Overview (CDH, CDS, CDL, Twinoxide, Gefeu and other useful products)

Overview of useful products for easy self-help

Here I give an overview of which products I like to use to help myself. So that you don’t have to search long, I have linked some of them in the text. After the chlorine dioxide products, I come to the topic: other substances for self-help.

Overview of chlorine dioxide products

Do you find it confusing that there is now not only the classic MMS (chlorine dioxide set), but also other chlorine dioxide products such as CDH, CDH3000, CDH3000 Premium, CDH3000 LONG, CDS or CDL?
Here’s an explanation of the differences. In order to save you inquiries about shopping, I have linked some of the things I used.
I have presented in detail what “MMS” is. I have also written a lot about CDH. Here is a summary again.

MMS = chlorine dioxide in aqueous solution.

This means that “MMS” is actually a made-up name that Jim Humble gave to this chlorine dioxide solution. So it’s not a product name.
So it’s no wonder that it’s rarely found in internet shops.
With MQL, the two components must always be mixed: sodium chlorite 25% and hydrochloric acid 4%. After the activation time, fill the glass with water / juice / or tea straight away. There are now some variants of MMS, which are then also called differently.
Ultimately, the active ingredient is nothing more than chlorine dioxide gas, which is dissolved in water. This is why such a set is also called a chlorine dioxide set. So don’t get confused.


CDL: This is the name of chlorine dioxide solution (German variant).
CDS: Chlorine dioxide solution is the English term for the same product.
Put simply, MMS is activated here (sodium chlorite 25% and hydrochloric acid 4%, sometimes another acid, partly from powder). The gas is then “bubbled” into the water through a hose. This only gives you the chlorine dioxide gas, which binds in the water when it is cold enough.
The background for the invention of CDL or CDS was that sodium chlorite was initially not available in such pure quality. There were also foreign salts contained, which could lead to the mixture not being so digestible. In addition, sodium chlorite was initially made from powder by diluting it. Here, too, the quality was far from being as good as today’s sodium chlorite 25% in liquid form, since it also contained other salts. According to the manufacturer, CDL / CDS had to be dosed 4 times higher than MMS. So it was of course more expensive. But that suddenly changed. Now, contrary to what Jim Humble said at the time, it is dosed very low. Perhaps a reason why some users were unsatisfied with this?
The use as a finished mixture is then very easy. You don’t need to activate it anymore. The “side effects” are also omitted. I cannot check whether this is only due to a lower amount of chlorine dioxide. However, I believe that not noticing anything can be a problem due to the loss of feelings for one’s body and the effect of MMS. The process becomes anonymous and unconscious. From my point of view, illness should lead to awareness. Therefore, it is also questionable for me. The taste should also be more pleasant. When mixing “MMS” or “CDH” with a juice, you don’t really taste any of it in and of itself. But the higher price catches my eye. Many a provider also sells this CDL solution in a semi-transparent plastic bottle. You should know that chlorine dioxide is very sensitive to light. Therefore, an amber glass bottle is much more useful. After all, I don’t want the effect to be reduced the same, or at least faster, than in an amber glass bottle.

Chemically speaking, CDL or CDS is nothing more than CDH, namely a chlorine dioxide solution. I prefer to use CDH3000 because, from my experience, it lasts longer in its strength, works reliably and is apparently even more effective. At least I got the impression from feedback. Incidentally, the CDH also has a sensible and simple dosing technique that makes it much easier to use. No more drops count. By using a so-called CDH-Doser-System bottle in which this CDH3000 is delivered, basically no chlorine dioxide gas can escape. Of course, this supports a longer shelf life than with a large bottle opening. But more in the section about CDH, like MMS just easier.

CDH3000 (CDL)

The then common CDH had a chlorine dioxide content of approx. 2000 ppm (i.e. only 0.2% chlorine dioxide concentration). It thus had a strength that is perfectly sufficient in some areas, but not always. CDH3000 now has almost 3000 ppm (< 0.3%) and is therefore even more powerful in terms of strength, but not too strong either. This acid-reduced variant apparently still contains a small buffer of additional power reserve. For the so-called incurable diseases such as cancer, AIDS, etc. I would definitely use this one, because its composition corresponds more to Jim Humble’s MMS (and the experiences made) than the solutions into which only chlorine dioxide gas was introduced . Its composition is calculated and manufactured very precisely, and it is very easy to dose. This is due to the so-called “Doser System Bottle” in which it is delivered. This bottle with the extraction system prevents the important chlorine dioxide gas from escaping into the air when sodium chlorite and hydrochloric acid are activated and is thus lost for use. This is e.g. B. the case in the production of the classic MQL. But this is a bottle that is provided with a kind of plastic stopper. This is called the “Doser insert”. There is a kind of “coupling” between the bottle and the dosing syringe, which is called a “doser”. The doser insert is pressed into the bottle opening with the thumb. This doser insert now reduces the size of the bottle mouth to a very small hole. The doser with which the desired amount of CDH3000 can then be removed fits exactly into this doser insert. Thanks to the scale on the doser, I can immediately see how many milliliters I am taking and have measured it perfectly right away. The removal takes place as follows: firstly, insert the doser into the doser insert that is inserted into the bottle mouth, secondly turn the bottle upside down and thirdly, draw the liquid into the doser and measure it at the same time. I almost only use the CDH3000 myself. If I need a more diluted mixture, I can simply dilute it myself with water.

CDH3000 Premium

This is a further development of CDH3000. The advantage and difference is that the CDH3000 is activated and stored in a Miron glass bottle. As a result, it has a much longer shelf life and long has the beneficial frequencies that apparently promote recovery. The Miron glass protects against visible light, which would otherwise gradually lower the concentration of chlorine dioxide. Especially with longer storage periods. Thus, the CDH3000 Premium remains effective longer than chlorine dioxide solutions in plastic or amber glass bottles.


