH3000 + 1 ml DMKB in a glass of water. If this is well tolerated, the next time you take 2 ml CDH3000 + 1 ml DMKB in a glass of water and finally 3 ml CDH3000 + 1 ml DMKB in a glass of water. I take it 3 times a day. To cleanse the bowel, I would let 1/4 teaspoon of bentonite powder melt in my mouth 3 times a day and then swallow it.
Deacidification is also very appropriate. Read the chapter on this Deacidification / acidification .

Mental background with neurodermatitis:
Often people are affected who are currently separated from a loved one or important person. Do you feel cut off from someone else’s support?
Or do I feel obliged to maintain contact, which in itself is not at all filled for me?

Other emotional reasons for: skin rash (exanthema), inflammation of the epidermis (neurodermatitis), itchy lichen (eczema), skin blooming (erythema), skin reddening (erythema), hives (urticaria), lichen planus (lichen planus), blistering (pemphigus), red rash or Also, erysipelas, skin autoimmune problems (lupus erythematosus), squamous cell cancer, white skin cancer (basalioma) can be a separation conflict. Wanting or not wanting to have a problem with contact. A separation can be the loss of physical contact with a loved one or animal. But also through tight, pressing shoes, or hated clothes in children. Likewise through bitter cold, sun, heat … You may feel abandoned. Sometimes you don’t even notice a danger or you can’t feel something anymore. Therefore, the problem should also be solved on the psychological side.

Emergency treatments with MMS / CDH (CDL) are effective

Cut / wounds:
To treat a cut or to treat wounds, I spray the wound extensively with undiluted CDH3000 or with MMS spray (20-40 activated drops of MMS in 100 ml of water) so that the dirt around the wound can drip off or rinse out. Furthermore, I spray the area around the injury or wound as widely as possible, since the chlorine dioxide is also supposed to protect the surrounding areas from germs. In the case of bleeding wounds, I do this above the sink if possible or where the blood / CDH spray mixture dripping down does not cause any problems. After all, CDH discolors fabrics, but blood discoloration is also not so nice.
Bleeding usually comes to a standstill after 3 minutes at the latest (except in the case of hemophiliacs or patients with blood thinners). If I don’t have a sprayer on hand, I use the mixture by simply pouring it over it without a sprayer. Then I moisten a compress with plenty of MMS spray or this solution and fix it with a bandage. When the bandage has dried out after a while, I simply spray it again with it. I always spray all surfaces very generously and extensively. I use the bandage variant or later also the wrap variant overnight if possible. The next morning I air the wound and later put a plaster over it if necessary. Usually this is not necessary. After spraying the wound, bring it with you CDH3000 equal DMSO100 with on the skin, the whole thing warms up. This can be felt as beneficial. You just have to know that this warmth reaction occurs so that you don’t get frightened. With the DMSO, the skin heals much faster. DMSO regenerates the cells.
After the first aid, I immediately make myself a mixture of MMS to take by mouth. To do this, I activate 6 drops of 25% sodium chlorite with 3 drops of 4% hydrochloric acid (from the chlorine dioxide set) and wait until it is amber-brown. Then I fill it in a glass with water or juice (approx. 125 ml) and drink it straight away. I take this mixture 3 times a day, provided I can tolerate this amount without problems. It is of course even easier with the finished CDL solution “CDH3000”. I just add 6 ml CDH3000 to the glass with the juice and drink it up. The next day, instead of the 6 drops mentioned above, I only use 3 drops from the chlorine dioxide set and only 3 ml of the CDH instead of 6 ml. Otherwise I stick to the table in the “CDH3000 – like MMS, only simpler” section.

If the wound is very large, so that a larger piece of skin is missing, I would hold back a little with keeping the wound moist and let the wound dry again and again so that the skin does not soften too much. Because the skin can only heal again if the wound is not purulent and moist. In addition, I help myself with the homeopathy “Arnica” in the potency C30 (to dissolve 1-2 globules under the tongue). In an emotionally unstable situation, I would also take the Bach flower mixture “Rescue Remedy” 4 x 4 drops. These are against the psychological shock. If the wound is very large, it may have to be sutured. If the wound festers permanently, I would slowly rinse a mixture of 3 ml CDH3000 + 3 ml DMKB + 3 ml water into the open wound with the doser. The point is that this mixture rinses out the wound and disinfects it internally. Only when the foci are switched off does the suppuration stop and the wound can heal again. This is especially important for wounds that have a hole in the skin that does not want to heal.

Treat swelling with CDH (CDL) and DMSO

I either use MMS spray every hour (40 drops per 100 ml) or use the method with the wrap. The wrap is more effective for me. Cold helps too, of course.

Treat burns, CDH (CDL), and DMSO

When the skin is still intact. Here I drip a few drops of sodium chlorite 25% (without adding acid) onto the burn wound. After a minute at the latest, I rinse it off. If it remains painful, I repeat this variant again after a minute. Then I spray the burn wound with DMSO 50%, depending on how it feels to the skin.
Here, too, immediate help is offered by a good urine. Most of the time, the situation is associated with a shock. First put “Rescue Remedy” Bach flowers 4 x 4 drops in the mouth. After that, I already gave my own urine on my burned, red skin.

