Living water

-Water is life

There is a lot to report about water. It’s one of a kind.

– Nothing else is like water –

It transports information, messenger substances, minerals and many other things. Picks them up and hands them over.

Humans are made up of over 70% water. About 90% of the blood, about 80% of the muscles, about 70% of the liver and even 25% of the bones and fat tissue.

Thus, water has the largest share in our body! So we are “water beings”.

– water penetrates every cell in the body,

– All metabolic processes are directly or indirectly connected to the water.

Without water, no life as we know it would be possible.

The purer the water, the better it can take over or support the vital functions in our body.

How Much Should You Drink?

There was a study that was interpreted in such a way that all fluids have to be taken into account for hydration, including controversial drinks such as coffee, black tea, etc., which are known to cause dehydration. But anyone who has read the study could also read there that the dehydrating effect would balance out again. This may be true. The question arises, however, with what, if not with additional pure water and in this way you have less water available in the body due to the dehydration. The missing water has to be replenished somewhere …

I will not be persuaded that all liquids can achieve what pure water can do. The rule of thumb is a well-known one Water researcher Masura Emoto reads:

Drink 30 ml of pure water per pound of body weight daily.

With a body weight of 80 kg that would be: 30 ml x 80 kg = 2.4 liters. However, this researcher expressly meant it Not Drinks like: coffee, cola and other already “occupied” or “loaded” liquids, but only pure water.

Those who are sick should consume even more pure water, because without water nothing runs in the body.

I only think of the first emergency measure when the ambulance arrives. A drip with pure water and salt is applied (NaCl)! Ok, it’s not as good as water with ancient sea salt (Himalayan salt), but it also has regenerative properties.

How does water serve our body?

From my father, who was a naturopath for many decades, I learned that water is not there to supply our body with minerals. He taught me:

“Water is there for cooling and for rinsing”

This does not mean washing up, but the removal of waste products, or simply that which is to be flushed out of the body and released. Technically, toxins would be genes. So anyone who wants to stay or become healthy has to drink enough pure water .

Pure water is vital for humans and animals, at least if you want to stay or become healthy. The water that we drink serves the body as a means of transport to the cells during the absorption of nutrients. It transports the toxins that we ingest every day and the waste products (toxins) that our body produces back out. Many orthodox doctors say that there are no toxins in the body. If you then tell them that these are toxins, you will suddenly understand you again. And toxins are ultimately just “poisons”.

If the water is already loaded with substances, it cannot absorb any or only a few other substances in order to fulfill the exchange in our body. The Minerals that our body needs, it takes in organically bound form through food on. Only mineral-free water is able to rid our body of excess and deposited minerals and thereby has a cleansing effect on the body. We are metabolists and cannot simply absorb most of it.

>>So minerals in the water are rather counterproductive<<

Do you think the mineral content in water is for you good taste is decisive? That’s just the thing Not so. Water gets its good taste and its thirst-quenching properties through the amount of oxygen dissolved in it and through the reduction of minerals.

Do you still drink tap water or mineral water?

If YES, you are affected and you voluntarily consume antibiotics, hormones, nitrates, parasites, heavy metals, inorganic minerals and many different chemicals every day with the so-called “drinking water” that the body cannot use, but only pollute it. He has to laboriously excrete them again, for which, among other things, he needs clean water again …

How good is your drinking water?

Many think that the tap water in Germany is good after all. The waterworks issue values that should be good. But here is the question where from come the “ Limit values “ by which the quality is measured? Answer: They are fictitious and are simply increased when the water no longer corresponds to the values! In addition, the question then arises as to which water quality is important to you at home. Because the water still flows for kilometers through old, occupied pipes with deposits. So if you don’t trust tap water, you should drink bottled water. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you are better off. More and more scientific television programs have long reported that drinking water is no longer healthy and polluted.

The quality of the WATER
The tap water is not what some “promotional reports” promise. Yes, there are regular advertising campaigns for water.

The waterworks regularly examine whether the pollutants contained in the tap water do not exceed the legal limit values, but neither do they anymore. In addition, very few values are measured at all.