This CDH3000 LONG Chlorine dioxide solution (CDL) is not yet activated when you buy it. The activator hydrochloric acid 4% is supplied in a small, unbreakable PP bottle. You only need to put the contents into the large amber glass bottle with the sodium chlorite and it will be activated within 3-4 hours (depending on the temperature). Inactive, it can be kept for 3-4 years. Activated then, depending on storage 6-9 months.

CDH3000 MS

This is a further development of CDH3000. This CDH3000 MS The advantage and difference is that the CDH3000 is activated with the activator lactic acid.

Lotus CDL:

It is a similar solution to CDL, which is supplied in violet glass bottles and is therefore more stable against solar radiation (UV radiation). This is not so relevant for a short period of use. This is more interesting for longer storage. The CDH3000 Premium now also offers this. According to a guide, the supplied pipette should not be suitable because it should dissolve. There is also no date of manufacture or activation, as is the case with the CDH3000, from which one could deduce the shelf life.

Twinoxide- the durable chlorine dioxide powder variant
Ultimately, TwinOxide is also a chlorine dioxide solution, which you have to mix yourself from 2 powders. It is made similar to CDH. The advantage is that there are 2 different powders that can be stored for a very long time and are only activated with water when needed. Of course, this is also possible with CDH if you buy the components as a set and only activate them when you need them. Twinoxide can be used as well as CDH3000, CDS or CDL. However, due to its powder variant, it does not have the purity that I would like.

Gefeu method

It is similar to the CDH method, but is slightly different in terms of dimensions and preparation. First of all, chilled water is provided in a bottle. Then the sodium chlorite and the acid, last mentioned 6% balsamic vinegar, are mixed in a disposable syringe. During the activation process, this is held in the bottle with the cold water with a cannula so that no chlorine dioxide gas escapes into the air. After activation, only the gaseous content, the chlorine dioxide gas, is injected into the bottle with the cold water. The bottle is then immediately closed and given a sticker. This bottle is then cooled to below 11 ° C in the refrigerator. Then you can use it. This method was already known in Germany before the CDH method.

Here you can find an overview of the products I use and why.
Chlorine dioxide is particularly strong with bacteria. Only in a few cases is it insufficient for viruses and parasites, or it takes a long time to take or use or a higher dosage. You can also use homeopathy in combination after the application.
CDH3000 is a ready-to-use mixture. CDH is the abbreviation for: chlorine dioxide durable and is a solution of chlorine dioxide in water. I have already written a lot about this above.
MMS is calculated in drops, while CDH3000 is measured in ml. The number is the same but the unit of measurement is not. 2 activated drops of MMS, which consist of a mixture of 2 drops of sodium chlorite and 1 drop of 4% hydrochloric acid, correspond to 2 ml of CDH3000.
You can find more information about CDH on the info page in the section:
CDH – like MMS only easier.

MMS / CDH dosage for animals

The basic formula applies to small animals:
A maximum of 1 drop of MMS or 1 ml of CDH3000 is taken for every 12 kg of body weight, initially 3 times a day. However, you always start with a drop or milliliter and see how the animal is doing. If the animal is doing well (without nausea and vomiting), I increase to 2 ml and so on. If the effect is not enough, I increase the number of receipts.
Very large animals require less (1 ml CDH or 1 activated drop of MMS or 1 ml CDH per 25 kg body weight). The dosage in a large animal is like the dosage in an adult human.

Other substances and aids for self-help

Since I am often asked what I use for self-help, on this page you will find out interesting facts about other important substances and accessories that I use. I also explain here why I use them.

The following topics are described:

DMSO – a great substance.
Empty gastro-resistant capsules – incredible benefits
Soda – deacidify properly
Bentonite powder – the finest detox
Himalayan salt – salt naturally.
DMKB – Ready-to-use mixture of DMSO, magnesium, potassium and borax.
Magnesium chloride – a blessing.
The power method – CDH / CDL with DMKB.
Xylitol birch sugar – finally sweeten it without regrets.
Tachyon Pendants – Harmonizing Energy?
Potash soap – proven tradition.
Violet glass (Miroglas) – store optimally.

DMSO a great substance

This DMSO100 has a very pure quality. It ensures that, for example, the chlorine dioxide is introduced deeper and faster into the body. This applies both through the skin and when ingested internally. It also amplifies the effects many times over. In addition, DMSO also has its own healing and, above all, regenerative effect. Any negative or unpleasant reactions from MMS or CDH are harmonized by DMSO. So an optimal addition. I use that for the skin DMSO 70% by Natao. However, if the skin is sensitive, I use the DMSO 50 %. I have feedback that the burning sensation on the skin of a woman afflicted with atopic dermatitis brought immediate relief. That is nice news, of course. She used DMSO 50% with sprayer attachment. It is always worthwhile to have 100 ml of DMSO at home. Oh, of course, when traveling. But when I’m on the go, I prefer to use DMSO in PP bottles because they are unbreakable. You can find out more about DMSO in the DMSO section.

Empty gastro-resistant capsules:

Detoxification and acidification is an important issue here. What is to be transported into the small intestine can be filled into these empty capsules. This has even been successfully tested with liquids, although these are not actually intended for this. Now briefly on the subject of hyperacidity. An acidic environment arises in the body through over-acidification, which in reality originally comes from the mental area. The “normal” cells of the body are adjusted to a life with oxygen, which is normally present in sufficient quantities in the blood and thus reaches the cells. With overacidification, the blood stalls downright. In extreme cases it becomes like gel. Then so-called circulatory disorders appear. You can understand this effect when you pour acid into milk. She is getting fat. If the body does not have enough bases, it deprives the bones of potassium and other minerals, including the tissue. The consequence of this is that the bones become brittle and fragile. Finally, we are talking about osteoarthritis and osteoporosis.