I also describe further details on burning in the topic of chemical burns. The application is the same. A burn ointment then helps against pain. In further emergencies I immediately take as much CDH3000 or activated drops of MMS as I can tolerate.
After an operation, I would take CDH or MMS again straight away. However, you often get medication with which I would be careful in this context.

Chemical burns: See chemical burns

First aid measures must of course be observed. Every accident is also associated with a psychological shock. Therefore, if available, I drip 4 drops of Bach flowers (Rescue Remedy) on or, better, under the tongue. A burn ointment relieves pain and helps with healing.

Provide ear problems / ear drops with MMS / CDH

I use 20 ml CDH3000 or 20 activated drops of MMS in a bottle made up to 100 ml with distilled water. I then use 6-7 drops of this mixture per ear, two to three times a day, until the pain is gone.
For reinforcement, if MMS alone is not enough, I take DMSO 100 and fill 5 drops of it into the ready-mixed dropper bottle.

I always shake the finished mixture before use. Then I turn on my side so my ear is facing up. Then I drip the solution into the first ear. After 2-5 minutes, I turn my head again so that the remaining liquid can run out of the ear onto a cloth that I have laid out beforehand. Then I will take care of the second ear if necessary.
These drops can also be run into the nasal passage if there are sinus problems.

Middle ear infection with MMS / CDH

If pus emerges from the ear, one can assume a kind of otitis media and I like to treat it locally with a combination of DMSO and hydrogen peroxide 1.5 to 3%. CDH3000 would also be possible instead of hydrogen peroxide. Personally, I would first drip or spray a 15 to 20% DMSO solution (diluent: magnesium chloride solution 3.5% or procaine solution 2% or my own urine) into my nose or spray and turn my head on the affected side while lying down the mixture can flow through the eustachian tube. Then from the outside 1-2 drops of hydrogen peroxide into the ear. After about 3 minutes, put 2 drops of the DMSO mixture in the ear. Internally, you can also use fresh or dried Artemisia annua (annual mugwort). If the eardrum is damaged, I assume that it will heal again after the inflammation subsides.

On the emotional level, one cannot or does not want to hear something anymore. The ears are symbolic of our receptivity. With the right-hander, the right ear symbolizes the emotional life, the left the rational information. The reverse is true for left-handers.
Questions that can bring you closer to the solution and provide a glimpse into the problem:

Are you afraid to hear or have heard certain topics?
What do you not hear, although you would like to hear it?
What do I have to hear all the time that I can no longer hear?
Am I annoyed, frustrated, or angry about something I have heard (by chance) and am I inflamed by the topic?
Look and hear what your soul wants to tell you, then the problem associated with it will also be solved. Follow the feelings and be there for them.

Periodontal disease with MMS / CDH (CDL)

Periodontal disease is a disease of the tooth holding apparatus in which the tooth loosens from a firm anchorage in the jaw. It is just a collective term for several non-inflammatory dental diseases that can lead to tooth failure.
Caries (tooth decay), which is a softening of the hard material of the teeth, which is caused by decalcification, can lead to inflammation of the gums. Bacteria break down the sugar they eat. This creates acid, which in turn attacks the tooth enamel. If this acid eats deeper and reaches the inside of the tooth (pulp), it can lead to severe toothache and ultimately to inflammation of the gums = periodontal disease.

Mental backgrounds in tooth decay
Tooth decay is an inflammatory disease of bones and teeth that can lead to softening and destruction of teeth. Often times Feeling of inferiority aesthetic or intellectual subconscious imprint behind it.
People who have a lot of teeth extracted due to tooth decay or voluntarily are often among those who let other people decide for themselves. Your own anger about it triggered the tooth decay in the first place. The gums support the tooth’s seat in the bone. Problems at this level are often related to doubts and fears about certain results. This leads to not making any decisions and putting them off before us. We remain undecided. Perhaps also because predictions have been made to us that are uncomfortable and we believe that we cannot change the situation. The gums become “inflamed” on the subject. The doubts let the gums recede.
So I should ask myself and my feelings the following questions:
Are there doubts that prevent me from 100% making a decision and acting on it?

What decision am I putting off and maybe putting pressure on myself (grinding teeth) and what is the reason for this?
By the way: In naturopathy, teeth are related to other organs in the body. These organs can be negatively affected by defective teeth and gums. This originally emotional problem can ultimately affect internal organs via the teeth and the gums.
So do we go the way to the cause and solve it?

On the material level:
Dental care measures (also to prevent caries):
Brush your teeth with CDH3000 at least twice a day. Before doing this, rinse around 3 ml of CDH3000, 5 drops of DMSO 100 from Natao and 5 drops of MKB Vital in the mouth for two minutes and allow to take effect. Then swallow part of it and use the rest to brush your teeth. So that it doesn’t run out of your mouth while you are cleaning. Then you can put a pinch of baking soda on the toothbrush or directly in the mouth, brush as well and swallow the rest. This rinsing can of course also be carried out several times a day.

In addition, the internal intake of the mix :
1 ml CDH3000 per 25 kg body weight, 8 times a day with an interval of one hour. To take 1-2 ml of DMSO 100 and 5-6 drops of MKB Vital (depending on taste).
In addition, deacidifying measures (alkaline diet, use of acid-resistant, empty capsules filled with soda and good, conscious chewing through important. Read the topic of acidification / deacidification.

