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Here I will show you which self-help substances are interesting for me and what I use them for. Some of the substances I use myself have been linked in the text. This helps to avoid inquiries. If you buy from the links, you also support my work. I am only passing on my experiences to you privately and do not work as a journalist.

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The navigation of these pages

It was important to me with these pages to be able to quickly come up with solutions and possibilities without having to study everything for a very long time. Nevertheless, a detailed employment after the initial measures is sensible and necessary. Therefore, you can also access these topics directly via links and topic terms.

In the ABC of applications you will find a sequence of common complaints with corresponding experiences.

Side effects of medications are not a disease Some people experience problems from the medications they are prescribed and therefore unknowingly go to the doctor again. Unfortunately, it happens that the doctor then prescribes further medication to counter the side effects, which in turn have side effects. Unfortunately, it does not occur to many people to even look at the instruction leaflet. Many say that they’d rather not look at it. Unfortunately, a large number of people die every year not from their illness, but actually from the side effects of medication! Numbers between 20,000 and 58,000 people are mentioned. Perhaps the number of unreported cases is much higher? However, side effects are not diseases and therefore they can be treated badly, unless you heal the body and finally stop taking the medication, reduce or replace it. However, improper use of medication is often a problem. So, check your package inserts before you go wild.

It would be great if your doctor or alternative practitioner would accompany you. I have the impression that many doctors no longer have an overview of what they have prescribed. I think that you should discuss this with the doctor again and again and adjust it if necessary. Unfortunately, the reality is usually different. Something is prescribed and then it stays that way. Many people believe that they do not have or could not find such a therapist. But there is more than you might think. “He who seeks finds” is the motto in this case.

The purpose of these self-help pages:

The free information and experiences about MMS, chlorine dioxide (CDL/CDS/CDH), DMSO, MKB Vital, DMKB, DMKB, bentonite, bicarbonate of soda empty capsules and further, for me important substances, for lasting and favorable solutions, save also you surely long and costly search for ways to a better health.

How did I get into this project MMS / CDL / CDH and others?

At that time I had a serious illness from which I almost died. Eventually a friend introduced me to MMS and luckily it wasn’t too late. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as easy to find solutions quickly back then as it is today. Little by little, I found the information I needed with difficulty. Back then, that took a lot of effort and, above all, time. Valuable time in which my recovery had to wait and which I did not have due to the advanced disease per se. In addition, during a serious illness, one often lacks the strength to pursue things at all. But I was lucky that I was accompanied by naturopathic medicine. Otherwise, I certainly wouldn’t have survived this long to be able to find these solutions in the first place.

Bach flowers – spiritual backgrounds

The background, also of my serious illness, was a strong mental imbalance, a mental shock, fear. Therefore, on request, I basically advise everyone who is going through such an odyssey, or knows people who are in one, to first take the emergency drops “Rescue Remedy” according to Edvard Bach. These are the so-called “Bach flowers”, which you can get in the pharmacy. It is probably the only “medicine” that has an effect on the soul, thus going to the causes and bringing harmony back into it. I used 4 x 4 drops a day. After a week I then pulled the appropriate Bach flowers that were necessary for my special individual case. I find the method of “intuitive pulling of the Bach flowers” to be the best. At this point, however, I do not want to go into further detail on the subject. But an alternative practitioner will surely be happy to provide you with professional assistance. After my odyssey, I decided to start these sites and have been taking care of them ever since. It is important to me to show people in your distress, who are usually facing the end, possibilities of self-help through the experiences of others. Here I show different experiences and ways, in particular the aspect of the mental cause of illnesses is important to me, because the real causes of illnesses are in the soul and thus in our feelings. In my opinion, only through harmonization in this area can a real, permanent cure be achieved. What use is it to only “fight” the symptoms and ignore the psychological causes? Due to the vibrations (frequencies) of the substances mentioned in the next paragraph, there is an impulse on the material level. Ultimately, this can also have an effect on the emotional area in which the real cause of the problem is to be found. Only then are real changes possible.

The material level

On this level, the material-physical, I work with chlorine dioxide aka MMS (CDH, CDS/CDL), DMSO100, DMKB, MKB Vital, sodium bicarbonate and natural bentonite with living water, which I drink accompanying. Interesting and very important information can be found on the topic of “deacidification/acidification“.

Now I am in good health and I am glad to be able to give people who are in a similar situation to mine hope and help them to help themselves again.

All love Sebastian

The real causes of illness?

