It is clear to everyone who knows energy healing, spiritual healing, homeopathy etc. that our health ultimately depends on frequencies and energies. And even medicines, herbs and teas have frequencies that ultimately cause a change and thus lead to harmonization.

This section deals with effective self-help through frequency technology.

Let’s get into the Schumann earth frequency and a device that brings it closer to us.

From: “Getting well again is a process of order and recovery”

by Dr. Puharich, doctor

The earth frequency generator

The planet earth functions in a natural signal area with extremely low frequencies (Extreem Lage Frequentie – ELF), which averages between seven and nine Hertz. Research with animals has shown that the reproductive and other systems of the body are directly affected when this natural frequency is changed over a period of time. It is important to know that the brain signal (alpha waves) corresponds to the frequency that is emitted by mother earth (Schuman frequency) when measuring the natural frequency emission of the human brain in a room that is against all kinds of influences is shielded by extremely low frequencies.

Recent research

have shown that people who do their work in front of a monitor, sleep on a water bed, under electric blankets, near a clock radio or next to other sources of electrical interference, are very susceptible to illnesses, are restless and can become overly sensitive. Research has shown that pregnant women in particular need to avoid these types of situations as they increase the possibility of miscarriage.

You can’t hear it , see, smell or taste

(but measure)! And yet we are often unintentionally burdened with these extremely low frequencies, which are between 1 and 60 Hertz, for a long time.

Electronic pollution has increased millions of times over the past thirty years. Just think of cordless telephones, television, high-voltage cables, fluorescent and halogen lighting, and radar. These are all sources that can overload our brains, which function like a radio receiver.

Restlessness, haste, stress,

hyperactive children, the feeling of discomfort – we all know this. The Schuman or earth frequency is no longer strong enough to neutralize all these stressful influences.

The Earth frequency generator is a simple and at the same time ingenious device that emits the earth frequency (Schuman frequency). The device is powered by a 9 volt battery that works for weeks, allowing you to take this device with you wherever you go. In spite of all the research that has been done in this area, I myself carried out experiments with it for more than a year before I wanted to tell you about it.

It is really worth studying how important this Schuman frequency is. It conveys calm, a feeling of well-being, makes children calmer and enables them to concentrate better. The night’s sleep returns and you wake up more rested. Pain often disappears and you feel more vital. If you have a glass of wine or a cup of coffee next to that Earth frequency generator you will usually notice within a few minutes that the taste has changed. Take that Earth frequency generator when you go to noisy events or when you have a tough business conversation with someone. Set up the device in the room in which you are working. The Earth frequency generator is used to suppress geopathic stress and / or electrical stress in houses and apartments.

Thanks to the research of the doctor Dr. Andrija Puharich, Nikola Tesla, Moebius and Schuman we have it Earth frequency generator can develop.

Please also read the following text, which was published in the authoritative publication PACE-Magazin and which provides you with important information. The Moebius coil, which is in the Earth frequency generator has been incorporated has been found to be very effective.

Earth frequency generator

Earth frequency generator , The TESLA INSTRUMENT

The technology of the Tesla instrument was developed by the doctor Dr. Andrija Puharich in the United States of America from 1976 to 1984. He conducted research into the dangerous effects of weak electromagnetic (EM) radiation and the radiation emitted by a range of toxic chemicals. This research was sometimes done using what is known as a dark field microscope (with a resolution of 15 nanometers or 15 Angstroms at 140,000 times magnification) developed by Gaston Naessens of Sherbrook, Quebec, Canada. His in vivo – Observations showed that certain frequencies were able to effectively reverse the harmful cell growth. A healing frequency is the resonance oscillation of the earth’s magnetic field, which is almost 8 Hz, which promotes the healing process. Dr. Puharich described healing “as an order and recovery process in biological systems”.

The basis of this effect lies in the magnetic oscillation of the nuclei of every atom, molecule or chemical compound in the body. The pairing constants of protons in hydrogen between two adjacent hydrogen atoms in a molecule all fall in the oscillation range of very low frequencies (Extreem Lage Frequenties – ELF). For example, a known carcinogenic molecule, ethylene oxide, causes an oscillation of 3.2 Hz, which can be seen in the J-band. If the same EM frequency is applied to a mouse, skin cancer will develop within 24 hours.

On the other hand, 8 Hz can represent a central frequency: Just as innocent lymphotropic “viruses” can be converted into malignant HLTV III forms with the help of specific extremely low frequencies (ELF), another frequency can mutate the HLTV III virus into a harmless form . The same ‘bidirectional traffic’ can be used in the atomic penetrating wave developed by Dr. Puharich brings about; this is a longitudinal (‘scalar’) EM wave that is propagated by the so-called Moebius strip solenoids.

Ultimately, such Moebius strips are coupled to the movement of a quartz clock, which led to the Tesla protection ‘chip’. Countless startling reports from many people carrying the Tesla instrument indicated important biological effects. Dr. Eldon Byrd of the American Naval Surface Weapons Center observed a decrease in general amplitude and a tendency towards lower frequencies in EEG measurements in people who used the Tesla instrument. Since then, such frequency measurements have been carried out by Dr. Cyrill W. Smith of the University of Salford and Dr. William J. Rao of the Environmental Health Center in Dallas, Texas, United States of America. Clinically, they indicated exactly which vibration number (EM or chemical) affects someone who reacts sensitively to whatever environmental factor; this is a sensitivity that can be developed for a certain frequency, with specific reactions occurring. Thus, the changes in frequency measurement in humans with the Tesla instrument, such as that of Dr. Eldon Byrd have been reported to occur proportional to a shift and / or elimination of an allergic reaction, where a decrease in amplitude would be equivalent to a decrease in sensitivity for any associated EM or chemical NMR emission. This is consistent with the fact that many Tesla users are sensitive to environmental factors.

Dr. Glen Rein, former senior executive at Stanford Medical School, designed a number of in vitro – Experiments with sensory cells grown in tissue culture to test the Teslar instrument in an objective way. The results were such that the Moebius streak emissions, associated with the production of neurotransmitters (norepinephrine) using an equivalent mechanism as tricyclic anti-depressants, were generally lower compared to ‘normal’ EM emissions led to more pleasant bottom line effects. Likewise, lymphocytes exposed to the Teslar device showed a 76% increase in multiplication when compared with lymphocytes without the Moebius stripe configuration (137% increase versus 34% increase with a simple EM 8 Hz signal) compares. This shows that the presence of an 8 Hz longitudinal wave motion brings about a greater improvement in the defense system than ‘just’ exposure to an 8 Hz linear EM field.

Dr. Puharich reported that a study under his direction, carried out at the Max Planck Institute in Germany, showed that E-coli Microorganisms exposed to 8 Hz longitudinal fields increased the activity of the so-called RAD-6 gene, which is responsible for coding proteins that make up the Repair DNA can, is responsible.

It appears that the biological effects of longitudinal ‘scalar’ waves are dependent on specific wavelengths. The MRI machine works with pulsations of almost 10 Hz. The Priori device modulates pulsations of the heart rhythm (0.5 – 2 Hz).

If you want to test such an earth frequency generator, you can even do so at do for a maximum of 3 weeks. If you are not satisfied, the purchase price will be refunded after the undamaged earth frequency generator has been returned. However, the tester has to bear the costs of the return shipping. These will be deducted from the refund. So a great way to test everything without not being fully convinced.

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