FAQ: Frequently asked questions:

Can MMS chlorine dioxide solution not work?

There is nothing that is not there. In my experience there are the following problems:

Ways why MMS is not “active” or brings improvement:

1 . (bad) sodium chlorite stored in sunlight . It looks white, milky and then no longer activates properly. However, if sodium chlorite flakes, this is not an indication that it is no longer working. Flocculation is normal and not a problem.

2. Adding too much antioxidants (Oxidation and antioxidation can cancel each other out) This is done, for example, by adding antioxidants to juice (added “vitamin C”) or too high concentrations of natural vitamin C (eg in orange juice). But not with normal fruit juices such as apple, grape, cherry. However, vitamin C with chlorine dioxide behaves differently in a test tube than in the body. So I don’t think it’s problematic to use juices with normal vitamin C content. As an antioxidant, DMSO is not one of the factors that negate chlorine dioxide and its effects. It cancels the effects of MMS / CDH Not on, but reinforces it.

3. Adding too much sodium hydrogen carbonate (Baking soda) to neutralize acid. Sodium chlorite only generates chlorine dioxide through acidification. If the pH value is too high, it does not activate or does not activate properly.

4. Activation time too short (It then also activates itself in the body, but more slowly). The effect can then be different, slowed down or deeper or long-lasting.

5. Too much gas has escaped from the CDL / CDS or CDH
The bottle of these products must always be closed or quickly closed again after it has been removed. If you leave this open too long, the chlorine dioxide, which is the active ingredient, escapes. This makes the solution less yellow and ultimately smells less and less of chlorine dioxide. If the smell and the color are out, you only have salt water. CDH3000 is available with a practical doser insert. After opening the bottle, a dosing pipette is placed on this. Then no more chlorine dioxide gas can escape during the exact filling / dosing. The whole thing is then called the Doser System Bottle.
The solution can become weaker as it escapes. Then I would simply dose higher – but stay below the tolerance limit.

5 a: CDS / CDL with insufficient chlorine dioxide concentration?
I received a message that, due to a calculation error, not all CDS or CDL manufacturers were able to use the specified approx. 3000 ppm (< 0.3%) chlorine dioxide in the mixture, but sometimes only around 800 ppm. With such a mixture, of course, the dosage would have to be much higher. I sure love the CDH3000.

6. Dosage too low
Too little CDH, for example with a higher body weight. On average, the standard dosage was calculated on a body weight of approx. 70 kg. If you are much heavier, the dose might be higher.
CDL is often dosed far too low.

7. It doesn’t get enough:
In this case, I would fortify CDH with DMSO100 from Natao for internal use. However, I always add the DMSO just before taking it. Or increase the amount. This is sometimes very individual.

8. The frequency of intake is insufficient:
In severe cases it is sometimes even necessary to increase the frequency of taking the dose up to 12 times a day with an interval of about one hour. In the case of real flu or conditions that would kill you very quickly, I even dose every 15 minutes until the condition improves somewhat.

9. More drops or ml are generally necessary:
Sometimes it is necessary in acute phases to immediately increase the number of drops to the point of nausea. This is also necessary in the case of viral diseases that progress quickly.

10. The effect is insufficient
In this case I use the additional external use of MMS or CDH spray and DMSO spray for reinforcement. In some cases an addition of MKB Vital is necessary to get the curve. In the meantime, however, I almost always use this by default. The synergy and the broader effect of all 3 substances simply helps better and faster.

11. Other more important construction sites:
Sometimes there are other problems in the body than what I am used to. It can then be this first by the immune system with the help of MMS / CDH need to be edited before the problems arise that I would have liked to solve. So then I am waiting for an improvement that can only come when these other “construction sites” have also been dealt with. Especially in the case of chronic disease processes, it sometimes takes longer than one would have hoped. From my point of view, however, it is important that changes appear, even if not immediately where we would like them. However, this requires sensitivity and the ability to observe, which some people with chronic symptoms no longer have as strong. Some people only notice that a change has taken place when asked about it. It’s actually natural, because health is a natural state that goes unnoticed.