Periodontal disease is from a spiritual point of view the anger at our inability Making decisions and our indecision. It helps to pay attention to when you are building up pressure in the mouth, i.e. when you clench your teeth. At that moment I consciously open my mouth slightly and relieve the dentition. I consciously push my lips together. Because these should point forward, not my teeth. So love (kiss) instead of biting!

Accept yourself and accept that your decisions are always right for you. Even if you don’t always recognize it right away. Should you change your belief, you can always make new decisions! Nothing is in vain in life. The earth is a playground for life. Life doesn’t have to be a struggle. When we recognize and feel this, we come back into our harmony.

Caries (tooth decay), which is a softening of the hard material of the teeth, which is caused by decalcification, can lead to inflammation of the gums. Bacteria break down the sugar they eat. This creates acid, which in turn attacks the tooth enamel. If this acid consumption goes deeper and reaches the interior of the tooth (pulp), it can lead to severe toothache and ultimately to inflammation of the gums.

Pimples and DMKB

This new, interesting “DMKB” offers an easy way to treat pimples. This is a mixture of DMSO, magnesium, potassium and the well-known borax with amazing properties. I massage this several times a day (at least 4 times) extensively on and around the pimple on my skin. I also use it for varicose veins. It is also good anti-aging for the skin and counteracts the aging of the skin.

Bruise / swelling and MMS / CDH:

If you have a bruise with a bruise, you should make sure that there is no internal bleeding that cannot be stopped. But even if this were the case, I would use the CDH3000 sprayed on the outside immediately as first aid until help arrives.

When I accidentally hit a metal object on my forehead, a bump (swelling) about 3 cm high suddenly appeared. I wet the area extensively with pure CDH3000. Since CDH easily discolors clothing, I had to be careful with clothing. This is why I took them off beforehand. If the effusion bleeds, I spray or wet it with CDH3000 until the bleeding has stopped. The swelling subsided and was almost completely gone the next day. From homeopathy I could also take 2 globules of arnica 30C.

Room hygiene / room disinfection with CDH / MMS

MMS is only conditionally suitable for air humidifiers. I only use a small mixture here. For example 6 ml CDH3000 for one liter of water or just 6 activated drops of MMS 1: 1 activated for one liter of water.

The vapors of activated, pure MMS / chlorine dioxide without dilution with water are generally not intended for inhalation! An exception is the inhalation variant of letting it flow in (see under “Inhalation”).

Let CDH evaporate:

Depending on the size of the room, leave the CDH3000 open in a glass or other container. I determine the corresponding amount according to mine

My rule of thumb:

Room area in sqm divided by 6.

An example: 12 sqm room (normal room height 2.50 meters) = 2 ml CDH3000.
To determine this, I use the following calculation method: 12 qm divided by 6 = 2 ml CDH3000. In the case of MMS, these would be 2 activated drops of MMS (2 drops of sodium chlorite 25% and 2 drops of hydrochloric acid 4%). Depending on the room temperature, I may renew this mixture after 3-4 hours. I do this in particular in the room where the “sick person” is or where the air from this room also reaches. I can tell whether the CDH should be renewed by its yellow color and its smell. If the solution has lost both, it is used up. Then I only have salt water, which I then simply throw away. Please make sure that the chlorine dioxide odor is not too strong. If I do a room cleaning where I leave the room, I can also increase the amount of chlorine dioxide a little.

Infants and CDH / MMS

According to Jim Humble’s rule of thumb, one drop of activated MMS per 12 kg of body weight should be sufficient here. That would be about 1 ml of CDH. Again, half a drop of MMS four times a day is the starting dose before increasing. For CDH it would be 1/2 milliliter. The activated MMS or CDH could also be used in tea. But external use is also possible, according to Jim Humble. Of course, it is important to ensure that the dosage is correct and tolerable.

Spray bottle – MMS / CDH – spray

Such a spray is suitable for external use (e.g. injuries, wound care, skin problems). Here I start with a mixture of 20 activated drops of MMS in 100 ml of water in a sprayer. But I can also simply use CDH3000 pure or mix it with 50% water first. If this is not enough, I also use the DMSO active and depth amplifier. I first apply the MMS spray diluted with water and immediately afterwards DMSO100. However, I do a test before using DMSO and dab a small area of my skin with it. If it doesn’t itch or only slightly, I can use it in the appropriate concentration. If I feel itchy, I dilute it with water until it is bearable. As a rule, Hartmut Fischer describes that DMSO below the waistline is usually tolerated in higher concentrations than above. But here, too, every person is individual.

Animals – Animal treatment with CDH / MMS

There is a separate item in the menu for animals:
MMS / CDH for animals
Here is some basic information about MMS in animals / dogs.

Whether with so-called “infections”, in addition to deworming or with other diseases. I also use CDH or MMS on animals. The rule of thumb for animals that weigh more than 11 kg to max. Weigh 200 kg:
One drop of activated drops of MMS or 1 ml CDH3000 per 12 kg body weight, twice a day for “normal” complaints.

For “virus-related” problems, 3-4 times a day. Here, too, of course, I keep an eye on the animal’s well-being and only slowly increase the number of drops at the beginning. I start with one drop for my animals, 3 times a day and, depending on the weight of the animal, increase the dose up to the target amount. The solution must be further diluted for animals weighing less than 1 kg.

