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Now you have certainly read quite a bit here. Now all you need is the appropriate products. There are a number of suppliers for chlorine dioxide alias MMS or the activated ready-to-use CDL drops (CDH3000) solution. To explain: CDL is the abbreviation for chlorine dioxide solution, CDS is the abbreviation for chlorine dioxide solution.

But how do you find the right reputable supplier for MMS / CDH (CDS / CDL)?

Here I will tell you how you can buy MMS drops, CDL / CDS or CDH cheaply and seriously. The fully activated solution is called CDL (Chlorine dioxide solution), CDS (Chlorine dioxide Solution) or also CDH (Chlorine Dioxide Durable).
Fortunately, there are a few things you can look out for in order to find a reputable dealer where you can buy CDL or MMS drops cheaply.

The quality

I will start with the quality, because that alone is decisive. There is technical quality or industrial quality. As the name suggests, such products are used in the industrial sector; for example for wastewater disinfection and for bleaching processes. I don’t want to use this quality for ingestion. Then there is the non-technical quality. So if it is described that it is not industrial quality, you are already on the right path. We cannot actually provide pharmaceutical quality from CDL, since chlorine dioxide is not approved as a remedy or medicinal product.

As you know, chlorine dioxide is generally not intended for internal ingestion, or it must not be what should not be. Nevertheless – you now also know this – it can be a tried and tested remedy that you can use independently in the event of a corresponding illness or as prophylaxis. If we want to use chlorine dioxide MMS or CDS / CDL or CDH to disinfect water, the industrial quality would certainly be usable. For internal ingestion, however, you should definitely choose a better quality, even if Jim Humble also used industrial quality. According to his experience, we Europeans are obviously more sensitive.

So you have already recognized what is important, and above all this is what matters sodium c chlorite 25% a role, with the acid rather less. But here too, of course, good quality is an advantage. Various acids could be used to activate MMS, for example hydrochloric acid , citric acid , Tartaric acid, Lactic acid . Here I clearly favor hydrochloric acid 4%. It has also proven itself best in terms of digestibility.

That would actually be all.

As you have probably already noticed, I’m more of a fan of this CDH, i.e. the long-life chlorine dioxide solution (also known as CDS / CDL), because it tastes much better, hardly develops a smell and I easily develop it myself from the two Can mix components and water. But you can also buy them ready-made.

Here, too, you should definitely pay attention to the quality, i.e. to the components on which the production is based, but also to the concentration, which should not be higher than 3,000 ppm for CDH. Like that CDH3000 which I like to use.
There are also other products that I have used in the past, such as CDS / CDL or TwinOxide. But since I’ve been using the CDH3000, I’ve stopped using the others. This is also available in Miron glass bottles . These have the advantage that the chlorine dioxide solution has a longer shelf life. Namely, chlorine dioxide reduces with light its effect and eventually loses it gradually. I therefore use this for longer storage CDH3000 Premium . In terms of content, it is the normal CDH3000, but it has been closed Miron glass bottle activated.

CDH (CDS / CDL) for crisis prevention

An even longer-lasting CDL solution can now be easily implemented using a practical set. I mean this CDH3000 LONG . It is a not yet activated, but already diluted sodium chlorite solution, which I only activate with the enclosed hydrochloric acid when I need it.

The advantage is obvious. This solution can be kept for many years in the inactive state. Only when I need it do I activate it with the small activator bottle that is included in the set. Then I have a CDL solution in the form of CDH3000, which in turn can be kept for over 1/2 year. If I store it in the dark after activation, I have a solution that will last for years. So it is ideal for crisis prevention or simply for storage just in case.

