Chlorine dioxide areas of application / successes – at a glance

Chlorine dioxide areas of application and successes according to ABC:
For the presentation of the individual applications, have a look at the
ABC of applications .

Some empirical values can be read there.

MMS – for which diseases has it been successfully used?

The success cases listed do not indicate that the positive results were solely due to the disinfecting effect of MMS or chlorine dioxide. In some cases they only came about through the indirect improvement and liberation of the immune system, because pathogenic germs, harmful bacteria, viruses, fungi and protozoa were rendered harmless.

Listed in alphabetical order:
Losing weight, abscess in the mouth, AIDS / HIV (AIDS is actually not a single disease, but an accumulation of several). Acne, allergy, angina, anemia, anthrax (anthrax pathogen), apoplexy, arthritis, clogging of the arteries, asthma, airway cleaning, eye problems (eye inflammation),
High blood pressure, bite wounds, Lyme disease, bronchitis, breast cancer. Bladder problems, tapeworm,
Candida fungus, cholesterol level, ulcerative colitis, Cushing,
Dengue fever, dementia, depression (chronic), disinfection of vegetables, fruit, meat, fish, water disinfection, diarrhea, circulatory disorders, diabetes I + II,
Athlete’s foot, fibromyalgia, obesity
Flu, shingles, hearing loss, gout, venereal diseases,
Sore throat, hepatitis, herpes, cardiac arrhythmia, heart disease, meningitis, hair problems,
Sciatica, infections (of all kinds), immunodeficiency,
Cancer (various types), childhood diseases, body odor, cramps, jaw disease,
Liver disease, leukemia, lupus, pneumonia, leprosy,
Stomach ulcer, malaria, measles, Crohn’s disease, bad breath, MRSA, MS (multiple sclerosis), fatigue,
Food poisoning, drug side effects, sinus problems, eczema,
Earache, surgical pain, osteoporosis, open legs,
Parkinson’s, parasite infestation (also in animals) plant strengthening, fungal infection, prostate cancer, psoriasis
Rheumatism, rubella, dysentery, irritable bladder,
Sarcoid, scarlet fever, bursitis, pain (many types), snakebites, dandruff, psoriasis, heavy metals (neutralize), sunburn, heartburn, spondylitis (ankylosing spondylitis), scoliosis, staphylococci, frontal sinusitis,
Tetanus, animal health, tuberculosis, tumors,
Obesity, nausea,
Chickenpox, wound treatment,
Burns (support in healing),
Disease prevention,
Teeth cleaning, gum problems, tartar.
The list is not exhaustive.

Jim Humble reported a good success rate with 95% of all diseases known to him.

Psychological problems , the real cause of many diseases , however, should also be addressed. Only then does the problem not have to show up again on the physical, material level.

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MMS / CDH and DMSO – testimonials:

Here you can find reports from users. Feel free to send me your experiences or write them in the guest book.

CDH3000 – Field report on diabetes, burns, better complexion, moles

“Dear Sebastian,
here is a short report. First of all, thank you very much for your work!
At the end of November I went to the doctor for a blood check, the long-term sugar HBA1C was 8.9 and the doctor was not at all satisfied. Then I started with 10 foot baths a day and a small entry drug CDH3000, increasing 1-2 times a day. Then it was full ;-). Until today I took 8 x 3 ml CDH 3000 + 16 drops DMSO + 16 drops MKB. It wasn’t exactly tasty, but it was good for me. I was also less hungry / a few kilos are also gone. At most, I only had brief diarrhea once a week. This looked and smelled very funny-different! I also take up to 8 acid-resistant soda capsules. Then came the next long-term blood sugar test in the doctor’s laboratory … the office hours assistant looked three times at the new device, kept shaking his head and said: “Top value HBA1C 7.3 – but it can’t actually be after the short time”. Then almost the same effect with the diabetologist: “Strange but very good”. And my urine was also grade 1. But for now I let him believe in his success.
During this time, the need for insulin also fell rapidly. Good, because it also made me less hungry. Further positive effects: The overall complexion is better, even thick old moles are getting lighter. Even the sagging skin from weight loss becomes firmer and a longstanding hemorrhoid is as good as gone. Now the absolute highlight: I burned my thumb while working in the kitchen. The first reaction was to quickly cool them under water. But I broke that off quickly, gently dried my thumb and put DMSO on it. Most of the burn pain was gone very quickly. So I continued to treat my thumb with DMSO for the next few days. After a short time it looked as if new skin was forming very quickly, which actually happened.
With each spraying one had the feeling that the burn was being pulled out of the wound and the pain was almost completely absent. It healed incredibly quickly and today you don’t see a trace of this severe burn.
THANK YOU for that, thank you for EVERYTHING!
Greetings from H. “

Note: Thank you for your detailed report.

Maybe your report will follow here soon?
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