How does the MMS or CDH get into the dog?

Variant 1 – drinking water:
I add the respective number of drops of activated MMS to the drinking water. Some dogs and animals intuitively drink it up completely. If the whole amount of MMS or CDH is not drunk in water, but you drink irregularly throughout the day, I add the total amount of sodium chlorite inactive for the 4 doses to the drinking water instead. So I only use the sodium chlorite alone and no activator. This is because the sodium chlorite activates itself over time in the water by lowering the pH value. In addition, when you drink it, it also gets into the acidic environment of the body and stomach, where it is then activated. If the illness is very serious, I increase the frequency or the amount, from 4 to 5 times a day.

Variant 2 – mouth syringe:
Every hour I give the dog the calculated amount of activated MMS or CDH, mixed with pure water, in a syringe in the mouth. This variant is certainly the most effective for major health problems. I lay the dog on its side and drop the solution with the syringe as slowly as necessary and as quickly as possible into the mouth below the lip. To do this, simply fold up the lip and drip onto the gums. The dog should not choke on it.

Option 3 – let it lick off
To do this, I spray the dog the amount of diluted MMS or CDH diluted with water that it should have, 8 times a day, on a part of its coat that is well received. Many a dog then licks it off there. This may also work for cats. It always depends on the individual. Otherwise only creativity helps.

Variant 4 – on the skin:
I spray the dog the amount of MMS or CDH diluted with water that it is supposed to get 3 times a day over a large area on several areas of its coat. I massage it through the fur so that it hits the skin. Immediately afterwards I drip DMSO (50-70% best to test) on the skin. Sometimes I also use DMSO100 for this. When I apply this there, it triggers a warming reaction on the spot. This is normal and is usually also perceived as pleasant.

Variant 5 – sausage / bread:
The drops are dripped onto a piece of bread and coated with liver sausage.

Variant 7 – Quark – yogurt mixture:
The drops are stirred into a quark, yoghurt or grainy cream cheese. This also helps with cats. Milk is also suitable here in an emergency.

How many drops?
I give one activated drop of MMS or 1 ml CDH3000 for every 12 kg of body weight. Here is an example: If a dog weighs 24 kg, the amount to be consumed would be 2 drops of activated MMS or 2 ml of CDH3000 in 4 ml of water. I then give this solution, diluted with water, 3 times a day. So that’s a total of 6 drops of activated MMS or 6 ml of CDH3000.

If I put it on a drinking bowl filled with water, it should not necessarily be made of metal or PET. A glass bowl would be very good. This does not only apply to the administration of MMS or CDH via the drinking bowl. In general, I would avoid metal bowls for water and use a glass bowl for animals if possible.

DMSO in animal treatment

DMSO, with its excellent properties, is of course also suitable for treating animals. The maximum amount should not be more than 0.5 ml per KG body weight per day. This is also not necessary. Again, I only use it 3 days a week. For example, I could give my 20 kg dog 10 ml of DMSO per day. Of course, I would slowly increase myself to this amount and distribute it over several gifts. Many a dog even licks the DMSO 70% out of their hands easily and with great pleasure. I can test the tolerance to DMSO beforehand with a drop by simply wiping it on the dog’s skin or on his cheek. If everything is ok after 2 hours, I can use it.

Otherwise I use a syringe (without a cannula) with my animals and draw up the amount of DMSO with a little water. Then I slowly inject this mixture into the mouth. For external treatment, I first spray the area with MMS spray (20 drops per 100 ml) or CDH3000 diluted 50% with water) so that it is clean. This is because DMSO brings some of what is on the surface into the body and cells. Of course, this does not apply to large substances, but only to those that can penetrate the skin. Then I drip DMSO on the spot and spread it out a bit with my fingers.

External treatment of animals with MMS / CDH

To do this, I use MMS spray (20 drops per 100 ml or CDH3000 applied pure) or envelopes every hour. I modify this in the dog so that I take a cloth moistened with MMS (10 activated drops of MMS in 125 ml of water) and fix it with a bandage. The correct dressing technique must of course be observed. After an hour you should remove it again.

Envelopes with MMS / CDH for animals :

These are well suited for application to the skin and for local, external use. I always combine the internal with the external application in the affected area to intensify the effect. For this I put two (white) towels ready. They should be as large as the area to be covered and twice the length of the wrap. I activate 10 drops of MMS and put them in a bowl filled with water (approx. 0.3 l). At CDH I use 10 ml CDH3000 with 0.3 ml water. In this bowl I now put a towel, which is sufficient for the area to be covered. Then I just wring out the cloth soaked with MMS water very lightly so that it doesn’t drip any more. Then I wrap it generously (generously) around the affected area on my body. Then I wrap the second, dry cloth around the wet one so as not to dampen the area. Then I rest, covered, in a lying, relaxed position for at least about 2 hours. This is how MMS enters the body through the skin. I can also leave the envelope on overnight and sleep with it. If I get up at night (going to the toilet), a new supply of the diaper with MMS would be optimal. After unwinding, I can spray the cloth with an MMS spray bottle (mixture of 60) and then turn it over again. If I want to increase the effect even more, I rub the area with DMSO 70% before wrapping the towels. The towels must really be free of detergent residues, as the DMSO could otherwise introduce them into the body. To achieve this, you can wash the towel beforehand in 20 drops of MMS in a bowl, leave it on and wring it out. In addition, I can increase the effect by increasing the number of drops of MMS. I like to use the compress for pain. Since MMS can bleach, depending on its concentration, I ideally use white towels. 2 wraps or envelopes should usually be enough.

