Important notes – please read

MMS / CDH – important information, please read first.
Before I take any substances, I do some research. Outdated dosage instructions should be “enjoyed” with caution.

Never mix and activate both bottles of sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid completely!
The resulting amount of chlorine dioxide could lead to breathing problems.

  1. Inform first, then use.
  2. Do not allow children to handle MMS / CDH / chlorine dioxide, hydrochloric acid, and especially not with sodium chlorite!
  3. Do not leave activated MMS unattended.
  4. Never drink activated MMS straight. Always add water. Usually 100 ml at least with activated 3 drops or also with 3 ml CDH3000.
  5. Do not preactivate and store MMS in a closed bottle without water. However, with sufficient water this is not a problem (as with the CDH3000).
  6. Do not place activated MMS in sunlight. Chlorine dioxide is sensitive and breaks down slowly when exposed to light, even in closed bottles.

Notes on using MMS:

  1. Do not mix MMS with alcohol or coffee.
  2. Special MQL mixture externally (without added water) – only max. leave on the skin for a minute.
  3. Never inhale undiluted chlorine dioxide gas from activated MMS.
  4. Do not use high-dose vitamin C directly with MMS / CDH unless I want to slow the response. For example, if you feel unwell or feel sick. In this case, I take high doses of vitamin C. I also drink a glass of juice with a teaspoon of vitamin C powder.
  5. Do not store, activate or use activated MMS in metallic containers or in PET containers. It attacks them.
  6. MMS – avoid splashes – there are white bleaching spots and some materials are discolored.
    In the case of nausea, vomiting, headache or abdominal pain, I can stop the reaction early or reduce it by taking the following initial measures:
    a.) eat an apple.
    b.) drink two glasses of water.
    c.) Drink a glass of water with a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate (baking soda).
    d.) Drink 1 glass with 2-5 g vitamin C powder, dissolved in water or juice.
    e.) Drink 2 glasses of orange juice.
    f.) Wait and keep calm until it improves. The best thing to do is just lie down and keep calm. The body regulates itself relatively quickly.
    g.) A very effective method that the body can deal with the chlorine dioxide more quickly is a full bath in the bathtub with 20 activated drops of MMS. When absorbed through the skin, the tolerance level increases immediately.

So there are a few options. However, I don’t use all of them together. If I feel better after one of the measures, I can continue with a reduced dosage. For many people, however, there are no noticeable unpleasant reactions at all. When these occur, it shows how much the body is “littered”.

  1. If I get a splash of activated MMS in the eyes, rinse immediately with plenty of water. Therefore, always protect your eyes and make sure that no splashes can get into them.

I achieve this by using the dropper bottle far away from my face.

