MMS / CDH chlorine dioxide usage variants
In this chapter you will learn something about the different application variants of MMS / CDH. Rub in, spray, ingestion, compress, gas bag, etc.

These basic variants open up a good application possibility for every problem. When you have read this, you can derive your own ways and possibilities from it.

How is MMS used / applied?

General advice: Water is very important in a detox

The body needs for all actions as possible pure water . It is very important to drink enough clean water (not just liquids like mixed drinks). It should be some water non-carbonated e with as few minerals as possible. As a “washing-up liquid” it can wash substances out of the body all the better. “Living water” from an Artesian spring is best. This is a source that lets the “ripe” water bubble to the surface by itself, without the need for a pump. You can also have your own pure water very cheaply with one of these Water purifier (reverse osmosis) produce. It is important that there is enough water, as pure as possible, for removal by drinking enough water.

Many people have forgotten how to drink properly and have lost their natural feeling of thirst. The natural feeling of thirst can, however, be regained. So you could drink train again :

Drinking the first three liters of water a day after getting up helps. Then everything can run optimally. I have already noticed this several times on my own body. I drink a glass of water (0.25 ml) after getting up and before going to the toilet. Then another glass (0.25 ml). After putting on another glass (0.25 ml) and before breakfast another glass (0.25 ml). I already drank my first liter, so to speak, in passing. Unfortunately, many have “worked themselves off” the feeling of thirst. However, this comes back if you drink regularly. It is therefore of great importance how the water that you drink tastes. Yes, water also has a fine taste. When the body is detoxified and the tongue is free again for a natural taste sensation, I can taste and even feel the difference again.

Water and its energy

But water also needs energy. This is no longer contained in tap water due to the pressure and the resulting “stress” for the water through the water pipes. The water is then, so to speak, “stressed”. Water passes on its energies and thus also to our body. Therefore an energization or vitalization is really useful. To revitalize water in larger quantities, even without reverse osmosis, I use an ingenious invention, the Soft Water Energy cartridge . This also helps very well against limescale problems. I simply connect this with a second shower hose between the shower fitting and the shower head. It energizes the water with a strong magnet and swirls it. The water that emerges is then revitalized. This cartridge could also be attached firmly in front of a water extraction point in order to be able to tap revitalized water there.

The cartridge apparently changes the structure differently than with ordinary magnetizers. As the water flows through the super-magnetic field, it accelerates the flow of water in such a way that every drop of water is also well magnetized. According to the manufacturer, the magnetic field has a strong magnetic field of 9000 Gauss, which is approx. 0.9000 Tesla! Many magnetic water-drink sticks are only 2500 Gauss (0.2500 Tesla).

This magnetization has the effect that large water molecules become very small (microclusters). These then have the ability to better resume magnetic and other properties and vibrations. We learned from the water researcher Emoto that water changes its frequency when it is addressed. Through the magnetic field, the macromolecular group (H2O) N, the water is divided into bi-molecular (H2O) 2 or into a single molecule H2O. Magnetic force can activate water molecules. On the one hand, this process increases the solubility and also reduces the surface tension. In this way, the water can more easily pass through cell membranes and is therefore more bioavailable and more readily available to the metabolism.

The structure of the cartridge also ensures that the water is swirled, as can be observed in nature in rivers. It is called “meandering” there. The magnet neutralizes disturbing vibrations in the water. The turbulence brings a natural and harmonious oscillation pattern back into the water.

I can also connect this cartridge in front of a reverse osmosis system and thus reduce the need for filter changes, since the water is already energetically processed and unlocked.

Compatibility of MMS / CDH:

If I have a problem increasing the amount of MMS or CDH, I take a full bath with 20-40 drops of activated MMS. I simply put the activated MMS into the bath water that was previously let in. I activate it in a ratio of 1: 0.5 sodium chlorite 25% to hydrochloric acid 4%. In the case of 20 drops of MMS to be activated, this would be 20 drops of sodium chlorite solution + 10 drops of 4% hydrochloric acid Chlorine dioxide set . Some people take twice the amount of acid to make the chlorine dioxide in the water free more quickly because they only bathe for a short time. But I also use the reduced acid variant here, as I bathe for up to 30 minutes. With a higher amount, the chlorine dioxide only evaporates faster from the warm bath water.

