With the Doser System you can dose cleanly and precisely and remove liquids from medicine bottles without loss.

A clean dosage, especially of CDL / CDS / CDH, is important because the chlorine dioxide tends to escape quickly when the bottle is opened. The Doser System prevents this with an insert that is pressed into the glass bottle. This reduces the size of the exit hole on the bottle neck. In addition, a dosing syringe called a Doser fits into this insert. So you can remove CDL with a dosing system without the valuable chlorine dioxide gas, which is the active ingredient, evaporating in the air. As a result, the chlorine dioxide solution has a longer shelf life, as the performance is better preserved.

It’s a great invention. I use the following Doser system for bottles with a bottle neck diameter of 28 mm. And there is even this one Doser system for DIN18 bottles . These are the small medicine bottles with the mouth size DIN18, which are known from the pharmacy.

That Doser system DIN18 has a 12 ml syringe, which is also very resistant to a lot of liquids. The scale can be used to precisely measure the required quantities.

A great invention.

All love