In reality, are other reasons for our diseases the real reasons? The mental reason why we do not act Use all your strength for your health. If you don’t, ask yourself why you don’t. What’s the reason behind it and what’s holding you back?
What feeling is it and keeps coming up?
The solutions for everything can be found in the answers and the empathy. Also for the physical “illnesses”, which are only an expression of a disharmony in your soul. From my observation, the disharmony can be approached from several angles. This should always include the emotional side with the feelings. But you can also get to these causes through physical, material problems. In addition to the psychological aspects, I also present the material possibilities here. We’re used to work at this level. Still, I wouldn’t lose sight of the real causes. This is also a prerequisite for proper healing. But above all to maintain harmony when we have achieved it again. Constant effort and observation on the spiritual level are necessary in order not to slip back into disharmony. The “temptations” of disharmony are widely spread and are well known. To worry about harmony, however, less. But then that is the task. So: rethink….

Therefore, I have provided my self-help experiences here. You can find a little insight into how you can fathom the background at Holistic Harmonization. MMS Chlorine Dioxide / CDL First of all, let us come to a substance that could be very helpful in the path to self-healing and works on the material side: Chlorine Dioxide.

Jim Humble was the discoverer

Jim Humble, who first discovered it for health purposes, called it “MMS” – Miracle Mineral Solution. Unfortunately, many people who are interested in “MMS” do not even know what substance it is actually about. However, every user should know about this beforehand. And after your own successes, you will certainly be curious about what is actually behind that and what brings about this “miracle”. Of course, it is not a question of miracles, but some people are certainly amazed what such a simple disinfectant can do. It only offers support for the immune system. Oxidation.

So: MMS = chlorine dioxide in aqueous solution. Always be smart before using chemicals, because “MMS” are 2 simple chemicals. Since the application of MMS is a bit more complicated due to the preparation/mixing/activation and the measurement in drops is not so accurate, I prefer to use this chlorine dioxide ready-to-use mixture CDH3000 . By clicking on links you support our work. Apparently this works even better than other CDL or CDS mixtures. There is at least feedback from me on this. Users who previously took CDL and did not succeed tried the CDH3000 and were successful with it. I’ve seen that. It is not yet clear to me why this is. Of course, this includes sufficient information. I would like to contribute to this with my experiences. And that’s exactly what these pages with my and other collected experiences are meant for :-). The question, what are the differences of CDH, CDL/CDS, you will find here .

You too can help

Experience helps with self-help. Contribute your experiences too! This is important so that other people and animals can also be helped. Please note that all of the topics addressed here are important, even if you may initially only focus on one topic that you came up with first (perhaps MMS or CDL or CDH3000). That is why I have brought together several important and fundamental topics here. Well worth checking out all of them! I think from my observations it is important to also use DMSO and MKB Vital for better and faster success. Because this mixture complements each other perfectly and tastes even better. If one can speak of good taste at all. For me, the combination of CDH, MKB and DMSO or DMKB has become indispensable. Thus, I use 3 to 4 times a day 3 ml of CDH3000 + 1 ml of “DMKB” (this is a ready mixture of DMSO, MKB Vital and water) for a body weight of about 80 kg. I pour this mixture into a glass of water and drink it out. With the finished DMKB, I save myself the mixture of DMSO and MKB. I use this 1:1 dosage of DMKB only for acute problems, such as a flu or similar, gladly also currently differently named diseases.

With chronic use and after the first 3-4 doses of the acute phase, I only take DMKB at a ratio of 1: 3 in relation to CDH. In my case 3 ml CDH and 1 ml DMKB 3 times a day. I will explain more about this later.

As a “power mixture” I take and dose perfectly with a so-called “Doser” (dosing syringe) the following amount: 3 ml CDH + 1 ml DMKB + 5 ml water. I put this mixture from the doser into my mouth and keep it in my mouth for 5 seconds. I think that this is how it first gets into the blood via the oral mucosa and the vena cava. Then I swallow the rest. If the mixture is too strong for me, I drink a glass of water, tea, juice or milk afterwards. Anyway, I would generally drink plenty of water or even tea when using CDH (CDL), MKB and DMSO. I think it is important that what should come out of my detoxification also gets the necessary carrier fluid. Without enough water, this is hardly possible. Which products I use for what, you can find here: Overview of substances.