Improving the taste of MMS / CDH:

Some people dislike the chlorine-like odor. If the mixture with juice is not enough for a better taste, Jim Humble recommends trying effervescent in the mixture. He announced a method for improving taste in which the taste is better when taking MMS.

The following information is also interesting in this context. Jim Humble apparently assumes that the very presence of pathogenic (disease-causing) Germs or parasites are the cause of the aversion to MMS in some people. These would create an aversion to the smell and taste of MMS in order to survive. The intruders do not want to be driven out of the body and thus cause this disgust. If these have embedded themselves in the system, or the system has allowed this to take hold, they are also trusted to be able to send messenger substances to the brain that trigger this disgust. With this they would be able to prevent recovery and their displacement. I would use the word “body radio” to describe this phenomenon. I will go into this again in more detail in the section on parasites.

But now back to Jim Humble’s Improving the Taste of MMS:

He tested several types of effervescence and found that the effects of MMS were just as effective. The following of the 5 showers tested are available in Germany: Sprite, 7up, Pepsi Cola and Coca-Cola. The others, namely Freska and Squirt, are not available in Germany as far as I know. I think you can use others too. Instead of the water and juice that is otherwise used, he simply used the shower. This applies to both the mixture of a single dose and the daily ration, he wrote in a newsletter at the time. For these, however, you should not use Pepsi or Coca-Cola, as the effect of MMS in them is lost within 2 hours. So you would have to reschedule it every hour. The phosphoric acid content is probably a problem here, which makes the mixture acidic. I had already written about this elsewhere.

Jim said he still saw the benefit of Pepsi Cola in that it would even kill worms and reduce blood clots that could lead to a stroke. However, Jim Humble has been taking this solution for over a year and he says that maybe not all worms would be dead on him. He would have to carry out a special program there. I think the phosphoric acid can kill parasites. Therefore, when traveling to distant countries, some people recommend drinking cola if diarrhea develops that could result from unclean water.

However, Jim advised against giving this “effervescent” variant to people with autism, ADHD, ASTHMA, Asperger’s. You can find good information about autism and MMS on the Kerri Rivera website: .

Personally, I don’t believe in carbonated drinks, as burps with a chlorine-like taste can occur and carbonic acid is also a metabolic waste product of our body that must and should be exhaled. So why should you take it first? Ok, it might be a little better in terms of taste. But there is also the even more effective and better-tasting variant, the “Power mix” .

CDH3000 as a power mix in combination

Here I am now explaining the new, very simple and wholesome “ Power mix “. For the sake of simplicity, I use the CDH3000 ready-mixed with doser. This is a dosing syringe with which you can remove the CDH from the bottle without loss and measure it at the same time. I first draw 3 ml of water with the Doser and finally 3 ml of CDH3000 from the Doser System bottle.

Then I immediately close the CDH bottle and open a second bottle that contains DMKB. This DMKB is an aqueous ready-mix DMSO with magnesium chloride, potassium and borax . All of this is very effective in combination and gives a better taste than CDH or MMS alone.

I now use the same doser in which the 3 ml CDH3000 are raised, in addition 1 ml DMKB from the bottle and then close it. Then I slowly inject it into my mouth afterwards. I leave this mixture there for 4 seconds. The valuable ingredients, paired with the chlorine dioxide, first get into the blood via the oral mucosa and are distributed there. The sinus areas also get a bit of chlorine dioxide gas from what cleans them. I then swallow the rest of the mixture. By spreading the mixture in the mouth for a long time, most of the active ingredients and also the chlorine dioxide are absorbed into the body there. So it does not reach the stomach and intestines in full strength. Then I have a glass of water or juice. For this reason alone, this variant is a little more digestible and, thanks to this direct route, even more effective. Due to the mutually reinforcing substances, I no longer use this variant 8 times a day at intervals of one hour, but instead only 2-3 times a day . This certainly also meets the concerns of many users who think that it is difficult to take more frequent intake. As I have already stated, an interval of 30 minutes before the meal and 1-2 hours after the meal is advantageous for a good tolerance. Although with this variant it doesn’t really matter anymore. The taste of it lasts a little longer, but then gradually disappears. If this mixture is still too strong in taste, I can dilute it further with water. Juice or milk would also be possible here. Due to the DMSO, the characteristic smell of it can initially appear.