12. Other substances are necessary:
In osteoarthritis z. For example, the additional intake or use of MKB Vital is often indicated, which can be combined and thus lead to improvement / support more quickly. Just like the DMSO deep feeder.

13. Deacidification is necessary:
This is especially the case with the chronically ill and especially with cancer. As long as the acidic environment is not broken down and regulated, it is symbolic of wanting to mop up the bathroom but not turn off the tap. The water keeps coming in, even if you keep trying to wipe it up with a mop. MMS and CDH also deacidify, but sometimes not to the extent that would be necessary for the huge amount of acid. This is also stored in the cells in particular and is often produced again and again due to mental problems.

14. Mental causes that are stronger:
If weighty causes also stem from the psyche / soul, other symptoms may arise. Illness or symptoms are a warning sign, a clue to be interpreted. He wants to tell us something. Then you would have to approach the causes in this area, which is always recommended, by the way. Illness means “becoming aware”. I once read an excellent saying about this: “You tell him,” said the soul to the body, “he doesn’t listen to me”.

MMS / CDH “only” oxidizes pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses, etc., which can be oxidized by it due to their low oxidation limit. This does not solve the tasks that one is given in life all by itself. Therefore, diseases should always be viewed holistically. On the level of body, mind and soul. The soul should actually come first in the consideration. This is expressed through feelings.

MMS can only work together with our immune system and support it with more oxidative power. The healing that follows does not generally come from outside, but only from within. That means that I am not immune to disease, at least not in every case. Jim Humble himself reported that despite the daily preventive intake of MMS, he got sick once, even seriously ill. Sometimes MMS also solves deeper, hidden problems that are then brought to light. A principle from naturopathy states that c chronic illnesses are only acute have to be done before they can be healed . So this is not an indication that MMS is not working, but rather that it is working. Also can Hide bacteria in biofilms or be stored there . This also applies to parasites! When the chlorine dioxide dissolves this biofilm, they are initially released and possibly active until the chlorine dioxide then oxidizes them. In this case, you would have to dose higher and continue instead of giving up. These problems finally want to surface before they can leave us. That means that they have to get into consciousness. This also includes their perception. In this way, one can say that MMS / CDH works into the past , as old, stored problems are also brought out and finally addressed. So you can former symptoms of illness flare up again and finally to be healed.

MMS cannot do the work that the immune system does. Nevertheless, Jim finally recovered faster after continuing to take MMS.

However, many people report having MMS / CDH diseases such as: B. viral infections. It just depends on when and how quickly you use MMS or CDH, how high you dose it, what emotional reasons are behind it, why the immune system allowed “intrusive” things to happen at all, etc.

Sometimes you have to accept an illness when the limit has been exceeded. With MMS, however, it disappears much faster. And let’s remember: When our body and soul need rest, an illness is an absolute possibility of actually getting it. Therefore, one should definitely pursue the need for rest, even if we are already better. Above all, you shouldn’t suppress everything, because that can lead to chronic problems.

Can the effects be further improved or supplemented?

Yes, through a traditional and pleasant method, which I will briefly explain here.

Improve the effects with the foot bath according to Fritz Schiele:

An old physical therapy in itself helps to improve the whole situation, the good old foot bath! However, to be very effective, it needs to be an incline footbath. That is how Fritz Schiele designed it back then and had corresponding devices built that are still around today.

Sick people often have an insufficient supply of oxygen. The body is poorly supplied with blood and the capillaries are clogged. In order to maintain the vital supply, peripheral areas are simply no longer adequately or optimally supplied. This can lead to weakness of feeling, numbness and cold feet. After all, the feet are the furthest away. Due to the undersupplied nerves, some people no longer even notice that they have cold feet.

In order to better blood circulation in the areas and to enable substances to get there at all, foot baths according to Fritz Schiele have proven themselves for ages.

