Bad news about “vaccination”?

Andreas Kalcker on bad news about “vaccination”

In his channel:

There has been a lot of bad news about vaccines lately. Many people are afraid – and not without reason, says Kalcker. Because it would have turned out that all vaccines from all manufacturers contain both nano-graphene and magnetite crystals.

He explains that most people and many scientists would not understand that it is not so much the graph but the spikes, because graph is a multiplication factor.

Without the viruses, graphene would be relatively harmless in this small amount (the amount makes the poison!), Says Kalcker. Because the body could ultimately excrete it as a whole due to its size.

The “spikes” would be the problem because they could lead to poor concentration, tiredness, blood clotting and, after a while, even death.

However, COMUSAV doctors have confirmed cases that CDS is absolutely effective in “vaccinated” patients.

“Vaccinated” Patients should therefore follow the external treatment of the injection site with “Protocol C” and “Protocol K” for at least 21 days (internal administration).

It was reportedly found that patients who were previously magnetic recovered, that the symptoms disappeared, and that they no longer had an abnormal magnetic field.

Chlorine dioxide solutions would also help the “Delta variant” and all other variants, because it would be an oxidizing agent. This would mean that it oxidizes the protein , denatures it and thereby renders it harmless.

Disseminating this knowledge would be more necessary and meaningful than disseminating bad news. After all, you can save lives with it.

But also the care of a vaccine damage, the side effects and the diversion make sense.

How would I dose on this topic?

I would start with 1 ml CDH3000 (CDL) and 0.5 ml DMKB and increase the amount to 2 ml CDH and 1 ml DMKB the next time I take it. Finally 3 ml 3 times a day CDH3000 together with 1 ml DMKB Pour into a glass filled with water (approx. 125 ml) and drink straight away. If severe symptoms appear after the “vaccination”, I would take the amount 8 times a day at an interval of about one hour. I would keep an interval of half an hour between meals. Whether I would then increase it high, or start with 3 ml straight away, would have to be based on the effects. The slow increase has the meaning that no nausea occurs, as already described on my side. But sometimes a little nausea is the lesser of the two. Just vomiting would make the action pointless.

Then a good spoon tip of each for diversion Bentonite powder Put it in your mouth and slowly salivate and let it dissolve. I then gradually swallow it down. It takes harmful things out of my mouth, then goes through the esophagus and stomach into the intestines, where other substances are then carried away by the negative charge of the bentonite.

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