DMSO – liver remedy

DMSO as a liver remedy with ingredients from the garden

I deal with liver problems with a homemade remedy made from DMSO and greens, which I find in the garden. Here is my collection of experiences:

The green plants are the leaves of Nettles and Giersch .

Preparation of DMSO liver remedy:

I take:
1 part leaves of nettles
1 part leaves from ground grass and

put these in a jar. I then fill this vessel with DMSO100 until the leaves are completely covered.

I let this mixture stand for 24 hours.

Then I remove the leaf mass from the DMSO solution and dispose of it.

Then I fill this solution with the same amount of water. For this I use energized reverse osmosis water, which I use with my Reverse osmosis system I made myself.

Now the mixture is ready to go. I transfer them to a dropper bottle or a Glass bottle with pipette . The solution lasts longest in such a light-shielding and frequency-preserving environment Miron glass bottle with pipette .

Liver problems usually lead to loss of appetite and sometimes nausea. The appetite often only comes at night. So this could be a sign of liver weakness. Also headaches, etc.


I now use 5 drops pure on the tongue and let them melt there and then swallow them down.

According to reports, the effects usually started shortly after the first ingestion. Initially 3 x 5 drops were used, later 2 x 5 and at the end of the 3-week course 1 x 5 drops.

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