MKB Vital trace element

MKB Vital – is a mixture of magnesium, potassium and borax!

In principle, I am not a fan of powders, minerals and additional vitamins, because we should primarily get these ourselves from our food. More about this on the subject of “ CHEW AND DIGESTIVE “.

However, if you are out of balance, you can help a little on the physical level in order to be able to regenerate more quickly, also on the emotional level. That doesn’t mean, of course, that you shouldn’t eat healthily. However, I found a product whose ingredients promise me special.

Borax is a well-known, effective mineral

One of these special ingredients is the long-known borax. It is no longer freely available for sale today. Only after submitting a trade license and a user declaration. The further I got into the subject of borax, the more astonished I was. Borax is a great addition to CDH (CDL) MMS / chlorine dioxide and DMSO and completes the possibilities to get even faster and better results. A substance that contains borax in an increased form through the addition of magnesium chloride and is rounded off with a little potassium is called “ MKB Vital “. New possible combinations of ingestion and external application with MKB Vital have been tested by me and some users and it is really amazing what moves with it. It is a mixture of trace elements in pure quality. In my experience, this mixture, which is actually only intended for the preparation of caviar, usually helps very well with osteoarthritis and even rheumatism.

What’s in the MKB?

Approx. 35% magnesium chloride (obtained by sun drying from the Dead Sea), almost 2% potassium chloride, approx. 1% borax and water.

I use it to compensate for deficits in trace elements, to reduce pest infestation, to strengthen the cell structure of plants and animals, as well as my own cells. Of course, it not only strengthens plant cell structures, but also human cell structures. It’s very pure quality. That is also the reason why I safely use it for myself internally and externally.

The following information is partly taken from scientific work and is presented here without obligation. Before using it, everyone has to find out more about this topic and act on their own responsibility. MKB Vital could also help to compensate for deficits in food and industrialized agriculture.
With regard to the bioavailability of salts, some people think that they have to be neutralized for better absorption. However, I cannot follow that and users also report that these untreated salts would work better. This was noticed by some after abandoning the view of poorer bioavailability.

The proportion of borax evidently causes a slow and at the same time reliable dissolution of calcification in cells of all living beings, this also applies to what is considered to be a critical state of calcification.
A fundamental strengthening of the cell structures with a substance that has a similar composition to MKB is reported from tests under medical supervision as well as from field tests in agricultural science. Of course, this has an equivalent effect in terms of prevention. The effect of borax is significantly supported by magnesium chloride. Both elements complement each other perfectly and thus give all life a remarkable strengthening. Because it is widely reported that this combination reverses the calcification and stiffening in old age and relieves osteoarthritis, a small amount of potassium chloride was added to this trace element mixture “MKB Vital”. This apparently also improves the elasticity in the cells.

Borax has a significant effect on the parathyroid glands, regulates the absorption and metabolism of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, which also reduces hyperactivity. It has a strong disinfectant effect, especially against fungi, viruses and parasites, but less so against bacteria. But that’s what MMS, CDH / chlorine dioxide is for.
Calcification in the tissue can cause muscle tension and joint stiffness. This is also critical in the area of the arteries and the endocrine glands, in particular the pineal gland and ovaries, as well as the kidneys.
A deficiency in boron combined with a deficiency in magnesium is particularly harmful to bones and teeth. It could also be a key factor in triggering tumor growth. Magnesium deficiency is said to be widespread today and can promote many diseases. The boron partially improves heart problems and general well-being. The influence on the quality of the bone structure is apparently based on two related effects:

The increased boron content makes the bones harder and the restoration of normal sex hormone levels stimulates cell renewal.

A low levels of estrogen after the Menopause is probably the main reason why women suffer from osteoporosis and men suffer from it Testosterone levels sink. Falling testosterone levels should come back with it Prostate problems related. Positive reviews about that Shrinking tumors and cancer can be found on the Internet due to the wide range of experiences that have been made in connection with the ingestion of trace element mixtures, such as those similar to MKB. Even after topical use, people report improvement in their joints and a complete decrease in Fungal problems .