Chemical burn – emergency

I came across this topic and this method through a user who had carried out too much skin gassing with MMS. He had left the chlorine dioxide gas on his skin for far too long. In addition, he had activated too many drops of MMS. This resulted in slight burns to the skin. A chemical burn must of course heal. Nevertheless, one can take initial measures, especially because of the pain. If the affected and damaged areas of skin are too large (more than 9%), an emergency doctor should be called.
Here are the initial measures:

  • Rinse the area with plenty of running water (15-20 ° C) and cool.
  • Do not treat with ice water.
  • Drink plenty of pure water.
    Depending on the degree of the slight burn, I would do the following:

1.) Slight burns:
The skin is only reddened but not destroyed: if it burns, I would make an envelope with a mixture of sodium hydrogen carbonate (1/4 teaspoon in 300 ml of water). This increases the pH of the skin, which could help relieve pain.

2.) Severe burns:
The skin is destroyed and the wound is very painful. If the burned area is very large, depending on the severity, notify an emergency doctor or have it driven to a surgical clinic.

  • A baking soda does not work here because the top layer of skin has been destroyed. Here I would also make a soda solution from 1/4 teaspoon of soda to 300 ml of water and pour it over the wound drop by drop or use a sprayer.
  • Use an MMS disinfectant spray (100 ml bottle).
    To do this: 1.) Activate 40 drops of sodium chlorite 25% with 20 drops, in a 100 ml. Fill the sprayer bottle and pour up to 100 ml with water (as pure as possible). For CDH: Fill 60 ml of water into the sprayer and add 40 ml of CDH.
  1. Screw on, shake well and spray on the wound.
  • Further measures:

For cell regeneration, I would also make a 30% spray solution from this DMSO100. (70 ml water + 30 ml DMSO100) and spray the area with it 3 times a day.
My tip regarding fumigation: In general, I would hardly fumigate the skin, because spraying with CDH is easier and usually just as effective. It is also safer.

Association with MMS / CDH

I use a bandage for swelling and inflammation, directly on the affected area. To do this, I put on a bandage, without a compress. If the bandage is neither too loose nor too tight, I spray it with MMS spray in a mixture of 40 activated drops of MMS per 100 ml. Water or simply with CDH3000 pure. It must be nice and damp from it. If I run the risk of the dripping MMS staining anything in an aqueous solution, I put something under the bandage accordingly. If the MMS in the bandage is dry, I simply re-spray from outside. If I don’t have a sprayer on hand, I can of course distribute the MMS or CDH via the association. If I make the bandage on animals, they like to lick it. That is not a problem either. However, when giving it internally at the same time, I make sure that there is not too much MMS or CDH / CDL. Ideally, I like to use the MMS bandage overnight. That’s where he doesn’t bother the least. Of course, I can also use it at other times. With acute problems I will of course not wait until the evening. I think it makes sense to act as quickly as possible before the problem spreads further. That’s why I always have MMS spray or CDH3000 with me. So you can always react quickly. If I don’t have a bandage with me, I spray the area at least once an hour.

Supply failure in the waterworks – MMS / CDH for drinking water

Such a supply failure does happen. Currently at Times of crisis you also have to think about cyberattacks. I always take precautions in this regard and fill a few canisters with water. If necessary, I can disinfect this with CDH or MMS and finally use it as drinking water. For this I use half a milliliter per liter of stored water CDH3000 or a drop of activated MMS.

Prevention – maintenance dose of MMS / CDH

If I am not ill or no longer ill, I can also prevent it with CDH or MMS. According to Jim Humble, people up to the age of 60 should use 6 drops of activated MMS twice a week. With CDH it would be 6 ml. Over the age of 60, then use 6 drops of activated MMS daily or 6 ml CDH3000. The pathogens do not even have long to “settle in”. “Prevention is better than cure,” as the saying goes. Of course, one should put a healthy way of life in the area of body, mind and soul first, because our body could, without problems, become ancient if we were in our midst. Everything just “just” has to be in harmony. And that is difficult for many, also because of the circumstances to which one (has to) expose oneself. However, illnesses are also exercise measures for the immune system. One should not forget that. If you don’t train, you will have fewer chances in an emergency. Hence, illness is not a bad thing.

Warts and MMS / CDH (CDL)

For warts I use 3 possible variants:

  1. an activated drop of MMS (1 drop of sodium chlorite 25% and 1 drop of hydrochloric acid 4% activate) and with a cotton swab and dab the wart 3 times a day for a maximum of two minutes and then wash it off.
  2. I use the MMS spray made up of 40 drops (sodium chlorite and 20 drops of hydrochloric acid 4% activated and filled with water to a 100 ml sprayer bottle) and spray the area of the warts extensively 3 to 4 times a day. The solution does not need to be washed off. However, it should be dried beforehand as it causes bleach stains on clothing.
  3. In addition, I use this DMSO100 on warts and drip it on and around the wart over a larger area. I also use it alternately with MMS or CDH3000.
    In addition, I use CDH / MMS and DMSO as well as MKB Vital, also for internal consumption.
    Using the finished solution of magnesium, potassium and borax with DMSO is even easier.
  4. I use this DMKB mixture simply and effectively. To do this, I apply it several times and massage it in well.