About MMS /chlorine dioxide solution (CDL)

Here I give you a brief overview of what I know about MMS / chlorine dioxide (CDL). So MMS is also a chlorine dioxide solution. However, one that you activate yourself. This MMS mixture, which is chlorine dioxide gas in water and which Jim Humble calls “MMS”, is not an approved medicine or remedy. It is the gas chlorine dioxide, which is created when a mixture of sodium chlorite 25% solution and an acid is diluted with water or is bound to water. This mixture is used for disinfection in various fields, such as drinking water disinfection, hygiene in the veterinary field, as a slime control agent and others. However, it is not approved for use against diseases.

Which substances are involved?

I use these simple chemicals: Sodium Chlorite 25 %. Solution (with “t” at the end) and a low %. Sodium chlorite, as a 25% solution, is a chemical. However, it is not corrosive, as is often stated on packaging. But she has signs of danger. Whereby the danger in this case refers to the environmental hazard. Such a danger could exist if I were to pour large amounts of sodium chlorite solution 25% into a fish pond or something similar. This liquid is therefore active against bacteria, so-called “viruses” whose detection is still disputed, fungi. Parasites and protozoa. When larger quantities are discharged, the sodium chlorite would gradually activate on the organic matter in the water and form chlorine dioxide there, which has these known effects.

This process is even faster with a previous acidification. The hydrochloric acid as activator acid is irritating to the eyes and labeled accordingly, as is now known from many cleaners and chemicals. Sure, that’s understandable. If I get lemon juice in my eyes, for example, I would rinse them out as well because it burns.

It should be clear to everyone that these substances are never taken undiluted or dripped into the eyes undiluted.

By the way: Medicines that have really dangerous side effects, some of which can cause when taken, do not have a hazard label. Even though some of the side effects can be fatal. It’s precisely the substances that are currently being splashed around and that are literally being forced on you. That’s something to think about.

Is sodium chlorite 25% dangerous?

The substances that I am writing about here, in undiluted form, can, depending on the amount, have dangers, just like many other remedies that we use in the household. Therefore, you should work with it carefully, no question about it. Especially with sodium chlorite 25 %, which pure can cause discoloration on some materials.

Incidentally, after my own attempts, my skin is not discolored. I tested the danger myself on my hand and on my whole arm and applied the sodium chlorite solution 25% pure there. Of course, this is not intended to be an invitation to do the same. I could not report anything special, except for a stronger smell of chlorine dioxide. Not even within the next 24 hours in which I hadn’t washed my hand and arm but kept watching. Only the smell disappeared over time. So it apparently reacted only with organic matter, such as bacteria and the acid on my skin.

However, it should not “get lost” in mucous membranes, not even on open skin areas. If the skin is damaged, it can lead to redness that looks like an inflammation. Surely this will pass after a few days, as I already found out on myself. But it makes no sense to do this, especially since pain can occur. The mixtures (chlorine dioxide mixtures) that I will describe below are below the limit values with regard to the concentration of chlorine dioxide that are permitted for water disinfection (drinking water disinfection). Thus, the chlorine dioxide, here in the strongly diluted form, even from the point of view of the drinking water ordinance, is harmless.

As is well known, the dose makes the poison.

And that ultimately applies to everything. Everything is poisonous from that point of view. It’s just a matter of quantity. It takes less of some and more of others. And that is what I have to observe for myself when I am responsible for self-help. In the low doses that Jim Humble found in many sick people, nobody has ever been harmed by MMS. As I said, the situation is different for approved drugs.

The story of the discovery of MMS

I heard the following story about Jim Humble. Jim Humble is an American gold prospector and inventor who accidentally discovered a compound whose application he expects to be simply “unbelievable”. He stated that he estimated that 95% of all known diseases could be eliminated with it. He always talks about bringing back health or being able to restore it with it. MMS is an “art form” that Jim Humble coined. In reality, the active substance is chlorine dioxide, in an aqueous solution, as already explained. Information about MMS / CDL on the InternetThere is some information about “MMS” on the Internet. However, outdated “protocols” (application examples) are also included. I would therefore check the current date of the information, if one is given at all. In addition, users have different opinions about possible applications. From my point of view, however, this is not really surprising if you try these substances on yourself and come to other findings. Everyone reacts in their individual situation according to this. In this regard, I have long been asking why drugs should always be dosed in the same way, when people and the conditions and circumstances that exist in you are very individual. And this is just the case with body weight, for which there are even gradations for MMS. Age and state of health also apparently hardly play a role in the dosage of medication. Some of these are even tested on students, even if they are intended for older people. But that’s another topic that I don’t want to go into any further here. “MMS”, or rather chlorine dioxide (CDL / CDS or CDH), are neither drugs nor remedies or medicaments. They are mostly used as disinfectants. Many people take it anyway, following the experiences of e.g. Jim Humble, Dr. med. Antje Oswald or Andreas Kalcker. However, this only happens on your own responsibility. The reason for this is that it is not approved for internal use. Nobody wants to pay for the necessary studies. Although there are now studies on chlorine dioxide in relation to the so-called “Covid-19 disease”. But that, too, is another topic.