MKB and the pineal gland

The pineal gland works reliably again with borax compositions. It produces the “sleep hormone” melatonin in the evening and the “happiness hormone” serotonin in the morning. Thus it also indirectly strengthens the psyche.
Fluoride compounds, such as those found in antidepressants, apparently damage the pineal gland. Therefore, MKB seems to be important here.

Many people know from medicine:
Potassium is good for normal blood pressure, good muscles and nerves . Magnesium is good for you regular heartbeat, stable muscles, good psyche and nerves as well as a optimal energy generation and to reduce fatigue . Magnesium is important for the maintenance of bones and teeth and fulfills well in the body 300 tasks as I read. In this way it is one of the most important and important minerals. So everything you need is apparently included here. The combination with CDH3000 and DMSO is unique. From my point of view, the taste of CDH / MMS also improves considerably as a result of the combination. There is already a combination of DMSO and MKB, which can be bought under the name “DMKB”.

What effects have been reported with this MKB Vital mixture?

  • Detoxification.
  • Anti-parasitic effect.
  • Alzheimer’s (removal of aluminum + strengthening of the boron content in the brain – (improved performance)
  • As a parasite spray in the sprayer 100 ml distilled water and 1 ml MKB Vital.
  • Normalization of the level of sex hormones.
  • Strengthening the skin and hair.
  • Strengthening the fingernails.
  • Decrease in fungal problems.
  • Sleep more calmly.
  • Active wakefulness (I feel more alert / fitter).
  • Dissolution of calcification in cells (even in critical conditions) osteoporosis.
  • Prevention of calcification (osteoarthritis).
  • Help with cancer.
  • Improvement of cell elasticity.
  • Improvement in heart problems.
  • Improvement of the psyche and nerves.
  • Strengthening muscles.
  • Optimization of the energy production of the cells.
  • Normalization of blood pressure.
  • Normalization of testosterone levels in men (prostate problems).
  • against calcification in the tissue with muscle tension.
  • Improve joint activity.
  • against calcification of the arteries, endocrine glands, pineal gland, ovaries and kidneys.
  • good for strengthening bones and teeth.
  • Decrease in the initiation of tumor growth.
  • Improvement of general well-being.
  • Normalization for prostate problems.

In some situations there were immediately noticeable effects and changes.

The taste of MKB Vital:

MKB tastes similar to sea salt from Brittany.
You could also use it to season the soup. It’s a little milder than salt, however. If you dilute it with water, the salty taste becomes a bit bitter. If you increase the dilution further, it even becomes a bit sweet. This is entirely my taste. So I can adjust the taste to my needs through the dilution. I think it tastes a bit like salmiak liquorice when I only try one or two drops and I find that pleasant.

Application of MKB:

There is an opinion of the Scientific Panel for Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies from August 2004, according to which the following values should not be exceeded when taking such a mixture.
If MKB is used “improperly” as a mineral supplement, the following maximum daily amounts must not be exceeded.

  1. Week 1 to 3 x 12 drops
  2. Week 1 to 3 x 23 drops

More than 3 x 67 drops a day should then be avoided. That would be 201 drops a day.

For pregnant and breastfeeding women, the following maximum tolerable intake should be adhered to: 0.16 mg boron per kilogram of body weight per day.

For information: 34 drops of MKB Vital contain approx. 200 mg magnesium chloride, 20 mg potassium chloride and 11 mg borax (sodium borate)

1 gram of MKB Vital corresponds to approx. 17 drops (depending on the size of the drops).
If I want to take it slow, I might be able to use the following variant.