DMKB dose I like this:

For acute problems 1: 1 to CDH3000.

For chronic problems 3: 1 to CDH.

So 3 ml CDH3000 and 1 ml DMKB and correspondingly at least 3 ml water, juice or other. But more fluid is always better. Therefore it can be described differently in other parts of the text. If I use this method and add the amounts to a glass of water, it is no longer a power method because it consists of leaving it in the mouth in smaller quantities and not swallowing liquid in a glass. But I would use the power method a maximum of 2 times and then go back to the normal methods. This is because the mucous membrane could possibly be irritated too much.

MMS / CDH – tried and tested – application variants

1. The standard variant

When I start taking MMS or CDH again, I don’t take the full target amount straight away, but start with a smaller amount. With it I can test how good it is for me. Depending on the digestibility, I can then increase the amount further up to the target amount. The target amount of 3 ml in most of the examples relates to a person weighing between 50 and 90 kg. If my weight is further above or below, I calculate the target amount using the following formula, based on my body weight.

CDS / CDH (target quantity)

In humans, this formula when using CDH3000 was:
1 ml CDH3000 per 25 kg body weight.

When using MMS: 1 activated drop of MMS per 25 kg of body weight.

This formula is the same for large animals over 200 kg body weight. It is different for animals whose body weight is less. I go to that in the chapter CDH / MMS for animals a.

Ultimately, it depends on the tolerance and not on a fixed number of drops or milliliters. In some cases, there is also advertising for dropper bottles with “original American drop size”. This is stupid in my opinion. It’s just about some degree, a certain orientation. In my experience, humans and animals react so differently anyway that I am always wondering how, for example, medication can be prescribed with a fixed dose. But even there it is probably a big mistake to believe that the dosage can or must be the same for all people. There are many people who get by on far less, as well as those who need a higher dose to get further.

MMS / CDH ingestion

MMS / CDH standard ingestion method

Many people basically take this mixture for all problems and illnesses.

With CDH this is very easy.

CDH3000 Standard Ingestion Method

First I fill a glass with 100 ml of water, juice, cola, soda, tea or milk. Depending on your taste.

Then I take 1 ml CDH3000 with the doser from the bottle and close it again immediately afterwards. Now I add the CDH to the liquid and drink it off immediately.

If this mixture works well for me, I use 2 ml of CDH3000 the next time I take it, which can be done after an hour. If this is good for me too, I will use 3 ml CDH3000 for the next one.

If nausea occurs, I lower the dose and increase it again as my tolerance improves. I take the intake 8 times a day with an interval of about one hour for acute complaints. I can stop taking it when everything is fine again, take a 3-week cure or use it for longer if my problems persist. Usually an improvement occurs after the first use. It can take longer for chronic diseases.

In a nutshell: Take 3 ml CDH3000 in 1 glass of water, if I can tolerate this amount 8 times a day with an interval of about 1 hour.

Requirements for a CDH3000 cure:

The 10 day short cure: 8 x 3 = 24 ml daily. For 10 days this is 240 ml. If I take a 250 ml bottle, I still have 10 ml left for other uses.

The 20 day cure: 8 x 3 = 24 ml daily. For 20 days this is 480 ml. If I take a 500 ml bottle, I still have 20 ml left for other uses.

MMS standard ingestion method

First I start with 1 drop of sodium chlorite (25%) and 1 drop of hydrochloric acid (4%) and mix these in a dry, clean glass. (Activation). When activated, the color of the mixed liquids changes from yellowish to brownish (amber colors). This takes between 20 and 30 seconds, depending on the room temperature. Then I add 100 ml of water or juice to the glass and drink it right away. Instead of water, cola, tea or other liquids would also work here.

If this mixture works well for me, I use 2 drops of sodium chlorite and 1 drop of hydrochloric acid the next time I take it, which can take place after an hour. If this is also good for me, I use 3 drops of sodium chlorite + 2 drops of hydrochloric acid for the next mixture.