Water disinfection with CDH / MMS:

1 ml CDH3000 or 1 activated drop of MMS is sufficient for 1 liter of water to be disinfected with normal contamination. Just drip in and wait a few minutes. If there is a lot of contamination, I use up to 6 ml CDH3000 or 6 activated drops of MMS for one liter of water to be disinfected. For example, if I want to store and disinfect the water in a canister for longer than a week, I add one milliliter of CDH3000 or one activated drop of MMS per liter of water each week. If I just want to store the water free of germs, I use a drop of sodium chlorite per liter of water, per week, without activation. I don’t need to activate the MMS then. It activates itself in it over time (over the day). In addition, the sodium chlorite attacks and activates all organic materials in the water. So algae and other things cannot develop in the first place.

Treat chickenpox or “viral infection” and MMS / CDH (CDL)

possibilities :
1.) Air disinfection for those who are not sick:
Depending on the size of the room, leave the CDH3000 open in a glass or other container.
A rule of thumb: room area in square meters divided by 6.
An example: 12 sqm room (normal room height of approx. 2.50 meters) = 2 ml CDH3000.
Calculation way: 12 square meters divided by 6. This is then 2 ml CDH3000 or 2 activated drops of MMS. Depending on the room temperature, renew if necessary after 4-5 hours, especially in the room in which the virus carrier is or where the air from this room can still reach.
I can tell whether the CDH should be renewed by its yellow color and its smell. If the solution has lost both, it is used up. The only thing left in the container is salt water, which I simply throw away. Then the air is initially also disinfected. But when the opportunity arises, I will come up with a new solution.
I make sure that the chlorine dioxide odor is not too strong.

2.) Preventive intake for people who may be at risk.
CDH3000 internally: If I supply my body internally with CDH in good time and clean the room air, I have the best chance of not getting any disease in this case.
I take the internal application as with the topic of colds / flu. So take CDH as high as possible as a preventive measure 8 times a day with an interval of one hour. See also the heading “CDH and MMS just easier”. There I have listed a dosage table based on body weight, which I use as a guide.
Of course, if the mechanisms, like fever, are still working, then basically everything is going on. But that can also mean that you have to stay in bed because the body needs all its strength for this task. Therefore there is no longer any appetite and eating is “out”. Should the time come, I would cure it with CDH and rest. See also under cold, flu.

Important: Children with real flu are not allowed to go to school. This is actually not possible and certainly not useful. Even before “Corona” there was a legal ban on schools according to the old Infection Protection Act. So then rest should be announced.
Get well!

Process worms and MMS / CDH (CDL)

Worms can always appear.
If the patient’s milieu is not right, they can multiply and, if necessary, spread.

How can you get infected / re-infected?

  • Direct or indirect contact with an infected person (through sexual contact or feces).
  • Re-infection, for example: itching in the anal area – hand contact – mouth contact, by scratching in the anal zone worm eggs loosen
  • Mother-fetus infection
  • contaminated common objects
  • soil contaminated with human or animal feces
  • Worms in raw or half-cooked contaminated meat
  • Enjoying raw contaminated fish
  • Contaminated drinking water
  • Contaminated fruit or vegetables To prevent re-infection, it is important that all humans and animals living in the same environment are treated at the same time.

Hygiene measures:
To avoid re-infection:

  • Wash underwear, bed linen, towels and clothes over 60 ° C that have come into contact with intimate parts of the body. 10 ml CDH3000 can be injected into the washing machine drum beforehand. Just don’t let the laundry touch it directly, it will still bleach at 100%.
  • Disinfect household items, toys for children or animals (MMS spray 20 drops per 100 ml).
  • Wash your hands.
  • Use a cloth only for the anal area for washing / drying.
  • Sleep in underwear and pants to avoid involuntary scratching at night. Otherwise worm eggs could get under your fingernails.
  • Do not allow animals to come to owners’ resting places.
  • Thorough washing of fruits and vegetables (put MMS or CDH in soaking water for a few minutes – 10 drops of MMS per 1 liter or 10 ml of CDH).
  • Cleaning the sink with MMS / CDH. For example, with pure CDH as a spray.

It is important to note that no immunity can be built up against parasites, this means that people who have been infected can easily be re-infected.

Treatments of worms with MMS:
Besides the internal intake according to the known plans, I would
Perform enemas / enemas of the order of 1-2 liters.
In it 1 drop of activated MMS or 1 ml CDH per 100 ml.
The enema is described in more detail on the information page.
It is an indispensable tool in this treatment. The parasites produce a “biofilm” in the mucous membrane or intestine, where they hide in order not to be attacked by all drugs. Hence the importance of enemas with classically activated sodium chlorite.
Activated sodium chlorite (MMS – chlorine dioxide or CDH) is able to dissolve this layer and also destroys the eggs as well as the larvae there. Use daily. Later every 3-4 days.
Internally, I would take the mentioned mixtures of 3 ml CDH3000 + 1 ml MKB Vital and 1 ml DMSO with at least 2 ml water 8 times a day with an interval of one hour.
It is important to listen to your body. He will display the guidelines and needs.