I use this very fine baking soda powder (sodium hydrogen carbonate) to drain the excess acid, especially inside the body. It neutralizes acids and thus contributes to deacidification. The availability of baking soda to neutralize acids signals to the body’s cells that you can neutralize the stored acid with it. Therefore, gradually let the acid out. Body cells store excess acid and thus buffer the pH value in the body, especially in the blood. Deviations in the pH value in the blood can lead to death. So the body does everything it can to keep the blood at the correct pH for good reason.

So that the baking soda does not deactivate the stomach acid, which leads to indigestion, I add the baking soda Empty gastro-resistant capsules. It is then only released in the small intestine, where it is then really available to the body.

Gastro-resistant capsules for dogs?

Can you also help dogs with deacidification in this way? In my experience, yes. When using the capsules for dogs, the question is how do you get them into the dog. It has proven useful to wrap the capsules in a flake of butter and then administer them. It’s delicious and is usually very popular. But liver sausage is also usually very popular. If you throw this flake of butter with the capsule to the dog, he usually catches it and then quickly absorbs it. If you put it on the floor, however, he may only lick the butter or the liver sausage. But there are also animals who can’t get away with anything and who control everything precisely and don’t like to ingest the capsule. Unfortunately, the only thing that helps here is to open the catch when the dog looks up and then throw the pill into it. Then close the muzzle and massage the neck gently. If necessary, then give the flakes of butter or a treat. You can find more on this topic in the certainly very informative chapter on deacidification.

Deacidification with baking soda powder

In the chapter about Deacidification you find an important basis to really get a problem under control. Because in an over-acidic milieu of the body, illness and death grow due to the imbalance and disharmony. With Base you can get a grip on the environment on the material side again. I use this very fine baking soda (sodium hydrogen carbonate) and fill it into the enteric capsules, as I have already explained above. Soda is also available in granular form, like sugar from the drugstore. I find this unsuitable for encapsulation, however, because it tends to “roll out” again when the capsules are filled. This is particularly disadvantageous when the empty capsules are filled by hand. I use 2-3 capsules twice a day in the morning before breakfast and in the evening before going to bed. I would need 4.5 grams a day for that. But I also like to neutralize other acids in the kitchen or for cooking e.g. B. beans, etc. So I need more from that. If there was a strong acidity, I would of course use it more often, but more on that in the chapter on deacidification. I always have a supply of 500 g and about 500 of these enteric capsules.

Just drink baking soda for deacidification?

Simply by taking orally Baking soda A little of it arrives, but some of it is already used up, especially in the stomach, and neutralizes the gastric acid that we need for digestion. By the time a residue arrives in the duodenum (the small intestine) to be distributed in the body from there, there is no longer a sufficient amount. This is especially the case with severe acidosis. In this case, the logic of getting more baking soda into the small intestine would be more effective. For this important task I use these enteric capsules in size “0” or 00 “and fill them with baking soda. So they really have to be acid-resistant and withstand a long time in the gastric juice and in the small intestine before they release the baking soda on site to do its job. Many problems simply disappear during or after such a deacidification.

Bentonite powder – the finest detox

For me this is Bentonite powder a “miracle dust”. I would never have believed before what this simple powder can fundamentally mean for health. It has molecules with a very strong negative charge. These therefore only attract substances that have a positive ion charge. These, in turn, are the substances that have a positive ionic charge in the intestine and are considered unhealthy, such as B. Heavy metals, harmful bacteria, radioactive particles or acids. Bentonite cleanses the intestines by removing feces, excess mucus and debris that can impair the absorption of vitamins, minerals and nutrients from food. Bentonite thus only removes the harmful substances and thus creates the basis for the absorption of the vital substances. Many people who believe that a healthy diet can improve their health may not have thought about that.

Depending on the individual constitution, the regular consumption of bentonite alone can enormously increase well-being and performance within just 1 to 3 days.

What does bentonite powder do?

Bentonite binds Heavy metals and frees the body by binding aluminum, ammonium, lead, cadmium, mercury and even histamine. Harmful substances, which can also be present in the intestine, are bound and then naturally discharged via the intestine. Causes of diseases that can arise from pollution, the cause is thus withdrawn. The body can work normally and freely again. The discharge through the powder even takes place without burdening the metabolism. Bentonite thus easily relieves the liver and cleanses the intestinal tract through detoxification. In contrast to zeolite, the natural gel film in bentonite has a protective effect on the mucous membrane in the digestive tract. This is a clear advantage of bentonite.

Unfounded criticism against bentonite

In order to avoid inquiries, I also report here on unsubstantiated claims against bentonite. Bentonite does not deprive of vitamins and minerals, as is often claimed. Bentonite also does not destroy a healthy intestinal flora. The fact is: Bentonite promotes the development of a healthy intestinal flora because it only absorbs positively charged substances. Harmful bacteria are e.g. B. positively charged. Useful ones, on the other hand, are negatively charged. So just the other way around than the general understanding of the words would suggest.
Bentonite has an antifungal effect, i.e. against fungi. This removes harmful fungi from the intestines. After that, the intestinal flora can recover and build up much faster. The ability of bentonite to bind and discharge aflatoxins – the toxins of mold – is particularly well-known, although damage to the intestinal flora by aflatoxins is one of their most harmless effects. Aflatoxins are considered to be highly carcinogenic.
In fact, bentonite is the only really helpful way to protect yourself from these dangerous toxins that you can’t taste, see or smell.

Bentonite for prevention – prophylaxis

Bentonite can bind undesirable pollutants in the digestive system even before they are absorbed into our organism. This ensures that diseases caused by harmful substances cannot arise in the first place. Many people are already familiar with the saying “Death sits in the intestines”.