Dosage CDL – CDH to MMS

The dosage ratio between CDH and MMS:

If I want to use CDH3000 instead of MMS, it is important to know the ratio in which I can use it instead of MMS in order to achieve the same effect. I figured it out for myself and proceed according to the following ratio:

I use 1 ml CDH3000, instead of an activated drop of sodium chlorite 25% solution + hydrochloric acid 4% (MMS set) of the old MMS mixture. 1 activated drop of MMS consists of 1 drop of 25% sodium chlorite and 1 drop of 4% hydrochloric acid. It’s actually two drops. But it is seen and described as an activated drop of MMS (sodium chlorite). In this case, the descriptions always basically involve an activated drop. The problem with the ratio of drops of MMS to CDL /CDS / or CDH is that there are different dropper inserts for bottles that have different drop sizes. And not only that; If the dropper is used for a long time, the contents of the bottle are reduced, and the temperature and the liquids change, the drops may also be larger than they were at the beginning as the bottles are used. So ultimately different sizes. So it is never possible to say exactly how much a drop is from different dropping bottles. But that is not really of great importance if I stick to the “nausea limit” when using MMS or CDH and simply stay below it. Yes, the nausea limit exists for MMS and CDH, but not for CDL, depending on how it is manufactured. However, I consider this to be a serious disadvantage.

IMPORTANT: The nausea limit is probably the most important factor in your own dosage. Everything else can only be an approximate guide to get your bearings in the first place.

1 ml CDH3000 corresponds here in my explanations therefore to 1 activated drop of MMS.

I also draw this knowledge from my tolerance to chlorine dioxide, i.e. the limit at which I feel nauseous. Nevertheless, CDH3000 is more compatible than MMS. The combination of CDH with DMSO and MKB Vital, which I only use now, is much more effective from my observations than the old methods without these additions. The taste is also more pleasant.

Why does 1 ml of CDH correspond to only one drop of MMS in my case?

Since the sodium chlorite and the hydrochloric acid in the CDH are already mixed with water, there is inevitably a larger amount. Still, if I were to take CDH internally, I would add at least the same amount of water to it. However, MMS or CDH is often described in a glass of water. Such a glass usually has a volume between 150 and 200 ml. This amount of extra water is also good and important for dilution. I only deviate from this with the power method, but I only use it a maximum of 3 times in total. I had described these briefly above.

So if I use 3 ml of CDH per intake, at least 3 ml of water should be added. More is always more pleasant.

CDH3000 is also very easy to use. With the Doser system bottle which is available from 250 ml, a kind of dosing syringe can be ordered with which I can measure the CDH very easily, safely and accurately. It is called “Doser”.

I describe other variants of chlorine dioxide and other useful substances in the section: “Overview “CDH, CDS, CDL, Twinoxide, Gefeu and other important substances”.

What is CDL?

CDL, which means nothing else than chlorine dioxide solution, is basically chemically nothing else than the CDH3000, which I use. “Twinoxide” also becomes a chlorine dioxide solution. There is no further fixed definition, even if the method of preparation of the solution can differ from one another. I use CDH3000, especially since it seems to be cheaper, more durable and even more effective. At least these are my observations. CDL and CDS are given elsewhere partly in the following ratio: 1 ml CDL/CDS would correspond to 3 activated drops of MMS. However, since the effect was not sufficient even according to some user reports and the tolerance of CDH3000 is higher, I now use a milliliter of CDH3000 instead of an activated drop of MMS. I also state this here. In my experience, with this dosage there are very good and quick results. The decision about the amount, like the entire use, is of course everyone’s own responsibility. In any case, these are all only guidelines that come from experience and do not always have to apply to every human being or every animal. Therefore, the limit of nausea that exists with CDH and MMS must always be observed.

MMS /CDL and the suppliers:

Please note that suppliers of chlorine dioxide products deal with disinfectants, chemical or mineral substances and are not allowed to advise anyone on the use of these substances. After all, these are not “approved” for this purpose. For this reason you will not get any information about the synonym “MMS” invented by Jim Humble. In order to get answers to all questions about the application, I have therefore brought these pages to life. Also the Guide to chlorine dioxide from the publisher for health , reports quite well about it.