Slow increase:
1 x 12 drops daily for 7 days, then
2 x 12 drops daily for a further 7 days, then
Then continue with 3 x 12 drops daily
3 x 20 drops daily
daily 3 x 25 daily until if necessary
3 x 45 drops daily

The dosage limit – overdose:
If you experience pain in your joints or muscles after taking it for a long time, the dose is probably too high. However, depending on requirements, this can also be the case with small quantities. In such a case, I would reduce it to a tolerable level, slow it down, or stop taking it for a time.

From the 4th week of use, according to the recommendations of a study, medical checks of the calcium value should be carried out continuously. If this becomes unbalanced, blood pressure changes could occur. I’ve been taking it for several years now and haven’t been able to identify these problems with myself. But of course that is no guarantee for other people. It is therefore advisable to make good personal observations.
I start with a small dose and slowly increase. I like that.

Possible side effects:
These explanations come from information about boron and borax. In the case of the coordinated mixture from MKB in the specified doses, these were not reported in this way. Probably because the concentrations are lower but the combination makes them more pleasant. Here, too, every person is individual. So I should know what if I have overdosed. Basically, side effects of drugs are usually undesirable and often dangerous. In contrast, natural substances such as borax are mostly healing reactions with a regenerating long-term effect. They usually occur when the dosage is chosen too high or increased too quickly. An overload reaction occurs most frequently when clearing out the Candida fungus.
High levels of calcium in cells that borax alone encounters can cause painful muscle contractions with cramps or twitches if dosed too high. Boron in combination with magnesium, however, can bring about a rapid relaxation of the situation and alleviate the pain. This is included in MKB. Therefore, it is not to be expected with normal dosage. However, if pain occurs in connection with MKB, I would reduce the dosage, as already explained above.

In the case of chronic, long-term and severe calcifications, the large amount of calcium cannot of course be rearranged in a short time. This can cause problems, especially in the hips and shoulders. Severe cramps and pain as well as circulatory disorders and paresthesia can occur if the dosage is too high and too fast. Nerve disorders in the hands and feet can manifest as numbness or reduced sensitivity of the skin surface. Large amounts of calcium and fluoride must pass through the kidneys and could cause temporary kidney pain. Therefore, the dosage should be carried out carefully according to the general condition. Healing reactions are unavoidable, but can be pleasant or hardly noticed by slowly increasing the dosage.
However, I consider diarrhea to be a cleansing action for the body. Therefore it is a desired effect for me. However, if this stays longer, I reduce the amount taken and make sure that I consume enough water with a little Himalayan salt (electrolytes).
Headaches also indicate an action, but can also indicate a dose that is too high. The detoxification reaction then happens too quickly. Therefore, reduce again here and drink, drink, drink….

With unpleasant effects

In this case, I simply reduce the dose or stop taking it for the time being until it goes away. Here, too, it is important to drink more, preferably pure water, for draining. Finally, I slowly increase the dose again.

Serious problems during use often suggest that the dosage is too high. By the way, lymph drainage is improved by jumping on a trampoline. Walking or upside down positions, such as headstand, hanging the body over a pole, etc. also improves the action. Particularly when treating the musculoskeletal system, it makes sense to move the areas that are in regeneration (limbs) so that MCB arrives there safely and what has been loosened can flow away.

Experiences for a

ABC of using MKB:

No guarantee can be given for the information collected here. Here, too, everyone acts on their own decision and responsibility.

I have found that taking CDH, DMSO and MKB with warm water is more pleasant, also in terms of taste. Of course, the CDH outgases faster with warm water. Therefore, the mixture should be drunk / used immediately.
Another way to enjoy MKB is to add 20 drops to a mug of tea. I find sage tea to promote healing and support inflammatory problems. However, since this does not taste very good on its own, I use a mixture of sage with eucalyptus. The MKB sweetens the tea so that I no longer need sugar. However, if I still want to use sugar, I like to use the xylitol birch sugar. But that’s another topic.