See here how things really are with the water quality. On the following LINKS

(Youtube): (Medicines in drinking water – ZDF Frontal21)

(Youtube): LkZ1H6y_HZk (Quarks & Co for drinking water)

The Drinking Water Ordinance prescribes a check of some pollutants, but in our tap water more than 1,200 harmful substances analyzed. This means that many undesirable and pathogenic foreign substances such as hormones or drug residues are not taken into account in the examinations! It should also be noted that the limit values have been specified in a generalized manner. These apply to everyone, regardless of their age, lifestyle and state of health. If the limit values are not adhered to, they are simply increased. Because limit values are relative. Who can prove how much of a solute will cause problems? For me, water has to be pure!

Take a look at your mineral water bottle. There you will only find 6 – 8 measured values. And should they say something about the quality?

Most of the media like to report about perfect drinking water. Everyone should think for themselves whether this is true.

What is the cause of bad drinking water?

Heavy metals such as copper, lead, cadmium, and mercury are found in your drinking water.

In addition, a real cocktail of plasticizers, hormones and drug residues. Sewage treatment plants cannot remove these. Agriculture uses toxins such as fungicides, pesticides, etc., which of course also get into the groundwater and thus back into your drinking water.

Naturopaths and doctors rightly demand that drinking water should be absolutely free of harmful substances.

Too many people pollute the constant amount of drinking water on our planet.

What should we believe now?
Water analyzes cost a lot of money. Between 80 and 120 €. And for that we only tested one water. Perhaps you now want to know what your tap and bottled water is like? Or the water with a relative? Just test up to 3 water samples from these (which you bring with you).

How can you just check your water yourself?
I get a rough overview with this simple water test device. A TDS.

With this you can measure the amount of molecules (salts, metals), i.e. the conductivity in the water. It shows the amount of foreign molecules that are present in the water “ppm “(Parts per million – parts per million). This shows how pure the water is. For example, my tap water at home has a value of 220-230 ppm. By the way, at that time there was a limit value of 140 ppm for tap water. In the course of time this was “adjusted” upwards to the necessity. However, this drinking water purification system gives me a value of 2 ppm from this water. At 2 ppm there are only a few minerals left in it. A value of 700 ppm should be measured in a participant in a water workshop. Alarming. A ppm value of up to 80 is still okay with reverse osmosis.

Good drinking water – animals as good indicators

When the water purification system is up and running, many pet owners report that their animals, who previously only drank tap water cautiously, suddenly drink a lot more. Of course, this is not always the case.

Which water is good now?
It has already been discussed above why good water should contain little or no minerals. So it should be a Mineral poor water be, which is also ready to receive and equipped with a primordial order. Water can absorb stress (e.g. from yelling) and stores it. A Mr. Emoto has made investigations into this.

carbonic acid is by the way a metabolic waste product that we have to laboriously dispose of from our body by exhaling (carbon dioxide). It is also, as the name suggests, SAUER. It would be paradoxical to drink it back in again. So I drink water without carbonic acid (if any bottled water). I know that some people say that the water doesn’t taste good then. We just lost our taste for pure water. In addition, not all water is created equal! In other words, you first have to find water that tastes natural on its own.

So I like best a pure, original spring water . However, it should not be pumped, but should bubble up to the surface by itself. Such water comes from you Artesian spring . It still has its natural energy and all the information it has gathered on its long journey into the depths. However, here too the question of purity must be clarified beforehand. Of course, you don’t fill such valuable water in PET plastic bottles. At least I don’t want any Plasticizers with drinks, which are probably dissolved by water, as a good solvent. If you look around for such a water, however, you will be amazed at the price. It’s not exactly cheap. In addition, when considering that water can absorb stress, the question arises as to how unstressed it arrives at us.

tap water is therefore an alternative for many. However, by pressing the water through the straight pipes, the water is downright stressed and loses its energy, which it naturally does through the “meandering” that is, the vortex and bubbling movement. As everyone knows, the result is that tap water calcifies everything. This is precisely due to the lack of movement when exiting the tap, as a housewife found out by chance. She then finally invented a seal that was built into the aerator . That was a poetry that the Shape of an 8 had and is called “Wasseracht”. It was simply exchanged on the tap, for example, and you have revitalized water again. Incidentally, the lime remains more dissolved in the water and therefore does not stick everywhere as a lime crust. This seal makes the water softer. This saves detergent, coffee powder, makes cleaning work in the household easier, nasty chemical cleaners and acids, and feels softer on the skin when showering or bathing. And unlike expensive technology, it hardly cost anything and was easy to assemble. Unfortunately, the inventor withdrew the licenses for sale. So you can no longer purchase them anywhere. Maybe a bit more … The inventor formed an 8 out of a paper clip and tested it. So she got the idea. So an idea that you could try yourself.