These foot baths

* ensure better blood circulation.
* bring a changed and harmonizing energy (warmth).
* distribute active ingredients better in the body.
* bring nutrients to previously undersupplied areas.
* Deacidify the tissue by expanding the tissue.
* finally get rid of waste products from the body.
* solve old, longstanding blockages
* bring oxygen back to the required places in the usual way.
* support the treatment of foot reflex zones and slowly harmonize the whole body.

According to the known remarks on the foot reflex zones, the entire body is represented in the feet. So you can reach all regions of the body with a foot bath and harmonize with the same “heat energy”. Then there will be another Foot reflex zone massage as well as chlorine dioxide, DMSO and MKB Vital, the synergy is simply optimal !

The Schiele foot baths are devices that work with slowly rising temperatures and thus provide therapeutic benefits, in contrast to the “normal foot bath”. You can even borrow these within Germany (and abroad if necessary).

I can only warmly recommend this as a support and a traditional and effective therapy. From a therapeutic point of view, these are cardiovascular training devices. In this respect, these are also of enormous benefit for people who have a problem with their circulatory system and thus with poor blood circulation. Seniors are often affected. Such a medical device costs 1200 € for a new purchase. That sounds like a lot, but every penny is worth it. It’s a profitable investment in a healthy future. But you can also borrow them first and test the benefits. I swear by it.

MMS / CDH: Oxidant and Antioxidant. The problem with the vitamins?

The basic rule of Jim Humble, according to which antioxidants and oxidants cancel each other out, has been held for a long time. Therefore one should not use juice with a high vitamin C content for the mixture with MMS / CDH. That is also the case with the cancellation, however only for experiments in a test tube . It looks quite different in the body. That’s why science isn’t always right either. Not only do two substances come together in the mouth, but also others, such as saliva. This in turn consists of many different substances. In addition, from my observation, small amounts, such as those found in natural foods such as apples, do not affect the effects of chlorine dioxide anyway. Jim also admits that he likes to eat an apple before taking MMS, which would be counterproductive. However, many now believe that vitamins should be avoided entirely during a longer “cure” with MMS. They even sometimes draw the conclusion that they might even have to eat an “unhealthy” diet. But this is not the case.

The rule of cancellation would apply, for example, if the liquids or antioxidant and oxidant (MMS) are mixed together in a container and stored there for a longer period of time. This would be similar to a test tube. However, if you use CDH / MMS directly for ingestion with juice and water and take the whole thing immediately, this problem does not matter at all from my observations. It is then no problem to take MMS / CDH together with DMSO and MKB Vital. Jim rated the mixture with DMSO as very beneficial, even though DMSO is an antioxidant. DMSO significantly strengthens MMS / CDH. I always add the DMSO last to the MMS mixture.

Jim Humble himself writes that he likes to eat an apple before taking MMS. He also has no problem with vitamin C per se, as he explains in some places, but only with added or natural vitamin C in high doses. Sauerkraut juice or freshly squeezed orange juice, for example, has a lot of natural vitamin C. If you want to do without it, you can choose juices that do not have “vitamin C” or “ascorbic acid” added on the packaging. You can also buy these juices. You just have to look carefully.
I could not find any deterioration in the effects from using it on juices.

Even Dr. Antje Oswald wrote that apple juice, pineapple juice, cherry juice, cranberry juice and grape juice had proven themselves as taste-improving juices (all without vitamin C additives). Even if these juices contain a lot of vitamin C, it would not have been able to detect any relevant loss of effectiveness. That’s what I think as well. I tested MMS once with milk and found that the taste was even more pleasant than anything I had tried before. However, Jim said that milk would cancel the effects. I could not determine this either. So, from my point of view, milk is very suitable. Precisely because of the better taste. When using milk, however, one should remember that it is not a drink, but a food and must therefore be chewed well.

So don’t be afraid of “normal” vitamins. Especially not in “normal” foods.

I share this view with Dr. rer. nat. Hartmut PA Fischer. He wrote to me that Dr. Klinghardt from the USA would share this opinion. However, the old view has spread so much that one does not want to try to change everything again.