There are cases when this is not enough. If in doubt, there are also deworming agents. Or the parasite protocol from Andreas Kalcker. To detoxify the intestines, I use these enteric capsules with this natural bentonite and fill them with it. I take 3 of these three times a day with a sip of water.

Dental and oral care with MMS / CDH (CDL)

For me, health in the mouth is a prerequisite for the health of the rest of the body. “Healthy begins in the mouth”. When it comes to tooth decay and periodontal disease, I think about the spaces between the teeth. First of all, dental floss removes some dirt. Also with tongue plaque and gingivitis, I activate 20 drops of MMS in a clean, dry glass and fill it with approx. 125 ml. Water on. With CDH3000 it would simply be 20 ml CDH3000 to 125 ml. If I want a faster, stronger solution, I use less water. But that has a corresponding effect on the subsequent taste in my mouth. Then I use it to brush my teeth, gums and tongue. I try to keep my mouth closed as much as possible. I change the MMS water every now and then during this process. I use the rest to rinse my mouth out at the end. I leave MMS in my mouth for at least 2 minutes in total. In acute cases, I brush my teeth 3-4 times a day. Of course, mental health issues should also be considered in the case of gum problems. Do I have to “bite through” or do I think so?
To regenerate the gums, I carry 1-2 tr. DMSO100 pure on the gums with your finger and distribute it in each case.

Gums and dental problems

Teeth and gums have a lot to do with harmony in the rest of the body and soul. Therefore I would always illuminate all sides.
The mental level:
Teeth, gums and jaws have to do with our ability to actively tackle and start new ideas and life. A lack of basic trust in one’s own strength or abilities can lead to tooth and jaw pain or even gum problems.

The key questions could be:
Do I have a fear that I might be wrong or make the wrong choice? That I couldn’t go back, that I couldn’t make it, or something like that?

Do you think you can’t make the right decisions?
Is there an important decision to be made that worries you and makes you feel insecure and, in other words, causes “toothache”?
Don’t be afraid of the outcomes that may result from your choices. Go ahead and trust in the force that moves everything. She’s been leading your whole life and will take care if you listen to her. It’s the little inner voice, your subconscious.

On the physical level:
CDH3000 brings bacteria, “viruses” and fungi into harmony, which tend to settle in the event of uncertainty.
Most of the time, this is also associated with over-acidification in the body. In this case, I would proceed with these empty gastro-resistant capsules filled with this baking soda. At the same time I would fill some of these empty capsules with such natural bentonite and take them. My dosage is 3 x 3 capsules a day. But I only start with one at a time and then increase the amount. The tolerance is always the yardstick for my dosages. I wrote about this in detail in the article about deacidification / overacidification.

MKB Vital, a mixture of magnesium, potassium and borax, has a relaxing effect, rounded off by potassium. Borax provides a special clean-up effect for viruses and parasites as well as fungi.
This DMSO100 strengthens everything, also opens and regenerates my cells.
I drip one drop each of CDH, MKB and DMSO onto one finger and use it to wet the gums. I leave it in there for 1-2 minutes. Then it will be saliva anyway. But DMSO alone also helps. I also like to use the mixture of DMSO and MKB, which are DMKB is called.

Internal application in general:
3 ml CDH in combination with 1 ml MKB and 1 ml DMSO mixed with 10 ml water can initially be used as a mouth rinse (let it work for 20 seconds) and then internally by swallowing it.
In between, when I am not doing any applications, I open my mouth and consciously draw air (oxygen) through my teeth into my mouth. Because oxygen apparently also helps with a shifted environment in the mouth.

Lots Emotions can hide around the mouth and teeth. A psychological work-up on feelings can contribute to a real healing.

Solve gum and dental problems DMSO and bentonite

There is a way to survive with dental problems, even without a dentist. Of course, this in itself is not a permanent solution and is not recommended. But sometimes there is no other solution, especially in times of crisis. Therefore, I am describing my experience here.

I would first do the mouthwash with CDH3000 (1 ml on a glass of water (250 ml)). Then I would distribute DMSO 70% on the gums. To do this, I drip a drop of DMSO 70% on one finger and distribute it on the. Or I use 1 ml DMSO 70 %, it on the tongue and spread it in my mouth. Or I use 1 ml DMSO 70 %, it on the tongue and distribute it in my mouth with it. I let it stay there for a while before I end up swallowing it. The accumulation of saliva thins it again. An “attack” by DMSO on dentures is therefore not to be expected. At least I haven’t seen any problems with it in the past. The DMSO helps me against pain and regenerates my gums.

Then I drink a glass of water. Then I take half a teaspoon of bentonite powder and put it in my mouth. I then distribute this with my tongue and leave it in there for a long time until I finally swallow it too. The bentonite simply takes out inflammatory processes with its large surface. In this way, the gums are virtually eliminated. I do this 3 times a day in the acute phase. More often if necessary. From my own experience, 3 takings of both were enough. At that time I even had pain and fever with bone pain in the jaw and pulling in the ears. I then started this method in the afternoon and everything was fine the next morning. During the night I kept using bentonite powder whenever I woke up in between and just let it melt in my mouth. By the afternoon I was fully fit again.