For one acid-reduced variant , which I prefer here, I would only ever use half of the acid for activation. Unfortunately, with this number of drops, this is difficult to do. In this respect, the CDH3000 also has another advantage here.

If nausea occurs with an increase, I first lower the dose and continue with the reduced dose. Finally, I increase it as my tolerance improves. I take it 8 times a day with an interval of about 1 hour for acute complaints. I can stop taking it if everything is fine again or take a cure. This can be useful for cleansing the body. Symptoms often improve with the first use. It can take longer for chronic diseases.

In a nutshell: Activate up to 3 drops of sodium chlorite with 2 drops of hydrochloric acid. Fill the glass with water and drink it straight away. If I can tolerate this amount, I take the dose 8 times a day with an interval of about 1 hour.

Requirements for a CDH3000 cure:

The 10 day short cure: 8 x 3 = 24 drops of sodium chlorite daily. For 10 days this is 240 drops. This corresponds to about 12 ml of sodium chlorite 25%. With hydrochloric acid it would be 8 x 2 drops = 16 drops daily. With 10 days this would be 160 drops. This corresponds to a little over 7 ml hydrochloric acid 4%.

The 20 day treatment: 8 x 3 = 24 drops of sodium chlorite daily. For 20 days this is 480 drops. This corresponds to about 24 ml of sodium chlorite 25%. With hydrochloric acid it would be 8 x 2 drops = 16 drops daily. With 20 days this would be 320 drops. This corresponds to a little over 14 ml hydrochloric acid 4%. A small 30 ml chlorine dioxide set would be sufficient for these cures. However, if you get to know the possibilities and the other possible applications, you will quickly notice that the cheaper 100 ml chlorine dioxide set pays off better.

Please note: No way Drink the activated MMS drops straight, but only dilute them with water and / or juice!

The ration bottle:

If I don’t always want to activate shortly before taking it, I can mix a daily ration bottle. I use a 1 liter glass bottle and activate the 24 drops of sodium chlorite with the 12 drops of hydrochloric acid for about 30 seconds with the lid closed. Then I fill in the water and seal the bottle. Now I can take one eighth (125 ml each) of the chlorine dioxide solution from it and drink it every hour. This is suitable for measuring Urine cup with a snap-on lid very good. This MMS variant simplifies the process enormously and only needs a few seconds of preparation once a day. So I have a daily ration and don’t need to activate it before each intake.

Ration bottle: Of course, I can also use a smaller bottle (e.g. a 100 ml amber glass dropper bottle or a 100 ml amber glass bottle with a pipette stopper and add the same number of drops that I need and then add 1/8 (12.5 ml) every hour to a glass Pour juice or water and then drink it. A smaller one is suitable for dimensioning Measuring cup 30 ml and such a thing 10 ml disposable tip . With this, the graduation can also be read in half a ml increments. When filling, I only have to remove the dropper insert or the pipette and ideally this suitable, Mini funnel to use. The mixture of sodium chlorite 25% and hydrochloric acid 4% must be used always add enough water. In this example it would be a little over 81 ml.

If you want it to be easier, just use CDH3000. You can find more about this in the section. CDH – like MMS, only simpler .

MMS / CDH – Reinforced Ingestion Method

Variant 2:

This method corresponds to the standard method which I described above. It has the difference, however, that the number of daily doses is increased up to 10 times a day with an interval of about one hour in the case of very persistent problems (illnesses). Jim uses this for “incurable diseases . It will be used until everything is fine again. When there is improvement, I then reduce the frequency of intake to 8 times a day, as in the standard intake method.

MMS / CDH – Reinforced ingestion method with DMSO

Variation 3:
If the standard method and the reinforced one are not sufficient, I increase the intake and application to the skin through this DMSO100 by Natao. To do this, I add DMSO to the respective DMSO mixture. The advantage of this method is that the DMSO smuggles the chlorine dioxide deeper into the cells and the body, thereby increasing the effect. In addition, DMSO softly cushions the disadvantages of the oxidation of chlorine dioxide and immediately regenerates the cells. What DMSO can do, you can do in Chapter on DMSO Experienced.

In the Ingestion of 3 ml CDH3000 I then use it additionally 1 ml DMSO . So 3 parts CDH and 1 part DMSO.

