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Fleas like to stay in the head area of the animal, as well as on the ears. But you can see them scurrying in other places, too, if you look closely. Usually the animal scratches frequently when there is a flea infestation. With good eyes, glasses and a good light source (spotlight), you can usually spot them just fine. They are quite fast in the fur and also jump…

Normal internal administration of CDH and DMSO is usually not sufficient to stop an infestation externally. However, with the internal gift at least the effects of the bites are addressed.

If you were to spray the animal with CDH diluted 1:1 with water, you could possibly catch some fleas. However, such a large-scale application is associated with a lot of chlorine dioxide gas, also in the air. This may not be beneficial for the lungs.

Therefore, I use potash soap with borax and citronella for external de-fleaing.

The potassium soap in itself gums up the fleas, while the borax makes sure they can’t reproduce as easily. The citronella scent fleas do not like and therefore do not constantly reinfest the animal or do not come back. So, overall, a good solution for the environment and the coat.

Everything in the environment of the dog or other animal, especially lying surfaces, should first be well vacuumed and cleaned.

For the treatment of the environment was also recommended steam cleaner, in addition to the vacuum cleaner.

Because from 60 degrees protein coagulates, and thus you get rid of the eggs, larvae and fleas. The steam also gets very well into the cracks, under the skirting board or other gaps, for example, between floorboards.

When steaming, proceed slowly lane by lane. A little later can be vacuumed.

Switching between vaporizer and aspirator from day to day was also recommended.

The flea eggs

are fortunately designed to roll easily so that they can spread well and easily, i.e. spread.

Fortunately, this also makes them easy to vacuum away. A thorough vacuuming, track by track should ensure that you get all the eggs. Because this is important, because otherwise new fleas will always come. Active fleas also keep laying eggs (until they are dead). Therefore, you need to keep this cleaning action a time.

Wash dog beds and reclining textiles, as well as carpet if necessary. If it does not work, spray with the potash soap solution after vacuuming.

When washing blankets etc, you should choose a program from 60 degrees. Laundry or textiles that can not be washed so hot, you can use an icebox. Just put the textiles in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer for 6 hours.

Another option would be to put them in a closed container where you gasify MMS.

However, the closed container must then remain closed for a correspondingly long time until the gas is gassed, or it can be opened prematurely only outdoors or in a well-ventilated room. Depending on the size and quantity of the MMS, the amount of chlorine dioxide gas may be large and cause slight breathing problems. Of course, this also depends on the size of the room, as well as ventilation.

Spray solution against flea infestation:

This solution is used for the environment and fur.

Get potash soap with borax and citronella: e.g. here

(https://shop.nlq24.eu/de/product-category/kaliseife/?ref=8)2.) Take a 5 liter pressure spray bottle (available at hardware stores). These are the ones that are also taken for weeding and spraying.

3) Fill the potash soap so that the bottom is covered.

4.) Fill the bottle with warm water and mix it well.

5) Screw the pressure sprayer tightly back onto the bottle and pump to create pressure in the sprayer. Now you can get started.

1.) Spraying the surrounding area:

If possible, spray all surfaces on which the dog moves and lies with a thin film of spray. Produce a neat spray. Do not spray with the sprayer directly near the respiratory tract. The solution is not toxic in concentration, but may not be pleasant and may cause irritation. This is especially true for animals with a good nose. Of course, do not spray on mucous membranes and in the eye, because they may react irritated. Therefore, in such areas, simply spray some of the soap solution onto your hand and use it to distribute it in the coat. However, if something should get there, rinse them with plenty of water and dilute with it.

There may also be places in the garden where fleas are present. So spray there too.

2.) Spraying the coat:

Spray the dog’s coat and massage the solution into the coat with your hand. You can tell if it was sufficient by the fact that no infestation can be detected after a few hours. In most cases, you do not need to rinse the coat later, as the soap components later flocculate. If the sprayer becomes clogged with soap at the nozzle, open and clean it. After that, it can go further.

Leg good work has settled the issue after 2 days. Crush fleas you still find in the fur right away.

Many success

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