However, you should keep the distances to the ingestion of high-dose vitamin C or OPC. In my opinion, the interval between taking MMS with meals should be at least 30 minutes. After the meal, I would give the digestion 1-2 hours before going back to MMS or CDH.

Too much acid cancels out the effectiveness of CDS / CDL, CDH?

Basically, the simplified variants of MMS are, viz CDH (CDS / CDL) become an integral part of MMS users. And they also bring very good results. Nevertheless, there were observations that these variants did not help in very serious illnesses, or only in very high doses, reported Jim Humble in his newsletter at the end of 2014. Too much stomach acid may make it less effective for some people.

Although he relativized his statement in the newsletter at the beginning of January 2015, he ultimately favored an acid-reduced variant, as is still used today in the production of CDH3000. This acid-reduced variant was first mentioned in the book by Dr. med. Antje Oswald (Das MMS Handbuch) mentions it if you have read it carefully. There she already pointed out the acid problem at that time.

However, Jim Humble also said that people who have had good results with the previous mixes should not change them. Ultimately, he did not want to unsettle all users. Nevertheless, you could save yourself this excess acid.

However, I still go a step further and point out that there can be a problem not only from too strong stomach acid, but also from too low or too acidic pH in the body (Hyperacidity) can give. This is precisely an issue of the “civilized west”. You should definitely read my chapter about that Deacidification / acidification read, because unfortunately most people in the western world are over-acidic. Therefore, on the one hand, the subject of acidification is so very important to me. Second, the use of the acid-reduced variant of CDH. CDH 3000, for example, is produced with reduced acidity. It is precisely sized and has the optimal strength. Also optimal because it seems that it lasts longer than CDS / CDL solutions that do not contain any acid, since only the activated chlorine dioxide gas is introduced into water. I also have some feedback that CDH3000 should help more effectively and faster than CDL / CDS.

Practical advice for MMS:
So if you assume that the stomach acid content is too high, or rather, that the body is too acidic, it helps to take it 1/2 to 1 hour before the meal, or before the stomach acid production is increased. After digestion (1-2 hours after eating), taking it would be more optimal again. I just use only half of hydrochloric acid 4%, the previous 1: 1 mixture. So I mix sodium chlorite with hydrochloric acid in a ratio of 1: 0.5. Based on a daily ration that contains 24 drops of 25% sodium chlorite, I activate the 24 drops of sodium chlorite with just 12 drops of 4% hydrochloric acid. If you want to activate the much-cited 3 drops of sodium chlorite, 1.5 drops of hydrochloric acid would have to be used, which is again difficult. That’s why I almost exclusively use the acid-reduced one CDH3000 .

From all of this I draw the following conclusion for myself:
* Take MMS / CDH before gastric juice stimulation (½ to 1 hour before eating)
or 2-3 hours after eating.
* Only produce, buy or use the acid-reduced variant.
* Measure the urine pH and include it in your considerations.
* When making MMS yourself, use half the acid, e.g. mix / activate 24 drops of 25% sodium chlorite with only 12 drops of 4% hydrochloric acid (ration bottle for one day).

If you are very acidic, you could take the drops of sodium chlorite 25% alone, unactivated, with a glass of water (125 ml). As always, it is important to slowly increase the number of drops in the case of inactivated MMS and to ensure that it is tolerated. This also applies to the frequency of use. Inactive sodium chlorite works more slowly. However, it also works longer than the activated chlorine dioxide mixture. I could still see effects on the third day of taking it. For reinforcement and to penetrate deeper, I add 5-10 drops of DMSO as the process progresses. Adding 5-10 drops of MKB Vital also increases the effect, especially with Viruses, fungi and small parasites . In addition, everything tastes better together.

Quintessence: 1 part sodium chlorite 25% and 0.5 part hydrochloric acid 4% (1: 0.5) are sufficient.

This applies to all instructions given on this page, except for inhalation or room cleaning / air purification.

All love