Cancer combination application internally with CDH

Fill 1/2 a glass with juice (if possible without added vitamins such as “ascorbic acid”, “vitamin C”, as these are high doses and could possibly reduce the effect). However, this is controversial and I am of the opinion that taking it in a time lag (about 1/2 hour waiting time) should not result in any significant weakening.
Fill in 3 ml CDH3000 or 3 drops of activated MMS 1
Add 1 ml DMSO 100
38 drops of MKB Vital (if I have already reached this number of drops).

Another simple variant is the use of DMKB. This is a DMSO-Magnesium-Potassium-Borax solution that I already mentioned above.
The daily number of MKB drops should initially not exceed 150, so that you proceed with caution.
If I use the CDH 8 times a day and want to use this variant 8 times as well, I reduce the number of MKB drops to 19 drops per mixture.

Finally, I fill the glass with warm water and drink the mixture. The warm water makes it much more pleasant to use. Here, too, I always pay attention to my well-being. Some may only take the mixture 2-3 times a day.

Cancer combination on the outside

  1. CDH3000 (as a spray)
    I dilute the CDH3000 1: 1 with water and fill it in a spray bottle. I can, of course, instead CDH1500 use. I use it to spray affected areas of the skin. Then I drip, the larger the area, add a few drops of MKB and distribute them with my finger. Then I would drip a few drops of the DMSO100 over it and distribute it with my finger as well. Everything warms up wonderfully. With this DMSO concentration, I pay attention to the itching and any reddening of the skin. If this becomes too strong, I either spray some MMS spray or CDH solution over it to further dilute the solution. But drizzling on a few drops of distilled water also helps. Of course, tap water works too. Then let the whole thing dry. If I have the DMKB solution, I use it instead of the DMSO and the MKB.
    In an acute case with pain, I initially use this method every 15 minutes and then reduce the intervals to 3-2 times a day.

Strengthen plants, fertilize, protect against parasites with MKB Vital:

1 gram (approx. 17 drops corresponds to approx. 1 ml) to 1 liter of water once a week.
88 drops in 10 liters of irrigation water for two consecutive weeks promoted growth and significantly strengthened the plants. They were also free of all pests again. So I use a little less MKB when making more irrigation water. If the dose is not enough, I increase it. I have to watch this then.

However, different plants also have a tolerance limit for salts, which magnesium chloride is. Therefore always watch carefully. The size of the drops also differs depending on the model of the dropper.

MKB Vital for internal use:
Fast action through the oral mucosa

This type of intake is also suitable for “quick in between”. To do this, I simply drip 1-2 drops pure on the tongue and let it dissolve there while salivating (up to 2 minutes). Finally I swallow it down. Through the tongue, it has fairly direct access to the blood via the vena cava. So you also take homeopathy or other active ingredients that go straight into the blood via the tongue. I can increase the effect with 2-3 drops of DMSO100. Of course, it also has to taste good, so I only take as many drops as I feel comfortable.

MKB Vital for animals

Dogs: 6 drops in the food (for a dog around 30 kg). Most of the time you will even eat better.

MKB in horses:

70 drops twice a day, starting with 1 tbsp. Always give at least the same amount of water. You can do the taste test yourself here. It should always taste good. If not, I would increase the water content. To test this, I of course try the mixture myself before giving it.

Borax is considered to be genetically damaging. But is this always the case?
Genetic damage in animal experiments is the biggest side effect of taking boron. In rats, mice and dogs, however, damage to testicles and sperm only occurred after several weeks at doses above 26 milligrams of boron per kilogram of body weight. However, this would correspond to an amount of 15 grams of borax per day for a body weight of 60 kilograms. But we don’t get there for a long time with the dosages mentioned and this is also not necessary with this mixture. After all, thanks to potassium and magnesium, it is more effective than borax alone. Making MKB on its own would be difficult because borax is very difficult to dissolve in water. With MKB as a ready-made solution, this problem does not apply.

Digestive problems (in humans):
30 – 60 drops in water once a day.
30 drops actually always work.