If I use the conventional MMS drops instead of the practical CDH,
I add to the Ingestion of 3 activated drops of MMS to the 100 ml water 1 ml DMSO added.

This means that MMS penetrates deeper into the cells and can probably also cross the blood-brain barrier. However, I always add the DMSO to the MMS that has been mixed with liquid shortly before taking it. If there are still problems, I also increase the amount of MMS and DMSO, as far as I can tolerate without intolerance.

MMS / CDH – Reinforced ingestion method with DMSO and MKB

Variation 4

Anyone who knows the effect of MKB Vital and looks at the valuable ingredients will see what additional benefits it can have here. With this variant, I also use the same amount of MKB in addition to the DMSO. Due to the synergy of CDH with DMSO as an active enhancer and the broader effect of MKB, I only need 3 doses a day. One is enough for prevention. I like to use the power method for this. Based on a required amount of 3 ml CDH3000, I then add 1 ml DMSO and 1 ml MKB Vital as well as 2 ml water. With the power method, I pull all of this up in a doser and put it in my mouth. I leave it there for at least 2 minutes. Of course, longer is also better. The advantage is that I take everything less often and that it goes through the oral mucosa faster into the blood and is distributed throughout the body. And that without going through the stomach and intestines first. Therefore, I do not feel sick. I then swallow the rest. This is much easier to digest after it has been exposed to the oral mucosa. Ok, I had to get used to the taste, but in this mix it is much better than CDH or MMS alone. I only use the power method.

MMS / CDH – externally as a spray

Variation 5

To make an MMS spray, I activate 30 drops of 25% sodium chlorite with 15 drops of 4% hydrochloric acid in a 100 ml amber glass bottle. If the chlorine dioxide smell is strong, I fill it up to 100 ml with water. Distilled water is best when I have it on hand. I can use the spray very well externally against pain and wounds. Likewise with animal bites. I can also work with it from the outside if I have an internal problem.

CDH3000 spray – it couldn’t be easier

With CDH, the spray is very easy. If I have a 100 ml CDH3000 bottle, I change the cap with the dropper for a spray attachment. The solution is ready. I use CDH pure on the skin. It can only bleach hair, not the skin. If I don’t want to risk a bleaching effect, I dilute the CDH to 50% with water. If I have a large amount of CDH, I cool it with one of these before decanting Mini funnel in one of those Glass sprayer bottle . This is best for storage. However, because of the risk of breakage with glass bottles, I prefer to use the for on the go HDPE sprayer .

Foot baths with MMS / CDH

For foot or arm baths that increase in temperature, I use 30 ml CDH3000 or 30 activated drops of sodium chlorite with 15 drops of 4% hydrochloric acid, i.e. MMS in one bath. I increase the number of milliliters of CDH to 50 ml, or the number of drops of MMS to up to 50 drops for persistent problems. Special foot baths by Fritz Schiele are particularly effective here, because the temperature increases gradually instead of decreasing. Such footbath bathtubs are also generally suitable as circulatory trainers for people who, due to their limitations, are no longer able to exercise or perform cardiac output. Fritz Schiele was inspired by Kneipp for this method and developed it passive cardiovascular training with an increase of 0.5 ° C per minute. If a foot bath lasts 20 minutes, the temperature rises by up to 10 ° C. Schiele discovered the special influence and relationship between the soles of our feet and the function of organs and cells throughout the body. This is also known from the foot reflex zones. Such baths can also be borrowed. You can even help with rehab, as you can train your circulation again without great danger. I found more interesting information on this


This should only be carried out by an experienced naturopath or doctor. How this is dosed can be read in relevant books. Sometimes this method has been the last resort for some people and also some animals.

