about us

I founded the Sebastian Info blog in 2009. The reason was that I was very seriously ill at the time and that brought me to the subject of MMS and Jim Humble. I tried MMS and other substances and gradually regained my health. Since the successes were so incredible for me and I knew what it was like to be in which there was no way out, I decided to pass on my experiences to other people. My life has changed a lot since then and since then I see it as my task to bring the truth to the light. Friends helped me realize it and I’m very grateful for that. As is currently the case with the eXm publishing company.

Now we have created a collection of self-help from experiences that can help people who are looking for a clue to grasp the extensive topic quickly and not have to search around for a long time.

Therefore, I am happy when I can contribute to a better, more loving world of truth with my experiences.

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