Here you can find your own experiences and information that you have collected. I am happy to answer your questions by email if you cannot find the answers yourself here. However, you should read the information beforehand so that I don’t have to constantly answer questions that have already been answered on the info page.

Use MMS, chlorine dioxide only on your own responsibility Due to my own negative experiences, I no longer place my health solely in the hands of strangers. In addition, this does not only apply to health. I check myself, think and, above all, feel into the topic that is at stake. Is it really going to do me any good? Sure, I too was initially a little fearful and cautious in new areas. However, I can only deal with this if I:
1.) Trust in myself and my feeling,
2.) I have done enough research,
3.) I have gained my own initial experience,
4) not to be ruled by fear, but to feel and sense the hope and change I will enter.

Trust, ego and feeling

Many people put too much trust in their head (ego) and brain. No wonder, because our society, upbringing and usually our own families, only teach it that way. But everyone has to be smart for himself and his special person and situation, because people are very individual and also different. This also applies to the experience mentioned with regard to the dosages. When my feeling guides me and I listen to the “quiet voice” instead of the “loud voice of the brain”, which is more susceptible to many manipulations, I often arrive at the right solution on my own path with primal trust.

Our faith decides our life. This is what we are currently experiencing with the so-called “Plandemie”.

What I believe has a huge impact on my experience. The feeling and finally the thought precede everything we do!

So before the thought comes the feeling. So we create our world with our feelings and thoughts. This is how our world emerges as we see it and actually experience it originally from feelings. The interface between the feeling as “non-matter” and the arrival in the body is the intestine. Therefore, it is also of great importance for health, as you will find out later. This is also the case with

disharmony (disease), and

Harmony (Health).

Everyone has their own world, so to speak, and creates it for themselves through their thoughts. This is mainly done subconsciously. And this is precisely the problem why most people cannot even see the original problem and the solution to it. 96% of our decisions are made subconsciously, according to a figure from relationship counseling. This makes the problem clear. So if we look for solutions only on the conscious side, it’s no wonder if we don’t find them.

Consciousness just has too little influence on our lives. So when we recognize behaviors through the help of others that we need to change, it must not be about blaming ourselves. It is about consciously recognizing the subconscious problem and thereby being able to change it. This is necessary when we get stuck or get sick.

Several people who experience the same situation together often feel and interpret it completely differently than the other. You can already test this knowledge on this. People of the same kind often see it the same way. But some are exactly the other way around or completely different. For me, the world is always the way I see and feel it. So we first give the events a meaning and a meaning. Your own imprint and your own experience of past situations are decisive. Therefore, only I can change my world, or how I see it.

Someone looking at the situation “from the outside” can help tremendously, This is called a “meta-level”). This is especially true if the latter has a different, freer way of thinking than the person concerned.

A holistic, all-encompassing view that includes everything is required for perfect harmony. Thus body, mind and soul must be observed and observed. This is the only way to find the real causes of problems and also to simply eliminate or resolve them. A great many factors play a role here.

If you don’t just want to fight symptoms, you have to deal extensively with your self and your impressions. He should recognize and become aware of what has brought him to this point. Unfortunately, the problems are not obviously on the surface, otherwise we would see them immediately. No, they are just anchored in the subconscious, which makes the search alone a bit more difficult, and for some even impossible. Especially with children, this point of view is difficult to understand for some. But if you set off, you can also come to the solution and see or recognize the connections clearly. Only then can you actively “reprogram” yourself accordingly.

Illness a sign of the soul?

Illness can be seen as a sign that our soul communicates to us through our body. It is a “cry for help” and a building block for our further development. So we shouldn’t “fight” it. So diseases keep us in mind the tasks and problems that we should finally recognize. So they have to be resolved if we really want to get back into harmony and become healthy. So we would have to take on this task. To that end, one problem has me wondering:
“What is the current situation supposed to tell me?”, and:
“What should I learn from this for my development, or what do I need to learn to accept?
“What does this situation have to do with me?”

Very clarifying for me was the sentence from “a conversation between soul and body about the ego”:“You show it to him”, said the soul to the body, “it doesn’t listen to me“.

By he or she is meant the ego. And the soul created a physical illness for the ego so that it would finally see and recognize the problem. So illness is an indication of something that has gotten out of hand. To a disharmony.