It is important that mental problems can lead to teeth grinding. But also the pressure that is constantly passed on by the internal pressure on the teeth leads to overload. The teeth are then under pressure, which of course is not beneficial. I have to recognize this and follow and knowingly reduce the pressure in my teeth. This can be done with the loose movement of the jaw and with the conscious opening of the mouth.

I also found good information about inner harmony on . You are also welcome to share your experiences with your experiences.
All love

Tick bite

Please see above in the topic Lyme disease.

Frequently asked questions FAQ:

Can MMS also not work?
There is nothing that is not there. In my experience there are the following problems:
If the causes come from the psyche or not “from this world”, other symptoms may arise. Illness or symptoms are a warning sign, a clue to be interpreted. Then one would have to approach the causes in this area. Illness means becoming aware. I once read an excellent saying about this:
“You tell him,” said the soul to the body, “he doesn’t listen to me”.
MMS “only” oxidizes pathogenic germs such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. It does not solve the tasks that one is given in life all by itself. Therefore, diseases should always be viewed holistically. On the level of body, mind and soul. The soul should actually be at the forefront of the consideration, since that is where the origin of everything is. The transition from feeling to waves of energy is the bowel. He is the center, the interface between the material and the feeling. Therefore, the intestine is also the most important linchpin when it comes to health. If the intestine is doing well, you have good feelings and everything is working again. Therefore the chapter deacidification / acidification is one of the most important chapters that you should definitely read.
MMS can only work with our immune system to support it through more oxidative power. Generally, healing does not come from outside, but only from within.
That means that I am not immune to disease, at least not in every case. Jim Humble himself reported that despite taking MMS every day, he got sick, even seriously ill. Sometimes MMS solves deeper and hidden problems with prolonged use. For example, it slowly dissolves biofilms in which parasites, bacteria or others are hiding. In the process, they are initially released and can then lead to problems until chlorine dioxide has oxidized them and the immune system has freed the body. CDH or MMS work, so to speak, into the past and take back old problems on the physical level in order to solve them. Emotions can also reappear, which you should finally work on instead of suppressing them. In order for this to happen at all, chronic diseases must first briefly become acute again so that the immune system can deal with them. This is also the view of naturopathy. However, all of this is not an indication that MMS is not effective, but rather that it is effective. These problems want to surface before they leave us. This means that you should develop an awareness of this. MMS cannot do the work that the immune system does on its own. Nevertheless, Jim also got better faster with the help of MMS, because it “helps” the immune system.
Many people also report that they were able to avert illnesses such as “viral infections” with MMS. It always depends on when and how quickly you use it, how high you choose the dosage and the emotional reasons behind it, why the immune system has now let intrusive things happen. Yes, I say this consciously because sometimes there is no other advice than to let in a parasite because it can help in the present situation. This is how it should be with worms. These eat heavy metals. So if the body has a problem with heavy metal, it can let worms in so that they can eat the heavy metal. If you kill these worms, problems can arise again when they die and toxins are released, which chlorine dioxide then has to oxidize first. So that these are not stored in the intestines, but can also come out, I use this natural bentonite powder and fill it into such enteric capsules. This is how it gets to the intestines where it is needed. It simply takes toxins out with its large inner surface. So the intestine can detoxify sustainably. And this is very important, especially when detoxifying, if you don’t want to have any new problems. Sometimes you have to accept an illness when the limit has been exceeded. With MMS, however, it disappears much faster. And let’s remember: When our body and soul need rest, an illness is an absolute possibility of getting it. Therefore, one should definitely pursue the need for rest and not suppress everything.

Further possibilities why MMS is not “active”:

  • (bad) sodium chlorite stored in sunlight. It looks white and no longer activates when acid is added.
  • Adding too much antioxidants (oxidation and antioxidation can cancel each other out). This is done, for example, by adding antioxidants to juice (added “vitamin C”) or too high concentrations of natural vitamin C (eg in orange juice). But not with normal fruit juices such as apple, grape, cherry.
  • Adding too much sodium bicarbonate to neutralize acid
  • Activation duration too short (it then activates itself in the body, but more slowly).
    Sometimes there are other problems in the body that I may not even know about, but which must be resolved by the immune system first. So I am waiting for an improvement that can only come when other “construction sites” are also over.
    You can find other important questions in FAQ / Frequently Asked Questions.
    If you have made any further observations, please let me know!
    Further possibilities are welcome. One possibility for this is the guest book.
    Do you have any further questions or suggestions? Just write an email to me:

    All love

Legal notice:
Only basic experiences are compiled on these pages.
Important: MMS / CDH / chlorine dioxide and other substances are not a cure, drug or medicine. It is a disinfectant that contains chlorine dioxide. However, it is not chlorine bleach! To make chlorine bleach, you need other, more harsh substances. MMS / CDH do not cure anything. Healing always takes place only through ourselves. No remedy can heal, it can only support. Here, for example, through selective oxidation. Only those who have dealt extensively with MQL (chlorine dioxide) will get confidence in handling. However, I have to want to take responsibility for my own health. If I prefer to give up my responsibility for my health because I believe others can or know more, I would not pursue the topics here any further.
The experiences gathered on these pages only reflect the opinion and summary of the author. They do not constitute medical advice. Use of the information provided is always at your own risk, decision and responsibility and is not recommended. This site is not intended to influence or manipulate anyone to blindly refer to the information given here and to use the specified substances in the manner described for themselves or others.
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