Bentonite for allergies and gastrointestinal problems

Toxic pollutants such as aluminum, lead, cadmium and mercury as well as ammonium and histamine can be the cause of many chronic diseases. This can include increased histamine exposure and / or histamine intolerance, which can lead to allergies, stress or functional disorders of the liver and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. However, it does not work directly as an antiallergic. Its pollutant-binding properties that lead to drainage and the protection of the mucous membrane make it the best choice, especially in this area.

Bentonite in animal husbandry

All of this has long been known in cattle breeding, which is why bentonite is increasingly being used as a dietary supplement for livestock. It was found that the digestion of livestock is much better if they also receive bentonite with the feed. The health of the animals is improved and, as a side effect, also their “economy”. Bentonite even binds radioactive particles and discharges them, so that another disruptive factor that affects the intestinal flora is removed. In the end, the administration of bentonite to livestock also indirectly leads to healthier foods, as these are then only slightly contaminated with harmful substances and radioactivity. It is high time you indulged in all the benefits of bentonite, right?

Ingesting bentonite effectively.

3 ways of taking.

Bentonite in gastro-resistant capsules:
It is optimal to fill bentonite into such enteric capsules and then to swallow it with water. I find taking the powder with a drink suboptimal. On the one hand, bentonite dissolves very poorly in water, and on the other hand it does not have a pleasant taste. If the bentonite is introduced directly into the small intestine with the capsules, less powder is required and it goes directly to where it is needed. Unless I have stomach problems and want to work with them here as well.

Bentonite – ingested through the mouth :
If I don’t have empty capsules available, I take 1/2 teaspoon (approx. 3 grams) and let the amount dissolve in the mouth by salivating. In this way, the oral cavity is also effectively cleaned. Even the tongue can be cleaned off very easily with a teaspoon. Bentonite dissolves this very well. I used it once in the dosage after a burn of the palate, in which the mucous membrane of the palate became detached. I initially took this intake several times. The palate regenerated within a day. I found it very effective to take it in the mouth overnight and into the morning. So it could “work” very well.

Bentonite – ingestion in water
There is of course also the method of dissolving the bentonite in approx. 250 ml of warm water, then mixing it and drinking it with meals. With a higher load, I then increase this intake to 2 times a day and finally to a maximum of 3 times a day.

I am important for a detoxification process here too drinking enough water . When taking 250 ml would be good. During the day it should be a total of 2-3 liters of water.

If there are severe disorders of the kidney function, such as renal insufficiency, bentonite should not be taken without further ado. In the case of restricted kidney function, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding and in children under 12 years of age, a doctor should be consulted.

Bentonite for amalgam poisoning

A user reported to me that he had used it very effectively after an amalgam problem. The problem was that the apparently very inexperienced, ignorant dentist simply removed two amalgam fillings by drilling. Mind you, without protecting the mouth from the toxic grinding dust! In the further course the user got nerve-related disturbances and could hardly cope with his everyday life. There was also a metallic taste. Apparently the amalgam had entered the body through the oral cavity and paralyzed or blocked a number of nerves there. There are quite a few problems with heavy metal poisoning. Finally he took this CDH3000 in order to oxidize it and then afterwards Bentonite powder to bind leftovers and bring them out of the body through the intestines. In addition to using 1/2 teaspoon in the mouth, the enteric capsules, filled with bentonite, were also used to detoxify the intestines. Because when heavy metals make their way through the body, they are lucky to collect in the intestinal villi and possibly get stuck there. Since there is also a great deal of communication in the intestine with the rest of the body and above all with the brain, sensitive disorders can occur here, which was also shown here. The CDH and the bentonite powder brought an improvement in the metallic taste and the supposed “confusion” within a short time. Was there initially heavy metal poisoning? I suspect this. In such a case, anyone who no longer knows how to cope with everyday life is quite helpless at first. But there are also good dentists who are aware of this problem and who act accordingly.

I find this topic very important, because the sins of the amalgam are certainly still in many a mouth or body. The increasing release from dental fillings can lead to tangible problems, as we have seen in this case. Therefore, from my point of view, rehabilitation is a must for a healthy body.

Dosing of bentonite

Filled in the enteric capsules, I can dose them well. The size “00” is easy to swallow. First of all, I’ll start slowly with:
1 – 2 capsules filled with bentonite once a day and drink a glass of water (approx. 250 ml). If the bentonite powder is to detoxify the meal, I take the capsule with the meal. Otherwise, as for intestinal detox, one to 1/2 hour before the meal. In the further course I increase to the
2 x daily intake of 1-2 capsules. Then there would be one too
3 x daily intake of 1-2 capsules possible. The state of mind is of course always in mind. As I read, however, it should not be taken more than 3 times a day.

A filled capsule of size “00” holds approx. 1000 mg (depending on the filling quantity and type of filling).

The combination of filling such empty capsules alternately with soda or bentonite is certainly ideal for deacidification and cleaning in the case of many diseases. However, I take these every 1/2 hour.

Bentonite and the quality

Bentonite is available in different qualities. Purified bentonite is used, for example, in the manufacture of creams. For ingestion, however, I take it natural and not cleaned. I do not want to withdraw anything that is offered by nature. When using 2 capsules 3 times a day and a size “0” capsule of approx. 700 mg, I need a little over 4 grams a day. For a 4 week cure, that adds up to almost 112 grams. If I also use it to clean the stomach, to detoxify gums, a larger amount is appropriate.