CDH / (CDS / CDL) has a long shelf life when activated with lactic acid

In a May 2020 newsletter, Dr. Hartmut Fischer that lactic acid has been the optimal activator, according to specialist publications, for over 4 decades. Jim Humble first used citric acid and later hydrochloric acid for his MMS because it is easy to get anywhere.
With the activator lactic acid a stabilized and “softer” chlorine dioxide solution arise. The chlorine dioxide gas would be “retained” better in the than with hydrochloric acid. It would therefore be less gaseous. Instead of adding lactic acid to a conventional chlorine dioxide solution, activation with lactic acid is more effective. This is the case with CDH3000 MS and CDH3000 LONG MS the case. The latter solution is available in the light-protecting Miron glass bottle (violet glass). It only works with the included activator Lactic acid activated and is activated until activated durable for years .

Once you’ve found a supplier that supplies good quality chlorine dioxide products, you can look at the price. This also includes the shipping costs. However, in order to preserve diversity and to counteract monopolists, I would choose a smaller supplier and not a large company.
Ultimately, unfortunately, we are currently experiencing everywhere that by buying from global players we are ruining small businesses. Then the diversity is gone and the monopoly rules. Unfortunately, this is already a reality in many areas. So don’t support them, but encourage them small businesses that are still with Heart and soul work.

Please also pay attention to the packaging, i.e. whether it is plastic or glass bottles. There are good plastic bottles, namely from HDPE or PP in which the components are in good hands. From my point of view, however, glass bottles are more advantageous, especially when quantities over 100 ml are stored for a longer period of time. Amber glass but it should be there.
Here are a few dealers in MMS (sodium chlorite + hydrochloric acid sets or also called chlorine dioxide sets), with whom I have either already had good experiences myself or have received relevant tips from readers.

Avoid better Dealers who Praise yourself “beyond the green clover” or make the healing statements. Both are characteristics of dubiousness. But also those in general Make competitors bad , should be taken with caution, because somehow they only seem to be able to stand out from others in this dubious way. It is sad that there are such dealers who poke at others and believe, even with “competition law warnings”, which are usually abused to keep the “competition” at bay, instead of just delivering good products and offering decent service . That’s why I had to delete such a dealer from the Mönchengladbach area from my list of ideas. Yes, some business owners use it Warning letters as a “marketing instrument “. That’s very sad. Fairness has something to do with humanity and my information portal is about humanity, togetherness, mutual help and love. But the old, but still true, saying of Greenpeace also applies again: “ Greed is the problem “. Apparently this is more topical than ever. Especially in the “Corona Pandemic” that in fact none is. Global companies are obviously trying to take power and manipulate people and make them compliant. This recently also through politics. Therefore, I would not buy CDL MMS from Amazon or from other large corporations. I wholeheartedly support small retailers and medium-sized businesses that are apparently about to be abolished. You can do the system through your buying behavior change! Please remember. That doesn’t mean it has to be more expensive.

Just buy based on these criteria and you will have a good and fair product. And if you have that, you are welcome to orientate yourself on an acceptable price.

I am now listing the prices of a few suppliers for a chlorine dioxide set with two components, the shipping costs for Germany and the total price in brackets for each 100 ml of sodium chlorite 25 %. and hydrochloric acid 4 %.

Good provider in France:
Kit Chlorite de sodium + acide chlorhydrique 100 ml

I checked this in March 2019. They may be able to give you a clue.

Neue Lebensqualität – 15,99 / 4,99 for 100 ml (20,98 €)
(Bottles with Doser System available).
https: // shop. nlq24 .de

Aquarius – 21,90 / 5,90 for 100 ml (27,80 €)

Blue Planet – 26,90 / 2,50 100 ml (€29,40)

DaSein – 19,96 / 9,98 for 100 ml (29,94 €)

MMS Source – 24,49 / 5,50 for 100 ml (29,99€)

The prices that I have named here were valid at the time of my research.

Due to time constraints, I did not search the entire network for all dealers. Certainly there are more. I just wanted to give you a little orientation with this list.

There are other chlorine dioxide products that I haven’t mentioned here. This is simply because, as I said, I like the fully activated CDH3000 chlorine dioxide solution.

If you have any questions, just contact me by email or write to info (@)

All love