The conscious mind says “YES”, but the subconscious says “No” or vice versa. This is where the disharmony arises, the inner turmoil, which ultimately shows up in the body at some point. Often we are just trying to solve the problems on the material plane instead of paying attention to where they actually come from. You can approach and work on these problems on the spiritual level, try to initiate them from the physical level through material impulses, or both. I think that healing can be initiated on all levels, namely in the body, in the mind and in the soul.

Now we come first to an effective liberation possibility on the physical, material level, the chlorine dioxide aka “MMS”. Chlorine dioxide MMS to the liberation on material level Concerning MMS/Chlorine dioxide I go now thus in this chapter mainly only on the physical level, although it is to give also the communication of ill-making germs to the brain.

MMS probably, by getting rid of these germs, even influences the psyche, so to speak. According to his own statement (2015), around 14 million people helped bring their health back through the use of MMS. He stated that he could fix over 90% of all known illnesses with MMS. MMS would largely rid the body of pathogenic germs. Thus, the previously weak immune system, could again provide for self-healing and health.

On this page I have compiled information about chlorine dioxide (MMS and CDH), which may also help you to save your life or that of others, as Jim Humble wrote so beautifully in one of his books. He said that curing illnesses could also save families a lot of suffering and work. Not to mention relieving the burden on the health care system, which is turning out to be more and more of a disease system.

The experiences presented here can of course never be conclusive. I am therefore happy to include your experiences with MMS here.

It is best to simply enter your experience in the GUEST BOOK. Please report there about your experiences and self-experiments with this disinfectant chlorine dioxide. If you have any questions, please do not ask them in the guestbook, but only by e-mail. Which products I still use, why and for what, you can find on the page: Overview of substances. I myself use, because of the much easier handling, only CDH3000 with the practical CDH Doser.

You can find more information about CDH in the section: CDH – like MMS, only simpler .

There you will also find the new power method. It involves the deep booster DMSO100 as well as MKB Vital (cell strengthening agent with anti-fungal, “viral” and parasitic action). Since chlorine dioxide does not taste so good in aqueous solution, I additionally use: 1 ml DMSO100 + 1 ml MKB Vital or also a mixture thereof, namely DMKB 1 ml. These additions also apparently have a stronger and broader effect. You can read more about this in the overview of the substances. There is a mix that unites MKB and DMSO. This is called “DMKB” and makes it easier to take. From DMKB use a third of the amount that I use from CDH3000. So if I take 3 ml CDH3000, I add 1 ml DMKB and 3 ml water to the doser. Then I can take everything together in half a glass of water. If the problem is acute, I use DMKB to CDH3000 up to 3 times in a 1:1 ratio.

1/4 teaspoon of this high-quality Finnish xylitol birch sugar also improves the taste. It also gets into the blood faster. Xylitol also cleans and cares for the teeth. Therefore, it is a great alternative for dental problems. But be careful! Do not give xylitol to animals, especially dogs!

Any questions?

If you still have questions despite what I said on the info page, just write me an email. To do this, click HERE. Or write to info@mmstropfen.eu

Enjoy the rest of the reading.

All love Sebastian

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Products other than MMS:

If you don’t want to carefully activate the MMS drops yourself for a long time, the easier-to-use chlorine dioxide ready-mixed (CDL), such as “CDH3000”, could be of interest. I will go into this in more detail later.

Detailed information about MMS, CDL, DMSO

More detailed information about MMS, CDL, DMSO on Jim Humble and his discoveries I first got in books. For more on the books and films, see also on: Literature/Books .

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Important: MMS / CDH / chlorine dioxide and other substances are not a cure, drug or medicine. It is a disinfectant that contains chlorine dioxide. However, it is not chlorine bleach! To make chlorine bleach, you need other, more harsh substances. MMS / CDH do not cure anything. Healing always takes place only through ourselves. No remedy can heal, it can only support. Here, for example, through selective oxidation. Only those who have dealt extensively with MMS (chlorine dioxide solution) will gain confidence in its use. However, everyone must take responsibility for their own health when walking on new paths. If I prefer to abdicate my responsibility for my health because I believe others can or know more, I would not pursue the issues here.


The experiences gathered on these pages only reflect the opinion and summary of the author. They do not constitute medical advice. Use of the information provided is always at your own risk, decision and responsibility and is not recommended. This site is not intended to influence or manipulate anyone to blindly relate the information given here and to use the specified substances in the manner described for themselves or others. The authors and the publisher are expressly not liable for any damage that may arise from the use of the information and experience given here. They also assume no liability for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims of any kind are excluded. Everyone is responsible for what they do or not do. For medical advice, see a naturopath, doctor, or psychotherapist.