This means that the tap water does not become pure drinking water.

You can easily get pure drinking water from the cheapest tap water, for example with such a powerful 7-stage Water purification system (reverse osmosis) . It filters the water through activated carbon filters and finally presses it through a membrane that only lets the small water molecules through. With this method, the water becomes 99.9% pure.

You can taste that too. This water transforms what in my eyes is impure water into pure drinking water.

For such systems you can (depending on the distribution system) up to 2500 € output.

However, it doesn’t have to be. In addition to powerful systems, as mentioned above, there is also a small one Water purification system for small needs for less than € 200.

Since the filtering process of a reverse osmosis system also filters the base salts out of the water. Therefore this water has a lower pH value. If you still want alkaline water, you can purchase a ph + alkaline cartridge as an additional accessory. It is simply placed between the system and the tap.

It should be noted with these systems that the filters should be changed about twice a year. This is what the legislator prescribes. I use this to test whether you really have to change it TDS meter .

A friend tells me that he should pay € 270 for the filter in his system alone. The systems that I prefer only cost around € 200 and the filters between € 30 and € 40. Because of this, he immediately ordered a new device from my source.

Now the water is pure, has a good taste, but is still “stressed” by the line pressure. Some would say “dead”. There is now a simple solution to this. A water magnetization cartridge.

The effect of magnets on water has long been known. Just think of the moon, the ebb and flow of the tide.

“Dead” Water is converted into energetic water according to the principle of natural springs that meander. Important meridian frequencies are raised, negative vibrations are eliminated.

Energy-rich water is able, among other things, to Dissolve and flush out deposits in the body . Plants that are watered with energetic water show an elementary higher growth. In my opinion, this magnetization surpasses the energetics of commercially available mineral waters.

* I can feel and taste the difference, too.

* An independent study by the IIREC Institute in Graz confirmed:
The effects found show an effective imprint of biologically relevant signals in the water in the form of activation or a positive change in those signals that are imprinted in the water.

A turbulence activates the water, whereby the water receives an effective impression of biologically relevant signals. Turbulence has a positive effect on both the structure of the water and its biological effect (influence on the control of the body system, countermeasures to pathogenic influences from germs and geological, atmospheric and technical electromagnetic disturbances). Biological disturbances stored in the water and unnatural electromagnetic imprints are corrected by magnetization and turbulence.

I draw my almost 100% pure drinking water myself through your water purification device and revitalize it with the Energizing cartridge for water revitalization from These can be connected or retrofitted in front of every reverse osmosis system. You can even operate it all by yourself, which is much cheaper. By magnetizing the water with 9000 Gauss magnets built into the cartridge, the water is refined by converting the macro-clusters into micro-clusters. This refinement dissolves all inharmonic connections, so to speak, so that the water is back in its original frequency and harmony. As a result, it is invigorating, stimulating and energizing for my body. The cartridge structures the water through magnetism, so it revitalizes it. Turbulence also takes place in it.

These Magnetization cartridge does not produce wastewater like reverse osmosis does. It works without electricity and does not need any filters or filter changes. Such a cartridge lasts over 50 years. So it is also financially very rewarding. You can even connect it to the main water pipe and get energized and soft water everywhere in a pipe network up to 30 meters long.

This is also a great solution for dishwashers, washing machines, faucets. Many housewives know what I am talking about. On the subject of lime …

Last but not least: One can discuss one’s water. For example with the words: “love”, “healing”, “regeneration”, “health”, “strength”. It has been proven that the water takes over this information. Especially when you really feel what is behind the words in terms of meaning for us while you are uttering them.

The water researcher Emoto has explored the harmonization through discussion. Talking about it changes the frequency and I can use it to improve my water again easily and free of charge before drinking.

No water is fundamentally bad. You just have to make something out of it. And when we become more and more people who more and more contaminate, poison and pollute the constant amount of drinking water on our planet, we should at least purify it again so that our body can do its work. There is no more fresh water on our earth than what has been around for thousands of years. You just have to clean it again, above all, energetically.

To protect the skin, which is sometimes sensitive to chlorine and other impurities in the water, shower filters, such as these can even be used for the bathtub, help Shower and bath filters.

Life is frequency.

Further information, in particular about harmonizing the body with water and salt, will follow.

Keep checking back …

All the best!