Brush teeth:
Put a few drops (1-2) mixed with a little water on the tongue and chew for a longer period of time so that you can then rinse and brush your teeth. Then you can also swallow it down.
If the taste is not pleasant, I also drink more water or milk after the rinse. I find the taste very pleasant after repeated use.

The text already shows numerous effects that were likely to be achieved sooner or later with the dosage.

Is MKB a miracle medicine?
No of course not. But what regulates itself again by compensating for the missing trace elements, sometimes had massive positive health effects. Of course, it doesn’t apply to everything. But that’s always the case. A try, in combination with the other components, is definitely worth it from my experience and can perhaps achieve a lot that we did not expect.

The effect of boron

Boron is an element that is only 1% represented in the body. If it is missing, however, the effects are striking. In this combination, MKB also has a harmonizing frequency, which also leads to harmonization on an energetic level. You can feel that too.

Here are some testimonials that reached me:
… .. my dandruff over my eyes just went away after a week MKB. They had been there for years and kept coming back. I took MKB 6 times a day with 10 drops and dripped one drop from a mixture (1 ml MKB to 100 ml water in the dropper bottle) to the rims of my eyes and spread them there….

.. I got cleansing diarrhea. Originally, the diarrhea smelled of plastic. But at some point it was over and I felt totally purified. After the increase, I took 6 x 35 drops (converted) in water and brushed my teeth with 2 drops that I dripped straight onto my tongue….

… already after the first ingestion of 10 drops (converted) pure on the tongue, I noticed while jogging in the evening how my energy was increasing. I wasn’t as cold as usual. My body warmed up faster …

… I simply put 42 drops of MKB into my scrambled eggs and seasoned it with them. It tasted good and my symptoms gradually got better. Now I continue in water….

… my bowel movements were stuck. With 70 drops (converted) MKB, digestion got back on its toes. The last thin stool became firmer. Great stuff!….

… after a week in which I slowly increased the drops, I noticed that I could urinate more pain-free again. My prostate problems are getting better!

.. I now brush my teeth alternately with MMS and MKB Vital. But MKB tastes better to me….
… I bathed in a bathtub with MMS and 70 drops of MKB Vital. My circulation was much more stable after the bath and I felt like I was changed….

… it felt like the whole body was flushed and cleansed. A pain or something similar flickered everywhere. It was the places that I already had problems with. However, it passed and did not come back after taking it again …

… I was able to ejaculate again without pain for the first time. Great substance! ……

… ..I had a more intense feeling during sex, was more relaxed and felt more soulful….

… my stiffness dissolved more and more from day to day. I’ll stick with it and …….

… … my thoughts were suddenly very clear. As clear as not in a long time. It seems to support a new consciousness. But be careful! I took it at night and stayed awake longer. I kept thinking of things that I had actually long since forgotten. Actually, I didn’t really want to think about this in my actual night’s sleep. After all, I want to sleep. So I preferred to take it during the day. Super…..

… after the second dose I was able to type faster on my PC again. I haven’t seen that for a long time …

… my tongue was freed from the whitish / yellowish coating after I used 10 drops (converted) pure MKB on the tongue 3 times a day. Something was happening in the intestines too. Very relieving….

… I had previously suffered from a kind of infectious pimple that enlarged and eventually hurt a lot. 4 times a day I wet the areas with pure MKB Vital, without thinning. After 3 days, I noticed how the ghost dissolved and receded. After 3 weeks everyone was gone….

… my osteoarthritis pain, which tormented me for years, simply went away within 3 days! Thank you!
… I can move much better now and even chop wood again, great.

..I drink my tea with 20 drops of MKB 3 times a day. Since then I haven’t used any sugar for this …

MKB Vital is actually just a conditioning agent for caviar so that it stays crisp and fresh. So no medication or remedy either.

Feel free to send me your experience with MKB if you use it so that other people can also find out about it. You can also write these in the guest book.

All love