MMS / CDH full bath

A bath with MMS promotes tolerance if one reacts sensitively and is sensitive or very ill. I use the full bath variant for skin problems and intolerance. Here I start with 20 ml of CDH or 20 activated drops of MMS on a bathtub and then increase with the next full bath by another 20 ml of CDH3000 or 20 drops of MMS. I also activate the MMS here in a ratio of 1: 0.5 because I bathe for more than 20 minutes. It is often written elsewhere that when activating MMS you should take twice the amount of acid if you only bathe for up to 20-30 minutes. However, a stronger acidification ensures that the chlorine dioxide gas is released faster and will evaporate even faster in a warm full bath. At least that’s my observation. Here, too, it is important that the activated MMS is brownish / amber in color before it gets into the bath water. After more frequent baths, I easily ended up on 2 cl. activated MMS and later I even used a pudding bowl full of a bathtub. Since MMS bleaches in higher concentrations, some warnings are given here that one should pay attention to the discoloration of the hair. Now imagine, however, that a quantity of 10 drops of activated MMS in 100 ml of water no longer bleaches. CDH3000 also no longer bleaches if you dilute it with the same amount of water. You should then 2 cl. Or you can still bleach your hair in a 1000 liter bathtub. Even with my last-mentioned dosage with the pudding bowl in this relatively high dosage, I could not notice any bleaching of my hair. I don’t know whether it behaves differently with different hair types. I have not received any reports of this kind either. By the way, I like to bathe very hot. However, you should adjust the temperature to your circulatory capacity.

Security advice: One should not bathe alone. Especially when the bathroom needs to get a little warmer. Not all people can tolerate this. Those who know this are better off staying at their usual bathing temperature or bathing better under observation.

When using larger amounts of CDH or MMS, I would make sure that enough fresh air gets into the bathroom and that it is not hermetically sealed. Because the proportion of chlorine dioxide gas in the air must not be too high. This might especially be possible with a small bathroom and the door closed. If breathing problems arise despite all caution, you should get fresh air quickly. I would like this B. Can do this by holding my upper body over the edge of the bathtub and breathing the air from the floor. This is because chlorine dioxide gas just rises to the top. However, I haven’t had any problems yet. Often my airways were cleaned by the bath.

If I want to intensify the depth effect, I simply stroke my body with it before getting into the full bath DMSO 50% with my hand one. For this, however, the skin should already be free of substances that I do not want to have smuggled into my cells. If I want to reach my back too, I use a DMSO 50% spray. No other bath additives, such as foam or other, belong in a chlorine dioxide / MMS bath. Such a Himalayan salt however, it is also suitable. I use 500 g per full bath. For skin diseases such as neurodermatitis, up to 1 kg per bath may be appropriate. Of course, I keep an eye on my circulation in the bathroom. The pleasant bathing temperature is certainly a matter of feeling. During the bath, I rub the chlorine dioxide water on my skin. I also use it to thoroughly wash the scalp.

After such a bath, I always feel like “reborn”. Everything feels clean and free.

CDH / MMS in the gas bag

This application was also specially made for the Morgellon’s disease thought up, because with other problems the other application possibilities are usually more effective. However, I can also use this method if the other methods are not enough and the problem is in or under the skin.

With this method you will need the following utensils: Two large garbage bags. A container that is so large that there is enough space for a larger bowl (made of glass) and so small that there is still room on the bottom of the garbage bag. Because the feet must still have space when standing in the sack. Later I have to be able to step into the sack construction without stepping into the shell with the MMS or knocking it over. Cut open the two garbage bags at the bottom (on the closed side) and then glue them together. To do this, use a gas-impermeable adhesive tape. Now the constructed, glued together garbage bag should be big enough that I can stand in it. I also have to be able to close the sack at the top of the neck well. Finally, the MQL / chlorine dioxide gas must not be inhaled in large quantities. In order to carry out the procedure, it is advisable to have a second person with you to help with getting in, taping or locking. After all, my arms should stay in the sack. Before I carry out the procedure with activated MMS, I would first do a “dry run”.

Then I first activate 4 drops of sodium chlorite with 4 drops of hydrochloric acid in the small, open glass bowl. With CDH3000 this would be 4 ml.

In the course of further applications, I then gradually increase to up to 20 activated drops of MMS or just 30 ml of CDH3000). Finally I put this bowl with activated MMS in this “building”.

(The open bowl releases the chlorine dioxide gas.) Since the gas cannot escape later in the sack, it has a relatively concentrated effect on the skin and can quickly reach the deeper layers in which they are through the passages that caused the parasites.