Himalayan salt

This so-called “Himalayan salt” is my choice when it comes to healthy nutrition and good taste. The healing powers of this natural, unchanged salt are known not least from the famous book “Water & Salt”. People are mostly made up of water and salt! It is often said that salt is harmful. What is meant here, however, is the classic NaCl (i.e. the worthless denatured, “cleaned” table salt). It consists only of sodium chloride and nothing else. Because it is “cleansed” it is worthless, if not dangerous, for the body. The “Himalayan Salt” actually comes from the Salt Range in Pakistan, not from the Himalayan Mountains. That is also logical, because when the water recedes from the primordial sea, the salt always settles on the seabed after the water has evaporated, not on the tops of mountains. I use this valuable salt every day, even for my full baths, when I am not using CDH3000 or magnesium chloride as a bath additive. I use 1 kg of Himalayan salt on a bathtub. However, if you have circulatory problems, you should probably dose it lower. The more regenerated my body is, the more I can use it. It is then worthwhile to buy more straight away. There are also many other health uses of Himalayan salt, which I will deal with elsewhere.

What is this DMKB?

DMKB – a mixture of minerals. It consists of DMSO, magnesium, potassium and borax.
It is obviously a successful mixture of minerals, which in addition to DMSO (serves me as an active enhancer) also magnesium (serves me to relax), potassium (to round off), borax (I use against viruses, parasites and fungi) and water Balancing the proportions. I use it for external application on the skin against pain, acne, for regeneration, to improve the skin, against aging and to strengthen cells. Also inside I use this synergy For every 25 kg of body weight I use 0.5 ml 3 times a day. It can also be taken wonderfully together with CDH3000. I’m using 1/3 the amount that I used on CDH3000. So if I take 3 ml per intake of CDH3000, I add 1 ml DMKB to the mixture. This strengthens the performance of the CDH and the substances in the DMKB mutually reinforce each other. So I have a great synergy in the combination. Let’s take a closer look at the individual ingredients and what I know about them.

DMSO in the DMKB

The DMSO is a big part. On the one hand, DMSO has the following interesting properties for self-help:
DMSO is anti-inflammatory, decongestant, vasodilator, regenerative and effective in binding toxic radicals. It also serves as a vehicle for medicines applied to the skin, such as ointments, gels and tinctures. It is also very suitable for introducing active substances such as magnesium, potassium and borax. So DMSO is a so-called penetration enhancer. One could also say “potentiator”.

It also contains the following substances, the benefits of which I describe here:

Magnesium chloride

A major effect of Magnesium chloride (MgCl) is to increase the phagocytic performance of the leukocytes by up to 300%. So this means, so to speak, that the immune system is accelerated. This enables the body to help itself even better and faster and to act against “attackers”. Prof. Delbet calls this “cytophylaxis”. Our body knows best where it has its problems, doesn’t it? This tool enables him to carry out the cleaning and regeneration work exactly where it is necessary.

The MgCl is also apparently highly effective against infections and inflammations caused by bacteria, viruses, microbes of all kinds, injuries, degenerative diseases and cancer. Wound healing is easier and broken bones heal much faster. So-called “incurable diseases” such as osteoporosis and arthritis can apparently be improved very well with it. Even the self-healing of the body with the help of magnesium in the required and necessary amount is then conceivable again. The combination of magnesium with potassium and borax is even more effective or stronger in the composition with DMSO. Because apparently these substances reinforce each other.

Some courageous doctors and scientists who will not be silenced and therefore also have to struggle with problems, such as Dr. Marc Sircus, alternative practitioner Walter Last, Dr. Raoul Vergini and Prof. Bergasa have brought the work of two French doctors to light again, built on them and finally expanded them.
For these doctors, the MgCl is an important cornerstone for their therapies. Dr. Marc Sircus, who is apparently committed to the effective treatment of cancer, among other things, regards MgCl, together with bicarbonate and iodine, as the central point of his treatment methods and often also administers it transdermally (i.e. through the skin, e.g. as an alkaline bath or as an oil) .

Magnesium chloride – absorbed through the skin

If the intestine is damaged or if you are not allowed to take magnesium orally (kidney failure), we recommend z. B. Dr. Marc Sircus dissolve the magnesium chloride salt in more or less water. This then results in what is known as “ Magnesium oil “. If I want to use magnesium oil alone, I use this ready-made magnesium oil 31%, which is made from the natural magnesium chloride from the Dead Sea. Of course, I can also mix this myself with water from such magnesium chloride flakes. I can use it to spray the skin every day with a sprayer glass bottle or simply drip this slightly oily liquid onto my hand and then massage it in with it. If it then reacts on the skin by “poking” it is a sign that the magnesium is being absorbed. With this method, it can be used locally exactly where there is a need. Wraps with a towel are also a great application. Magnesium alleviates or prevents pain, no matter where, they say.

Magnesium is not just magnesium

Magnesium chloride: According to Prof. Delbet and Dr. Neveu (“cytophylactique”) the cell-protecting effect. Only with the chloride one should be able to “defeat” serious (and sometimes fatal) “infectious diseases”. The other forms of magnesium do not have this benefit. In all cases, MgCl gave much better results than other magnesium compounds.
If studies are cited in which magnesium is said to have negative effects, then ask yourself who commissioned these studies and why they did not use magnesium chloride, the highly effective form of chloride.

How can you use magnesium chloride?

In the case of severe kidney problems (e.g. dialysis or severe renal insufficiency), with AV block and masthenia gravis, no additional magnesium should be taken without medical supervision, they say.

When taking medication, an interval of at least one hour should be observed. Otherwise, the magnesium could strengthen the effect of drugs or normalize the conditions and functions in the body again. Therefore, diabetics should definitely measure and check their values more often, because it could be that there is less or no need for insulin as a result of the use. The same goes for blood pressure medication etc.

