Allergy / hay fever

Allergy / hay fever

Although it seems important to me to achieve a basic order with CDH (CDS / CDL) as well as DMSO and magnesium potassium and borax (MKB Vital), it can still happen that an allergy is not or not immediately impressed by it. And of course there are also ancient healing methods that cannot be surpassed in terms of effectiveness.

I found out many years ago that an application for allergies and hay fever helps really quickly.

When the eyes burn, the nose runny and the mucous membranes are irritated. Here I used an old healing method, namely drinking my own urine.

I know a lot of people are facing it disgust because they are under the assumption that urine is something dirty, indecent, contaminated with bacteria. And yes, our upbringing has contributed to the fact that urine is “uh”. No, usually it is urine even sterile . The older semesters know this from the war times and stories about it. So the only thing you have to bring with you for this therapy is overcoming wrongly acquired disgust . If you can do this, and the urine tastes better and better, you have a very effective and simple method of healing yourself.

Urine is the juice of life. Because for me urine is not an excretion that is “contaminated with poison”. But a “blueprint” of the entire body in liquid form. It carries all vibrations, frequencies, substances and information from the body. Thus, who forms an image of what is currently going on in our body.

If you put the urine back into the body through drinking, it passes through the so-called immune system. Here, as with everything that goes in, an analysis is made. He now picks out everything that is not in harmony. In the whole body, according to my theory, it is now searched for and the disharmony is resolved. That is probably the reason why self-urine therapy can produce amazing results. It can even be used to cure a wide variety of diseases.

So how do I use this simple therapy method?

First of all, I can say that this method is very simple, as you don’t need any medical knowledge or buy any substances. You always have everything with you. And that is also a huge benefit.

Simply put, and it’s easy, drink your daily urine. Or an amount that you want 3 times a day or as often as it comes out. I was able to get rid of allergies within 3 days. And that for years.

I will soon go into more detail about many other therapy options with my own urine.

These include: Asthma, bronchitis, emphysema, cough, whooping cough, tonsillitis, frontal / maxillary sinus inflammation (sinusitis), runny nose, hay fever, otitis media, “flu infection”, throat inflammation, oral cavity and mucosal inflammation, inflammation of the intestines, mycosis, gallbladder (Fungi in the intestine), inflammation of the pancreas, stomach problems (nervous), flat stomach, colon inflammation, intestinal flora (disturbed – “dysbacteria”), vomiting (nervous), gastric spasms, liver disease (chronic and acute), cancer, lymph node changes,

But first of all, you have an immediately effective and quickly working remedy. Then you do not need any blockers, suppressors or other, in reality permanently, harmful “medicine”.

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