Then I stand (sensibly unclothed) in the sack construction that was previously put over the bowl with the activated MMS, and close the sack construction gas-tight at the top of the neck. This can be done by having a second person hold the sack in the area of the chin, or I hold the sack in the upper area myself from the inside with one or both hands on the neck. The second variant is only necessary if no second person is available. However, it is advisable to bring in a second person. By the way, when chlorine dioxide gas escapes from the sack, you can smell it. However, the sack must be so tight, or held, that nothing escapes. The room should be well ventilated and large enough so that the gas should not be inhaled if possible.
The higher the room or ambient temperature, the better and faster the chlorine dioxide gas activates. It should be above 21 degrees Celsius.

Duration of application:
The duration of the use of the gas bag is given as approx. 15 minutes. The sack should remain closed at the neck until then. After use, first open the gas bag at the bottom, or walk away with the bag from the bowl and then get out of it.

This application can be carried out several times a day, depending on tolerance and urgency. Here, too, you have to pay attention to your well-being.
In the Morgellons disease In the experience of Jim Humble, it is necessary to use it over a longer period of time. With some sick people he was able to achieve good results with this method.

Safety instructions:
I make sure that the bowl with the activated MMS does not tip over under any circumstances. Should it tip over and the pure MMS touch the body, wash it off immediately with plenty of water. Clothing is bleached by touching activated MMS, so be careful.

You can find more options in the ABC of applications .

MMS in empty capsules

Another variant would be to fill MMS into capsules for ingestion with water.
However, one drop of distilled water must be added for each drop of sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid to stabilize the mixture. So if you mix 3 drops of sodium chlorite and 3 drops of hydrochloric acid, you would have to add 6 drops of distilled water, after the mixture has of course been activated beforehand. However, that much doesn’t fit in one capsule. So I would have to take several.

However, the capsules only last about 2 minutes after filling and then dissolve, so you would have to fill them individually every hour. I use that empty gastro-resistant capsules , these last longer. I could of course make this mixture for a day in a small ration bottle and then fill the capsules before taking it. Personally, I don’t like this variant because I would have to fill capsules too often. But there were users who hated the taste so much that they developed this variant.

MMS / CDH as a wrap / envelope

This method is well suited for use with skin problems and for local, external problems. I always combine the internal with the external application in the affected area to intensify the effect. For this I put two (white) towels ready. You should be white because MMS or CDH can bleach substances, depending on their concentration. They should be as large as the area to be covered + twice the length of the wrap. I either just use 10 ml CDH3000 or activate 10 drops of MMS. Here I use 10 drops of sodium chlorite 25% + 5 drops of hydrochloric acid 4% (from one of these Chlorine dioxide set ) and place them in a bowl filled with water (approx. 0.3 l of water). In this bowl I put a towel, which is sufficient for the area to be covered, and soak it with this solution. Then I wring out the towel soaked with the MMS / CDH solution very lightly. Just so that it doesn’t drip anymore. Then I wrap it generously (generously) around the affected area on my body. Then I wrap the second, dry cloth around the first wet cloth to protect the surroundings from the moisture. Then I rest, covered, in a lying, relaxed position for at least about 2 hours. This is how MMS enters the body through the skin. I can also just leave the envelope on overnight and sleep with it. If I get up at night (going to the toilet), a new supply of the diaper with MMS would be optimal. However, if the 2 hours are up, I can take it off. After unwinding, I could spray the towel with an MMS or CDH spray bottle and then put it back on. If I want to increase the effect even more, I rub the area with DMSO 70% before wrapping the towels. The towels should be free of detergent residues as far as possible, as the DMSO could otherwise introduce them into the body. To achieve this, you can wash the towel beforehand in 20 drops of MMS in a bowl, leave it on and wring it out. In addition, I can increase the effect by increasing the number of drops of MMS. I also use the compress for pain.


Ratio of acid to sodium chlorite

At that time the 25% sodium chlorite solution was generally used and mixed 1: 1 with a 4 to 9% hydrochloric acid for activation. This is useful for quickly releasing chlorine dioxide gas from the solution, also for air purification, for example. For ingestion, however, there is an unnecessary excess of acid. The chlorine dioxide solutions, which were activated 1: 0.5, i.e. with half the acid a little more slowly, have a longer shelf life, are more effective and better tolerated, according to my observations.