Magnesium chloride and initial aggravation

In the case of long-term, strong calcifications, the large amount of calcium cannot be “relocated” in a short time. The increased calcium levels in the affected areas, especially the hips and shoulders, can cause problems for long periods of time. Cramps and pain as well as circulatory disorders and abnormal sensations could then occur. Nerve disorders in the hands and feet can manifest as numbness or decreased sensitivity of the skin surface. Large amounts of calcium and oxalates pass through the kidneys when I overdose. This could cause temporary kidney pain. Such “healing reactions” are unfortunately inevitable if we want to achieve an overall better state of health, it is said. The more slagged the body, the more severe an initial aggravation can be. However, this does not have to occur. To avoid violent reactions, I start with small amounts. If unpleasant symptoms occur, I reduce the dose of magnesium chloride or stop taking it until the problem subsides. This also applies to MKB Vital or the DMKB mixture. Then I adjust the dose so that I feel good. From my point of view, it makes no sense to go through this phase with force, especially not if I want to perform.

A greatly increased fluid intake with organic acids such as lemon juice, ascorbic acid and vinegar has proven helpful. If you have kidney pain, you should immediately drink warm water and repeat this regularly throughout the day. Magnesium chloride also dissolves semolina and stones – oxalate compounds – slowly and gently.

Supportive measures
1-hour alkaline baths with at least 300 g sodium hydrogen carbonate (baking soda) are also recommended. I use this baking soda for this. During the bath, it is good to brush the body well. This effectively removes large amounts of toxins and relieves pain! Bentonite is also helpful in the event of an overreaction, because it prevents the toxins from settling again through a bound discharge. Because bentonite binds toxins through its very large inner surface. I use this natural German bentonite powder for drainage and for binding.

How long does it take to correct deficiencies?
That is of course very difficult to answer, because it depends on the condition. If magnesium is taken orally, it can take up to 3 months or even longer to replenish the intracellular magnesium status. Dr. According to Norm Shealy, it can sometimes take up to a year. So the bottom line would be a permanent intake.

Small amounts of magnesium chloride are better than large amounts

Magnesium chloride should be taken in smaller doses throughout the day rather than a large single dose. That’s why I like to drink 3-4 drops of this per liter of water MKB Vital . In addition to magnesium chloride, it also has a small amount of potassium to round it off and borax, which is said to be even stronger against viruses, parasites and fungi.

I like to add 2-3 drops of MKB Vital to my cup of coffee. That gives a better and stronger taste I think. In the case of smaller amounts, optimal absorption takes place; in the case of a large amount, the excess is excreted almost immediately in the urine. So don’t overdo it.

Borax, a small but important element:
Stephen B. Strum, MD wrote the following in a study. He has been a licensed clinical oncologist since 1975. In 2000 he became the first medical director of the Prostate Cancer Research Institute (PCRI) in Los Angeles.
Dr. Strum is the author of numerous publications on prostate cancer as well as other topics. He strives to optimize the treatment results for cancer patients.
Boron, the fifth element in the Periodic Table of the Elements, he believed to have a number of important functions worthy of intensive clinical attention. Boron is an integrative element that supports the functions of calcium, magnesium and vitamin D. Boron improves the integrity of bones and joints and brain functions. The results of one study showed that boron was the most important element in preventing prostate cancer. This finding complements an exciting baseline study showing that boron, an inhibitor of serum proteases 9 such as PSA, significantly lowers PSA and the volume of prostate cancer. That simple and relatively inexpensive element deserved to be a major focus of financial support in the world of research and clinical medicine.
To this day, borax is said to be damaging to the genetic make-up. I found the following story about this, but it reveals something completely different:
In the 1870s, sodium borate (borax, a form of boron) was found to have the ability to preserve food. For the next 50 years, borates were valued as a preservative and used to extend the shelf life of fish, meat, cream and butter. The first indication of the potential for toxicity appeared in 1904. Volunteers who, mind you, ingested over 500 mg boric acid per day had symptoms of decreased appetite, nausea, abdominal discomfort and diarrhea. After this was reported, the use of boron as a preservative and flavor enhancer fell sharply, and by the mid-1950s boron was largely banned from the food industry around the world.

Boron and borax were displaced

Boron was then replaced by the neurotoxic mononitrate glutamate. Ironically, boron has then been replaced with mononitrate glutamate, which has been shown to be neurotoxic (Olney JW: Role of excitotoxins in developmental neuropathology. APMIS Suppl 40: 103-12, 1993). However, it is still widely used!

Stump’s study stated that the critical effects of boron on various species included toxicities in male reproduction and development. Effects on the testes occurred at around 26 mg boron equivalents per kilogram body weight and day. Endocrine toxicity data included changes in follicle stimulating hormone and testosterone within 14 days of treatment.
It would be important to emphasize that the doses that produced these effects were far higher than the doses that the human population could ever be exposed to. Humans would have to take around 3.3 g boric acid (or 5.0 g borax) daily to ingest the same dose amount as the lowest animal NOAEL. No effects on fertility should have been observed in a population of workers exposed to borates or in a population who ingested high levels of boron from the environment. That is why the possibility of boric acid and inorganic borates caused by boron poisoning seems remote. “
I also learned that employees in Turkish boron mines, who are exposed to the substance on a daily basis, have no problems whatsoever with the genetic make-up, on the contrary. You would be very fertile. One should have one leg removed after an accident. One should hardly have managed to saw through the bone, which had become very strong due to borax. That was an interesting excursion into the subject….

The combination of Magnesium, Potassium Borax and DMSO

I had already written about the special, strengthening effect of this DMSO and the MKB Vital in connection with the ingestion or application of this CDH3000 on the skin. It’s the best and most effective combination in my opinion. Due to the diverse properties that are combined here, the effect is much broader than that of MMS / CDL / CDH or chlorine dioxide alone. It is therefore interesting to have a finished mixture that has revolutionized the ingestion and also the external use for me. I mean this DMKB . It is a ready-made, apparently optimally coordinated solution made of DMSO, magnesium, potassium and borax.