  1. MMS “dilutes” the blood, one could put it simply. But basically it only dissolves blood platelets sticking together. As a result, it regains the normal flow properties of healthy blood. Thus, DMSO is not a “blood thinner”. However, taking medicinal blood thinners after regulating platelets with MMS or CDH can become too much. Using the blood thinner is then neither useful nor harmless. Therefore, in this case, I would have the blood checked regularly if I am using MMS / CDH / DMSO and this problem was present. There are some dangers associated with unnecessary use of blood thinners. Caution also for people who are hemophilic. After an “MMS / CDH cure” it probably no longer makes sense to use blood thinners as a “preventative measure”. A qualified doctor or alternative practitioner should carry out the assessment and monitoring and discuss the situation. So you better check more often whether blood thinners are really necessary. From my point of view, that should be done anyway.
  2. if I had a chlorine allergy, I would use MMS / CDH very carefully and dose it very low at first. Here again, observation is the be-all and end-all.
  3. In the case of liver and kidney dysfunction: Make sure that these organs are not overloaded and first dose them low and then increase them if necessary.
  4. Medicines are partially detoxified by MMS. Many users reported that they had also reduced their previous medication or could even discontinue it. Because if the health problems for which the medication was taken disappear and these are no longer useful, there is an overdose. Apart from the unnecessary side effects. There is no point in taking medication for something that is no longer there.
  5. In the case of chronic ailments or sensitivity, I would first start with a few drops of MMS and test how much I can handle without problems.
  6. I don’t take MMS the day before an operation because it “thins” the blood. Or rather, it dissolves blood platelet adhesions, the so-called “money roll effect”, which is also said to lead to strokes and heart attacks. After a necessary operation, I would use it again immediately. Especially because of possibly resistant germs.
  7. Drink plenty of pure water with and during use.
    The body always needs sufficient water to clean up the immune system. Therefore, drinking 3 liters of pure water should be compulsory. The minimum amount of pure water can be determined using the rule of thumb 0.3 ml per kg of body weight.
    Only pure water, which still has the capacity to absorb and take away excess substances, can serve a cleaning process. Water is only important for cooling and flushing the body. The body only takes in minerals from food. When you learn to drink enough again, the feeling of thirst comes back, which has been forgotten. The water should taste as good as possible. Anyone who has tried different types of water side by side will notice what I mean. I don’t take water from PET bottles when I have to buy bottled water. The plasticizer that the good water dissolves from the material has no place in the body. So glass bottles are better.
    Forget information that says that only the amount of fluid is important. This is certainly illogical for everyone who thinks this through. A study that is supposed to state that coffee should be counted towards the amount of liquid to be drunk was misinterpreted because it said that the dehydrating effect is compensated for after drinking coffee. The only question then is, by what means. or with what. Because if there is not enough pure water in the body, it cannot compensate for it. Another important fact is that I consume enough healthy salt, such as Himalayan salt. The fairy tales about harmful salt consumption have long been refuted. I can tell the sufficient amount of salt by my need for it. If it is high, I also take more. In general, I can rely on my feelings. But more on that in a separate chapter on water and salt.
  8. How much acid do I really need to activate?
    I check the acid content of my morning urine (around 10 a.m.). It is the first urine to leave my body. This allows an approximate conclusion to my acid content in the tissue. I know that this is of course not very precise, but it is the only way to estimate this easily and cheaply yourself. If this pH value is below 7.0 throughout the day, I assume that the environment is acidic. This leads to a weakening of my intestines and thus the immune system. Pathogenic germs then feel good and settle there. But more about this in the chapter on acidification / deacidification. My observation when activating Sodium Chlorite 25% with Hydrochloric Acid 4% is that the less acid I need, the more Sodium Chlorite I want to activate. Half the amount of acid is usually sufficient.
    In an acidic environment, I mix MMS with less hydrochloric acid (half). This is the acid-reduced variant, which I generally favor. With this I then only use half of the 4% hydrochloric acid to activate. In the case of severe acidosis, there are also users who use the sodium chlorite solution without acid in water with a few drops of DMSO, for example up to 3 drops each. This is then very effective and you should again pay attention to the nausea limit. Experience has shown that this limit is much higher than with activated chlorine dioxide. The sodium chlorite is then activated in the stomach acid and also in other acidic places in the body.
  9. Use a suitable funnel (e.g. made of HDPE or PP) when decanting DMSO and MMS. Watch out for splashes and, if necessary, wipe them off with a damp cloth. Otherwise you can mess up a lot of furniture or clothing.
  10. When past health problems arise:
    MMS / chlorine dioxide also takes up problems from the past, so to speak, and thus diseases that have been dormant underground for a long time. It then brings this to light. Only then can the body undertake a real healing. This can e.g. B. happen by the dissolution of biofilms in which pathogenic germs, bacteria and sometimes parasites have nested or hidden. If there are people who write that they got sick from MMS, that’s probably exactly why. Jim Humble also became seriously ill once, despite taking MMS in the preventive dose. However, with the support of MMS, he quickly got back on his feet. Without MMS it would probably have looked different. Jim Humble had initially not taken MMS after he became seriously ill and the condition got worse and worse. Then he remembered MMS and took it again, whereupon he quickly recovered.

A motto in naturopathy is:
A chronic disease (which you may have already had) must first be made acute in order to be able to heal. So if there was previously a disease in the underground that you just hadn’t noticed, it may be that chlorine dioxide has now “brought it up” for healing. Only then can a healing finally be brought about. I always say that chlorine dioxide works deeper, in this case into the past, so to speak. So it also solves problems that were long ago but still slumbering underground. At least that’s my experience.
The real reason for illness is not in the matter, but in our feelings (frequencies). Therefore, one should always look to see what is actually the cause in the background.

  1. Observe the hazard warnings on the packaging.
    0.4 mg / L: is the maximum permitted chlorine dioxide content in the treatment of drinking water; a dosage of approx. 6 drops of the sodium chlorite solution 25% corresponds to a content of approx. 0.2 mg / L of the drinking water to be treated. Incidentally, sodium chlorite 25% aqueous solution is not corrosive. I checked that on my skin myself. I will write about this elsewhere.
    It is important to always keep in mind that the dose is known to make up the poison.
    Important information on CDL / CDH
    Do not store CDH / CDL in semi-transparent bottles, but at least in light-protecting amber glass. Otherwise it will gradually lose its effect relatively quickly, because chlorine dioxide is sensitive to light. There are dealers who offer CDL in semi-transparent bottles. So be careful. If I want to protect it perfectly, I simply wrap aluminum foil around the entire bottle. Buying CDL / CDS / CDH in a Miron glass bottle, like this CDH3000 Premium, which I use, is ideal.
    Do not leave CDH / CDL bottles open. Otherwise the valuable chlorine dioxide would simply outgas. Then at some point the solution would be ineffective. The warmer the solution and the air, the faster this process goes.

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