Most of the sick people in the western world are acidic. In addition, the acidic chlorine dioxide is also scratchy in the throat. That’s why I’ve only been using for a long time to activate half the acid . There is no reasonable reason to activate chlorine dioxide 1: 1 again unless I want one with it Room gassing where I need a lot of chlorine dioxide in a short time. However, the activation should always have a slightly brownish / amber color at the end before I put it into the water. With the activation of several drops of MMS in particular, I can reduce the amount of acid in this way. Because pain occurs in an acidic environment. For example, with 24 drops of sodium chlorite, I only use 12 drops of 4% hydrochloric acid.

That means that I have the acid content here halve . The ratio is then 1 part of sodium chlorite to 0.5 part of hydrochloric acid (i.e. 1: 0.5). The ambient temperature is decisive for the duration of the activation. Therefore, an exact value cannot be given. If it is warmer, the process goes faster.

MMS – why do you have to activate it?

Sodium chlorite has a pH value of approx. 12 to 13. By adding a weak acid (hydrochloric acid 4% is optimal) I quickly get the pH value below 9. This is the value at which the sodium chlorite begins to release chlorine dioxide. Chlorine dioxide is then the substance (or gas) that is required for oxidation. If I simply add the sodium chlorite to the water without activating it, it activates only very slowly and barely noticeably. This is because water usually has a neutral pH of 7. The MMS (chlorine dioxide) activated with acid is “ready for use” and “consumes” itself in the body fluids within approx. 1-2 hours. That’s why I refill MMS or CDH after an hour with the internal drinking variant. This means that the process continues without interruption. Like 8 hours of work.

DMSO, reinforcement of MMS:

I can use MMS with water for reinforcement by additionally using it in all body orifices, such as mouth, ears, nose, eyes, intestines and on the skin. It is always important to observe your well-being. The effect can be added with this DMSO (Dimethyl sulfoxide) after the activated MMS drops have been mixed with water. According to new findings, DMSO and MMS can therefore be combined very well. However, only if they are not put together in the activated MMS immediately, but only when the MMS has been dripped into the aqueous solution. By the way, you can easily see whether the MMS is and remains active by its yellow color. If this decreases, the strength of MMS also decreases. On some other info pages there are outdated, different views. I often use the total number of drops (of sodium chlorite and acid) in the MMS mixture then as the number of drops of DMSO100 that I add. So if I mix 3 drops of sodium chlorite with 3 drops of hydrochloric acid, after filling up with water and / or juice, I add 6 drops of DMSO and drink it straight away.

DMSO has an antioxidant effect. This means that the “aging effect” on the cells caused by MMS as an oxidizing agent is weakened or eliminated. Yes, DMSO apparently works as an antioxidant, so to speak, against aging. This is often noticeable when using it on the skin. I always use DMSO 5 days a week. Then I take a break for the weekend. DMSO has a bioavailability in the body of up to 3 days. However, I use it very carefully if I have problems with the liver. This also applies to MMS. After all, it has to “detoxify” everything.

From a study we know that the people tested could ingest 1 g of DMSO per kilo of body weight per day without any problems if the amount was increased slowly. That is a lot, but one that you will not and will not have to consume because of the bitter taste. At a high dosage of DMSO smells one indefinable even after prolonged ingestion, similar to crabs, algae or oysters. Some people think that it smells like garlic.

The ingestion does not smell it, similar to garlic. So if the other person is bothered by the smell and also ingests some DMSO, the odor problem is eliminated for both of them. Just like with garlic. This DMSO100 is probably purer and therefore smells less, unless you use it in larger quantities. It also comes from pharmaceutical batches. However, it seems to me to be more effective and in its pure form it has a sweetish, bitter, slightly smoky taste. I find it even more pleasant than the highly praised pharmaceutical quality with the designation “PH-Eur”. There are 2 types of DMSO production.

1. Production for the pharmaceutical industry and
2. Production for use in technical applications.

A small part of the production for the pharmaceutical industry (pharmaceutical batch) is now examined and certified according to the pharmaceutical book (designation Ph.Eur.) And the rest is not. The certification now incurs costs that make the same DMSO more expensive, but not change or improve it. So of course it has no other quality. And yet there are still differences even with the pharmaceutical batches. But everyone has their source.

All love

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