If I summarize the individual properties of the substances described above, I come across a very broad-spectrum effect, which I have of course tried for a long time. An unbelievable synergy, especially since magnesium strengthens borax and borax works better with magnesium. Then the DMSO reinforces everything additionally. So overall I need less of everything.

You could even use this with the Doser system available from CDH3000. However, the mixture can replace the scale of the doser. To prevent this, I first draw 3 ml of water into the doser and only then the DMKB and finally the CDH3000. Using the Doser is super easy and ingenious.

Dosing of DMKB and CDH3000

For the dosage of DMKB in relation to the ratio to CDH, I have developed 2 variants.
For my body weight, I use 3 ml CDH3000 per oral intake. In the acute case

If I then want to use 1/3 DMKB of this amount, I take one milliliter of DMKB. I draw both liquids one after the other into the doser, after having previously drawn the 3 ml of water into the doser. So first the water, then the DMKB and finally the CDH3000. When I have drawn up all of these liquids, I have 7 ml in my doser. I can either drink this mix in a glass of water, juice or milk or use it with the power method.

The power method with CDH and DMKB

With this power method, the substances first go through the oral mucosa into the blood and thus act more directly and in other ways. This bypasses the stomach and intestines a bit and relieves them. This has proven particularly useful if nausea or even vomiting occurred while taking the mixture. This is often the case with real flu or even migraines. When I had something like that, I didn’t want to eat anything anymore. Everything that was supposed to go in then came out again immediately due to the sickness-related vomiting. So taking it would be of no use. With the power method, this problem no longer exists because I leave the mixture in my mouth and then spit it out again. So if I want to use this mixture with the power method, I just put it in my mouth and leave it in for about 10 seconds. I then swallow the rest, accompanied by half a glass of water, juice or milk. In the further course (usually after 3 ingestions) I put the mixture back into the glass with water or juice and then drink it out.

The taste of the combination of DMKB and CDH is much more pleasant to me than that of MMS or CDH alone. It also seems as if the combination of CDH with DMKB means that I no longer have to take the mixture as often. This is a great advantage compared to the usual 8 times daily application. At least I needed less for a test. Taking it 3-4 times a day is enough, also according to the feedback from other users, for good results. Apparently, the mutual reinforcement of CDH with DMSO, magnesium, potassium, and borax is so effective that I need less of everything. This remains to be seen. Many people have a problem with 8 times daily intake anyway. Should you try it, please tell me.

So all in all a great combination. This makes everything much easier, more digestible and even more effective. In my opinion, the taste is much more pleasant than from CDH alone. By the way: Even Jim Humble reported in one of his newsletters that magnesium has a very positive effect on taking MMS and that it can be combined very well.

DMKB and successes

I was really happy about a report where this DMKB mixture was successfully used for a dog with distemper. According to the owner’s description, the latter was able to escape death. For dogs, I would use the 12 kg formula. So for every 12 kg of body weight, add 1 ml CDH3000 + 0.5 to 1 ml DMKB (depending on the severity of the problem) and 1-2 ml water, 3-4 times a day in the mouth.

With a maximum dosage of 3 ml CDH3000 and 3 ml DMKB in acute, urgent cases, I would then add at least the same amount of water to the doser. For acute problems, for example, 3 ml CDH3000 + 3 ml DMKB and 3-4 ml water. For chronic problems: 3 ml CDH3000 + 1.5 ml DMKB (1/3) and 3-4 ml water.

The “mouth syringe” for animals / dogs
I give the mixture to dogs with the so-called “mouth syringe”. To do this, I put the dog on its side, for example. After a short calming down by stroking it, I lift his lips with one finger and slowly drip the mixture into his lips with the doser. In dogs with tooth or gum problems, I drip it over the affected areas of the gums over a large area. I like to use this variant before the start of a walk, because then the animal is immediately distracted by the action.
If the animal would also eat the mixture through the food, this variant is of course even easier.
I’ve also used DMKB on pimples and other inflammatory areas of the skin. They gradually disappeared after regular massaging.

MKB Vital

This MKB Vital contains magnesium chloride, which alone has a very positive and extensive effect on the body. I have already explained that on this page. It is necessary for around 300 functions in the body alone and is often not available in sufficient quantities in our food. A combination is particularly useful when giving borax, which is the next component. This is because cramps can occur with a high dose of borax, due to a magnesium deficiency. This is not the case with MKB. Potassium is then added to round off the mixture.
It strengthens the cells and frees them from parasites, works in the body of humans and animals. MKB Vital is often excellent for osteoarthritis, against parasites, and even more supportive for problems with viruses and fungi. Please read the chapters on the information about MKB Vital.
I use a good 3 ml every day. Most of it goes for ingestion but sometimes also for use on the skin. Although I prefer to use an aqueous solution of DMSO, MKB Vital in this regard, it is called DMKB. I use this both for internal consumption and for external application on skin and nails.

Xylitol – birch sugar

With xylitol birch sugar Apparently it really is a good sugar substitute. Because it is not harmful to the liver and health, as sweeteners are supposed to be. Therefore, this xylitol, as a natural sugar with special properties, is also very interesting for me. In particular to promote the introduction of other substances (such as CDH / CDL) into the cells.
It is a sugar substitute with a sweetening power comparable to table sugar / sucrose, but with approx. 40% fewer calories.

Why is xylitol a popular sugar substitute?
Its properties provide the answers. Xylitol helps maintain the mineralization of the teeth. In addition, it is low in calories and can also be used very well in diets. The blood sugar level also changes less through the use of xylitol in contrast to “industrial sugar”. Xylitol is obtained from natural substances and occurs naturally in vegetables as sugar alcohol.

What can you use xylitol for?

This xylitol is ideal for everything that requires quick solubility: cold drinks, cold desserts, cold sauces and others.

What are the properties of xylitol?

Xylitol has a slight cooling effect when it is dissolved. I find them very pleasant in the mouth.
It is a fine-grain powder (the maximum grain size is smaller than that of “household sugar”). Therefore, xylitol can clump even without moisture. Such lumps are easy to loosen.
The xylitol I use is made from wood. But there is also cheap xylitol, which is made from the remains of the maize harvest.

Xylitol – good for your teeth?
In fact, a dream is apparently coming true here. Despite a high consumption of sugar, you can keep your teeth healthy with the use of xylitol.

Xylitol and tooth decay:
The peculiarity of xylitol is its cariostatic and anti-cariogenic effect, which has been evidently proven in various Finnish clinical studies. Thereafter, a reduction in caries could be determined when using xylitol. Just 7 grams per day is enough to apparently improve dental health. According to a study from Sweden, xylitol is said to reduce the formation of plaques by a third.

Other uses of xylitol:
Rinse the mouth several times a day with xylitol (1/2 teaspoon) of xylitol in the mouth. Hold in for 2 minutes and move the solution around in your mouth. Xylitol dissolves in saliva. Then spit it out and do not rinse your mouth. Also, the consumption of beverages only half an hour after use ensures a better result due to the longer exposure time. This method is also ideal after every meal, even if it is only a small snack. Especially, of course, if these were very sugary. An additional rinse after brushing your teeth and before going to bed is also effective.

Birch sugar xylitol from Finland
The birch sugar I use comes exclusively from European production, mainly from Finland. The raw material basis for the production is the hardwood of birch and beech, which comes from sustainable forestry.

The extraction of xylitol
In a technically complex process, the xylitol is extracted from the wood sugar “xylose”. For this purpose, finely chopped wood is mixed with water. This wood-water mass is then cleaned and filtered until all foreign substances have completely separated from the xylitol.

Xylitol and sustainability
By the way, no tree is felled just for the production of xylitol. Rather, the wood comes from paper production. It is the wood that cannot be used for paper production. It is therefore particularly suitable for birch sugar.

This has a little less sweetening power than commercially available “household sugar” (which I would better avoid) and has only a slight effect on the blood sugar level. Therefore it is very suitable for diabetics.
It is not recommended for children under 3 years of age, but adults should also switch to this sugar slowly, because excessive consumption of xylitol can have a laxative effect. Animals should not be given xylitol.

Differences between “cheap xylitol” from China and birch sugar

Visually and in terms of taste, both are almost the same, but the following environmental factors speak for the birch sugar “xylitol”:
The CO² balance is of course better thanks to shorter transport routes. Maize is also used as a raw material for the “Chinaxylit”. Finnish birch sugar is made exclusively from wood or the xylose it contains, from which xylitol is then obtained.

I use birch sugar for all dishes, pastries and drinks in a ratio of 1: 1 to the dosage of normal household sugar.

Xylitol is of course also great for improving the taste of MMS, CDH3000, DMSO etc. It accelerates the absorption into the blood and thus works faster.

Materials and tools for self-help – Tachyon Energy

Is Tachyon Energy Helpful?

I also work on the energy level. For me, this is naturally part of a holistic way of working. After all, disturbances are ultimately negative energies. Everything begins in the wave and oscillation range (frequencies) and then spreads from there into matter, i.e. physicality. Therefore, an energetic harmonization is also useful for holistic self-help. The manufacturer of this tachyon pendant reports that some people or animals would suddenly get life energy again if they were to wear the pendant. The placement at the sleeping place could be helpful for this. The pendant contains “CHI”, meaning life energy. Some also call it tachyon power. Tachyons are the primal force of the universe from which everything arose. This power has a regenerating, harmonizing effect and brings me back to a harmonious original state. With this pendant, you can gradually resolve or harmonize health problems as well as problems on the emotional level. Perhaps similar to treatment by a spiritual healer. The trailer is, so to speak, a “mobile power generator”. With several followers you can build up a force field with healing, neutralizing energy in which you can refuel with it.
The technology comes from Japan. However, the trailers do not come from Japan and, by the way, are not radioactive either. When you think of Japan, many people immediately think of radioactive contamination.

Unfortunately, the health benefits of these products are considered “not scientifically proven” in our hemisphere. Hence it is dismissed as “humbug” by some. Everyone must and should empathize with themselves and decide which way they want to go. I have tried these tachyon pendants for myself and am convinced of the positive effect.

Potash soap

These Potash soap with borax and citronella is not only excellent for cleaning floors. It also helps plants and animals when used externally against parasite infestation such as lice. Even a flea infestation was successfully treated with it. I only use this soap to wash my hands. It is basic and therefore exactly what I expect from a soap. The borax it contains works well against the multiplication of fleas, for example. It is also effective against other parasites and fungi. That is why it was used successfully in the past for room cleaning, also against parasites. This soap is also great against mold. You can get garden furniture made of wood and terraces free from fungus again. And the citronella smell is fresh and pleasant for me.
So here we have a very effective basic palette of a few remedies that I have used effectively against almost all problems so far.

Violet glass bottles (Miron glass)

Optimal protection for my substances.
Such violet glass bottles have the advantage over conventional amber glass bottles that they protect the contents stored in them from decay for longer. The violet glass protects the substances from visible light, which causes them to age. In addition, light gradually changes the original frequencies of some helpful substances. As a result, their effect diminishes. This special violet glass also protects against this. This is particularly useful if I want to store substances that are sensitive to light for a longer period of time.

Therefore, I either transfer the substances that I use for a long time to Mironglas. I use a suitable funnel for this. Or I buy the substances straight away in violet glass. Such CDL / CDH3000 also last longer if stored in violet glass. It is also good that this glass is much thicker and therefore more durable than conventional glass. This can have a positive effect on transport security.

All love